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 A New Saga: [Sagaku "Saga" Seishin]

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PostSubject: A New Saga: [Sagaku "Saga" Seishin]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:24 pm

Sagaku Saga Seishin

~General Information~
Name: Sagaku Seishin
Nickname/Alias: Saga
Weight: 162lbs
Height: 5'6"
Age: 23
Gender: [M] Male

~Character Information~

His uniform is very symbolic about his personality and was made by his precise specifications. The symbol on his chest which represents “truth” is a reflection of himself, because he believes that the conclusions he draws are absolutely truthful. Its upper portions have royal blue in them because he compares himself to royalty, at least in greatness. He loves black and white because they represent yin and yang, a doctrine where opposing forces necessitate working together.

He is fiercely protective of his ideals. He seems to be easy to get along with, despite many growing annoyed from his ego. In the end though, he likes to think they see it as a refreshing change in a world filled with uncertainty. He is very idealistic, believing that peace can come realistically if men act upon it.


He also has an phobia of exposing his neck, despite never being targeted there. He is confident around girls unless they hit on him, at which point he becomes embarrassed and evasive, often making up unreasonable excuses for needing to leave the area. He follows his opinions until the bitter end, acting upon and expressing them with no hesitation. He is very secretive, though trying to overcome it.

He is eternally broadminded, allowing himself to change when given new evidence, information or opinions if he concludes that the change is beneficial or necessary for him. Despite this, he is incorruptible to being pressured or directly persuaded by others. He likes taking advantages for himself, sometimes neglecting others for his own personal gains. He never has the well being of people he doesn’t care about in mind, apathetic should they get hurt or killed. If tragedy falls upon someone that he does harbor significant care for, he will become sorrowful and mellow, though not vengeful.

He believes death and war is necessary in the Ninja World, because it gives the good samaritans a purpose for their lifelong devotions. He has a massive ego and a liberal slant. Finally, his trustworthiness hinges on where his loyalties with a person rest, because he will lie and deceive as fluently as he tells the truth to someone that he believes doesn’t need to know better.

~Clan Information~
Clan Name: Seishin
Kekei Genkai: Explosion Release
Clan Symbol: -
Clan History: Explosion Release - Explosion Release (爆遁, Bakuton) is an advanced chakra nature. This chakra nature seems to give the wielder the ability to utilize explosive chakra in combat, allowing them to cause explosions in objects they come into contact with. nature creates chakra that is capable of heating up an enemy to the point where all the liquid inside their body evaporates, killing the victim and leaving them a dessicated corpse.

Ability Summary:

::〈 Masters of Explosives 〉::

-------------The Inner World.
| "What setting is yours? Mine is the ocean, and all beneath it... so wonderful." |
| "Why dear, my inner world is a massive floating behemoth of a city." |
| "Awww, noone wants to know mine. D': (it's Yggdrasil, by the way~.)" |

Ability name: • Atgyou - "Sixth-Sense"

The first of the Seishin Clan's lineage is within their DNA. Within their lineage, they are able to sense molecules to various degrees. They are able to use their Chakra-Sensing abilities to also sense the movement in molecules and other particles in any given mass. This does not mean they an sense real movement, more like a sixth-sense. They can feel disturbances from other locations as easily as an experienced Chakra-Seeker is able to seek out other people's Chakra. They can sense it through other objects such as walls and barriers. There are different levels of this ability that can be improved through training.With this sense they are able to detect and forged the right elements together to cause a chemical reaction big enough to create an explosion. Below are the lists of measurements that they can sense.

[:Genin: 15m]
[:Chunnin: 30m]
[:Jounin: 60m]

Duration: 10 post
Cool down: 8 post

Ability name: • Nagta - "Disrupting Blow"

By preforming a string of hand seals, a Seishin Clansmen can surge their eyes with Chakra, reversing the color of their eyes, from their original color, let's say, black, to white. At that, the Seishin Clansmen is able to see all forms of Lightning and electricity, so long as it has been touched by their Chakra. The Nagata can also see a target's nervous system, even through any kind of Chakra Barrier, disguise, or even invisibility. The sight to the clansmen is a surging body of ethereal blue moving as the opponent does. A skilled user of the Nagata is able to see the target's nervous system to a point where even individual nerves are able to be seen, but that's not the pseudo-Doujutsu's true power.

This type of fighting style most commonly utilized as a replacement to the usual explosion. There is no stance to it, for it is mostly a supplementary style using the Explosion Chakra's electrical qualities to stimulate nerves upon certain points. The clansmen will usually gather some Explosion Chakra to a conjoint point made by the thumb, pointer, and middle finger, and strike where they wish. The Clansmen will strike at various points with Explosion Chakra, redirecting the flow of potassium and sodium levels in the neurotransmitter struck, mixing in their own electrical charge, resulting in various effects depending on how hard the nerves are struck, and what nerves are struck. This style of Taijutsu is able to disrupt the flow of chakra in a single area of a target allowing clansmen to strike only a few times before an opponents body becomes useless. Making a mini explosion within the targets body.

