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     Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]

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    PostSubject: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:06 am

    ~General Information~
    Name: Junho
    Nickname/Alias: Dreamer
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Height: 6 Flat
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    ~Character Information~

    Junho's very different from other ninjas. Well clan members of Masayume are very most likely different at all. Beside from their "Sleepy Eyes". He also has Moon kissed skin, the members of this clan have faded skin. This does not mean they are pale, simply faded. The color of their skin are more pastel like. Also has a Birthmark,The members of this clan either have a birthmark of a crescent moon or a star. Light Features , Eyes, hair, features are all light. They are not albinos but you can never see one with dark brown eyes. The only acceptance is once the kekkei genkai is on.



    Battle Form:


    He mostly wears formal but still in a ninja-ish way. Wears always a glass


    Junho is known as a guy with very noble qualities. He is very loyal to previous and current villages, not to mention his friends, he’d take a blow for them anytime. He is very intellectual and has been considered by some one of the best shinobi scholars of all time, his knowledge rivaling that of the Sandaime Hokage, Hizuren Sarutobi who was known as the Professor. He is known as an excellent Sensei for the genin and he's also known as a dream eater for his very good in controlling his clan KKG . He is a terror on and off the battlefield.

    He is pioneering in his sense of honor and wanting more freedoms in a society. His political views are those that one would consider a heretic to have for advocating for the de-centralizing of government and giving more responsibility to the people. He considers his techniques his release and tries to pull them off with artistic grace. Sometimes he can be arrogant due to his knowledge and violent when it comes to defeating his enemy. But, when facing tough opponents, what can you say, violence is part of the job description.

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    PostSubject: Re: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:30 am

    ~Clan Information~
    Clan Name: Masayume
    Kekei Genkai: Yume No Passeji | Passage Of Dreams
    Clan Symbol:

    Clan History:

    Tsukiyomi hadn't stopped with the Shuureitsuki. Though banished, he missed his children dearly. He wanted new offspring and couldn't get his minds off of his young. He was thinking deeply, and his wife, Usagi saw him stressing. Because of this, Usagi cast a spell into her husband to make him fall asleep, thinking it would help him relieve himself.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately for the Masayume, Tsukiyomi had a dream. He dreamt of children again, this time though, he only wanted one. Using his might and power, he willed a child to be conceived. She was named Masayume, a dream that came true. She was beautiful, yet a fragile little thing who did nothing more but sleep. Usagi found out about his child and loved it all the same.

    Masayume never woke up. Instead she came alive during the dreams. Tsukiyomi and Usagi would both find her frolicking around as they slept. They were enchanted by her. Because of this Tsukiyomi became lazy and didn't commit to his job and responsibilities. Instead he spent the day and night sleeping alongside his wife and daughter.

    The higher gods were angry and filled with rage. Because the moon god never did his responsibilities the moon and the stars lost their light. To punish them, they took away Masayume and sent her to the earth, banished right after the Shuureitsuki were. This time though, Masayume couldn't simply sleep all day. She had to wake up to the earth.

    She had many descendants that carried her name.
    Ability Summary:
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    PostSubject: Re: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:32 am

    ~Rank/Village Information~
    Classification: S-Ranked
    Letter Rank: Mizukage [Kage of the Land of Water]
    Village: Village Hidden in the Mist

    ~Skill Information~
    Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu
    Elemental Affinity: Suiton and Raiton


    Physical Stats
    Speed: Kage Level
    Stamina: Kage Level
    Strength: Kage Level
    Agility: Kage Level
    Physical Endurance: Kage Level
    Chakra Stats: Kage Level
    Chakra Reserves: Kage Level
    Chakra Control: Kage Level
    Intelligence: Kage Level


    Medical Ninjutsu:



    Clan Jutsu:
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    PostSubject: Re: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:34 am

    ~History/RP Sample~
    History/Background Story:

    Masayume Clan is a well-known clan in the snow village, most of them have been a great hero in their place. Its so unfortunate that Junho's mom died together with his father when he was still a child about 3 years old to be exact. They both died in a battle. Well yes, a dream battle between the missing ninjas at that time/. A very sad memory indeed for Junho. It was night time when the battle happened. Junho's asleep. Before his mother and father died, both parents have manipulated their son's dream [Junho]. They kissed him goodbye then Junho woke up with tears running through his face.

    Then someone knocked on their house and said that Junho's parents have both died in a tragic battle. He is parented by his auntie and uncle and for that happened, Junho became more stronger and independent. He gave his parents honor by studying well. Passed the Genin Exams in the age of 9. Passed the Chunin Exams in the age of 12. Passed the Jounin exams in the age of 17. Now His the Mizukage.

    The title was being passed around numerously. Some didn't even last a few year. Others were killed. Some abused their title. It wasn't long before the honor was given to her. he was determined with this. His dream was finally happening. He was the Mizukage. Claiming the title was odd for him, he didn't even know why it was given to her. Perhaps it was due to his love for the village. Or maybe his strength was extraordinary and she didn't even see it.

    He knew how much responsibility was needed. And he wasn't going to waste the oppurtunity just like everyone else. He was going to be the best Kage yet. She knew that with her specialties he couldn't lose now. This was what she wanted and she was going to keep it. he held his position high with dignity.

    he was happy with the way things turned out to be and he was glad she got the title. He knew that she would stick around long enough and with his love for the village he wouldn't let any harm come to it. He was determined to have it prosper and bloom. He had the power now. He was the Mizukage.

    As of now, Junho is still living in the land of water and cared by his aunti and uncle. He wears proudly the symbol of his clan and the symbol of his village. With all his might he gives his parents honor. Together he wants to protect his clan and village.

    Roleplay Sample:

    Border patrols. They seemed to last forever. Scattered throughout the outskirts of Water village where lone Jounin and ANBU alike, working as a police force in the vast forest to keep the inhabitants of the nearby city safe. Each Shinobi was allocated a section of forest to patrol, most about three square kilometers in diameter. However, members of the Hyuuga where often given more to patrol, due to their impressive abilities of perception. This was so with Hyuuga Heishi.

    Step after step, he had been patrolling for several hours, however to him it had seemed like an eternity. It was much like a school class that one would want to be finished as soon as possible, and each second on the clock seems more like a minute, a minute as an hour, an hour as a day.

    Each boot he rested on the ground would snap a twig, or grind a pile of dried leaves, betraying his position. However, he could sense no one near by to hear it. In the dark little could be seen, save the darkened outlines of tree branches against the harsh light of the moon. The blankness of his white eyes was all that betrayed him in the dark, like two white marbles, glistening in the moonlight.

    Suddenly he froze. He took no more steps. His eyes slid from one side to the other. Someone was coming, he could see it, the blue of a flowing chakra system in the dark, moving towards him with impressive speed. He formed a single seal, then rested an arm against a tree.

    "A lovely night, is it not?" Said a voice from behind.

    The image of Heishi disappeared in a small puff of smoke. He then replied from the back left of the intruder. He was leaning back against a tree with his arms crossed, facing her, a smirk on his face.

    “Indeed it is.”

    Heishi was always one for manners, and found the situation a pleasant relief from the uneventful patrol he had been dreading all night. He kept both eyes locked on this target; ready for action should it be necessary.

    “May I ask to whom am I speaking?”

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    PostSubject: Re: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:10 pm

    Very Nice 1/2 approved
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    PostSubject: Re: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:15 pm

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    PostSubject: Re: Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]   

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    Masayume, Junho [[DONE]]
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