[:1 // Shoulder Blades - Lung Paralysis: Asphyxiation]
[:2 // Left/Right Shoulder/Arms - Paralysis]
[:3 // Neck - Temporary Blindness]
[:4 // Below Ears - Temporary Hearing Loss]

Duration: 5 post
Cool down: 3 post

Ability name: • Bakuton "Explosion"

The Seishin's Chakra System has been wiped out of any use of 'normal Chakra', and has been adapted to their environments, and molded throughout generations past. They are able to hone the Elemental Blend of Earth and Lightning to produce Explosion Chakra. The Explosion Element itself, is the Element that can control photons, is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. An explosion creates a shock wave. If the shock wave is a supersonic detonation, then the source of the blast is called a "high explosive". They utilize the Explosion Element in Ninjutsu initially, balancing the earth and lighting energies around them in a blend of high inpact explosions, perfectly defeating their opponents. The Seishin have mastered this Element so deeply into their blood, they are able to separate the blend of Lightning and Earth and use it in singled out combinations so intricately, that their Chakra precision and control has reached a level that can be called rivaled up to the Uchiha Clan's control. With Explosion Chakra, the Seishin can also create light from their Chakra by simply controlling it, creating light versions of Jutsu, making them electric, more deadly, and even invisible. Since Explosion Chakra courses through the Seishin Clansmen's Systems, they are able to control Explosions with ease, a master of the Explosion Element can even perform Explosion Ninjutsu without the use of hand seals, but that skill is usually done by Jounin, however, some Chuunin have been known to achieve similar skills.

This ability is able to either create or subvert electricity at will. During each attack/subversion, the chakra emmitted reacts to the amount of electricity converged. By emitting a chakra that attracts electrical charges in the air, they can give off or direct the electrical charge in the form of lightning by shooting it off or concentrating to a certain point of their body. In conjunction with earth chakra which is diverged into the hands of the user. They are able to shape, configure, and make explosions at will. This makes certain Explosion Ninjutsu outside of the clan able to become usable without handsigns.

Negative effects from overusage of their explosion chakra include muscle deterioration, soreness, fatigue, and bone damage. Hands and fingertips tend to become distorted which is why many clan members wear gloves to prevent singed skin or hide the appearance. The explosion does not affect other areas because the chakra protects the skin except for the fingers and hands. That is because wherever the electricity is emitted from the body is the area of release where a small part of the electricity touches the skin, and the Seishin Clan commonly use their hands to release their techniques.

The electricity also has various effects upon the opponent or enemy of choice. Some common effects from being stricken are a slight loss of memory, burns, muscle cramps, cuts, and a temporary failure of senses. The more powerful the technique, the more deadly the electricity can effect the opponent's body. Stronger techniques have been known to cause loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, heart failure, and paralysis. The amount of chakra used is proportional to voltage of electricity, and for the duration of a sustained attack. This kekkai genkai is not a jutsu but an ability, and other lightning jutsu do not use these kinds of attacks and rather use lightning based chakra like normal shinobi. However, common lightning ninjutsu can be called similar to those used by the Seishin Clan. However, their jutsu cannot exceed A rank or else the clan member faces certain death.

Duration: -
Cool down: -

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Jounin
Letter Rank: A

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu & Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fuuton & Raiton


Physical Stats
Speed: Jounin
Stamina: Jounin
Strength: Jounin
Agility: Jounin
Physical Endurance: Jounin

Chakra Stats
Chakra Reserves: Jounin
Chakra Control: Jounin
Intelligence: Jounin

Non elemental Justu
1.) Needle Jizo
2.) Kuchiyose no Jutsu
3.) Temporary Paralysis Technique
4.) Spinning Heel Drop

Elemental jutsu
1.) Custom Below
2.) Custom Below
3.) Custom Below
4.) Explosion Release: Exploding Mine

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story:

Saga was born in the underground Seishin Complex of the Moon Country, found beneath the Royal Palace northeast of Crescent Moon Island where royalty seclude themselves from the public and live their lavish lives. Regardless of professions, from politicians to shinobi, clansmen are born and divided by class and treated as such. The nobility tiers extend from lowest to highest: Thrall, Caste-Menials, Caste-Nobles, Emperors, the Royal Family, and the Elders.

His role, it was decided, was in the lineage of Emperors, and he would one day become a chain in command of the Moon Country. The Elders are the longest-living four women born into royalty, preserving their youth with kinjutsu. They decide who in the clan are born into which class because they’ve made their people believe that they can divinely judge the merit of others at birth. When the inhabitants reach their age of reason, they have to pledge their allegiance to the Elders.

Failure to do so usually results in execution.

Saga was different. He was indoctrinated at birth like all the rest of them to be secretive and conformist, but despite this, he reviled the rigid structure that the country was built upon. As early as eight years old, those close to him knew where he stood. Despite speaking out against the Elders and the Royal Family, nobody took him seriously; many feared that he would be tortured if they caught wind of it, revoking him of his opportunity to ever become an Emperor.

Each person has their own age of accountability, which is tested by their aptitude to comprehend what they’re told and their sense of duty. Saga had reached his at eight, but the Elders didn’t recognize it until ten. When the people reach this age, different for many but never beyond twelve, they are forced become servants to the Elders under the delusion that it’s their own choice to do so.

Saga refused repeatedly.

Many there called for his death, calling him an ingrate and a hamper on the country. Others fought against this. Sunadokei Seishin-Kyoudai, High Noble of the Royal Family, protested against it, making his case that Sagaku knew little of the clan, its practice in the running of the country, its jutsu, nor its secrets. He was a unique case, because everyone else that had reached the age of accountability had learned much about them. Many witnessing attested to Saga’s disinterest. The Elders decided that he was to be tortured for information, and if it was revealed that he truly learned nothing, then he would be exiled from the Moon Country and the Seishin clan.

Roleplay Sample:

Drip...drip... The methodical fall of water was all that could be heard echoing from within Lawliet's mind. The damp smell of the wet stone filled the air of which the man breathed. A calloused hand guided it's way across the soaked yet still rough textured stone to find his way to the black and white static that represented the chakra of every living organism outside. Although he had never been one for philosophy, he couldn't help but find it somewhat symbolic leaving the darkness of anonymity he had been in for some time now since his return, followed by the grand arrival of feeling himself bask the light of recognition. Sensation, that's what he had felt since his departure from Taiyougakure. He use to only feel pride for him, he was going to make sure he would change and get the full spectrum of ninja-hood, not the misguided visage of the carefree one he had recieved. His thoughts strayed but he quickly erected them back upon to the cognitive processes necessary now as he felt the warmth of the light from the sun set upon his hand as it found the exit. Lawliet heard the voice of another not a second after the warmth of the sun had found his hand. His day dream had blurred away from his mind. His eyes widening as he came closer to the women who he had first targeted for an attack.

He was paranoid and unsafe... He felt as if he was being watched and listened intently in this unknown land. Footsteps... Lawliet recognized a presences around them that was approaching at low speed by detecting and concentrating on tremors or vibrations through rock and earthen substances, he felt, practically, vibrations coming from the ocean. Usually one could assume it was just a fish, but Lawliet was to secure to let anything elude is presence. He took a gaze once more at this woman as he came to her only a few feet away, her beauty outlined with a cloud silver that shone brilliantly, it even allowed the sewn in emblem of the snow insignia that represented his origin of Yukigakure no Sato to be seen scintillating wonderfully. The man felt slightly off however as he sized the contestant up. Being of a Genin status himself he was apparently no match for most ninja he faced, even so he found himself constantly aware of surroundings he could and couldn't see, he had heard the dripping liquid in mind but it was he hadn't heard that had pit him at such an uneasy discomfort. Lawliet took leave from his cautious behavior and prepped himself for this battle once more. Leaving caution to the wind he formed one hand sign before thrusting the sword with a vertical press. Exerting a tremendous power he allowed his body the weigh itself down before he dropped within the ground.

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PostSubject: Re: A New Saga: [Sagaku "Saga" Seishin]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:28 pm

~Name~: Rakanken [Arhat Fist]
Rank: B
Element: Fuuton [Wind Release]
Description: This style focuses on the most simple attacks with incredible strength. It takes the path of least resistance, using the shortest maneuvers with the most emphasis on power in order to immobilize or even utterly break an opponent. Saga augments these various strikes with the Wind Release affinity in order to make up for the loss in speed from their clunky and charged nature. The wind manipulation itself is subtle, used to carry his musculature more effectively, and in a way makes the areas he focuses on lighter. When used to strike an opponent, the wind output can be felt alongside the intense pressure, giving away his chakra signature. It should be noted that Saga can use Rakanken without any element, just purely chakra. However, the consequence of this is that he loses the lightweight, more efficient flowing that his strikes have when accompanied by the wind, making them slower. Or at the very least, feeling slower, which can have an effect on his ebb and flow.

羅 This technique is a signature and always involves concentrated chakra. His palm is thrust forward at the target. His most dangerous strike, a fatigued opponent may become incapacitated if this hits correctly, though not always. No matter what happens though, it is easily his most painful technique. Previous opponents will want to avoid it at all costs. It will be heralded by his hand glowing with chakra, with wisps of fluctuating air. This is because it is so saturated with energy that it becomes downright threatening, able to fracture bones dense as they are. Chakra converges to wind and compacts around his palm, swirling violently, noticeably increasing the pressure against his skin. When his palm comes into contact with a surface, the chakra becomes unstable, the manipulated wind leaving external cuts on the target with the force alone causing internal damage.

漢 Saga heaves his elbow into the target with the full weight of his body. Because the elbow is the most dense bone, not a lot is needed for this to be effective or painful. This is often a countering move, since it is easy to duck away, get in close for it and move from the opponent in quick fashion. It is not his most-used, but it is among his quickest attacks. Plus it packs enough power in its own right to create a fight-decisive injury.

拳 Saga jumps up into the air and brings his legs together, sending his body down toward his target in a slanted vertical fashion. Since this technique utilizes his full weight, there is a large amount of impact. This technique badly damages the environment, and can be quite disturbing or startling to bystanders and potential opponents. If contact is made with a person, not only will they have to contend with the force of the strike, but that of being driven into the ground. However, if he misses his target, it makes it difficult for Saga to recover back to a standing position right away.

~Name~: Rakanukenagasu [Ninja Art: Arhat Parry]
Rank: B
Element: Fuuton [Wind Release]
Description: With this technique, Saga can lessen the damage done by certain Ninjutsu techniques by applying equal energy resistance. This is accomplished by applying proportional amounts of yin and yang chakra to his strikes and allowing them to impact the opposition directly. Often it is accompanied by his Wind Affinity chakra instead, depending on the technique, especially during cases where he is the target of techniques where Fuuton would work better.

The elemental affinity he can most easily combat is basic Raiton [Lightning Release]. This is because Fuuton has a natural resistance to Raiton, cancelling it out by its very nature. However, pure Katon [Fire Release] and Neton [Combustion Release] techniques can badly damage Saga if he attempts to take them on with his Wind Affinity for this fighting style. Simply, Katon can feed on Fuuton chakra, making these among the greatest threats when using that version of the style. However, if the element is not purely Katon, such as a combination, Fuuton: Rakanken is simply weaker against it:

Everything else is neutral. In order to endure techniques, the same amount of chakra used by the opponent must also be used. This is generally bad for him, because people without precise Chakra Control use too much chakra in their techniques without making it potent enough. So if he is fighting someone inexperienced in controlling their chakra, he will lose more than he is used to. This can result in physical and mental fatigue, since his body is used to maintaining the least amount of loss. This isn’t to say that his durability is affected, just how he feels in regards to continuing a fight.

In any case, whichever technique he wishes to endure has lessened effects the higher its rank becomes. Saga has to base this gradient as he sees the techniques, ultimately falling under B-Rank because that is the extent that he has trained this ability. C and lower may be endured up to 50%, B up to 25%, A up to 10% and S up to 5%. There are some techniques which cannot be endured, only projectile elements and raw chakra that serve as a direct harm. Light Release, for instance, would be next to impossible to degrade because there is nothing coming at him to strike; only energy flashes that he can see.

This is the complete list of which elements can be endured:


As well as a list of elements that cannot be affected:

~Name~: Aerodynamic Zephyr Manipulation
Rank: B
Element: Fuuton [Wind Release]
Description: Saga has learned to focus Fuuton to a degree where the state between chakra from his cells and Wind Release can be interchangeable. Simply enough, he converts the chakra into air pressure and directs it in this form for his purposes in a more peripheral stage rather than using it to converge into jutsu. It has many uses, which will be outlined in a second. Normally, someone uses their elemental affinity in concentrated levels, combining it with their chakra with handseals to alter reality with explosive attacks. Not Saga. He has abandoned the Ninjutsu art from his Genin days, though his knowledge of it remains. The complete usages are as follows:

* Softening a dangerous fall by using it as a blanket the moment before impact.
* Propelling himself upwards until he is airborne; he can hover for a short while.
* Aiming the current behind him in combination with physical momentum to carry him faster.
* It may be used for specific places in unison with regular chakra, as long as the areas are separate.
* Making it more potent to send objects flying with a strike. Currently not strong enough to use on opponents in this way.

A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war, “This way of settling differences is not just.” This business of burning human beings with napalm—of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged—cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Saga: [Sagaku "Saga" Seishin]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:18 pm

2/2 Approved.


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PostSubject: Re: A New Saga: [Sagaku "Saga" Seishin]   

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A New Saga: [Sagaku "Saga" Seishin]
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