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 Kira Nara (Done)

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PostSubject: Kira Nara (Done)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:01 pm

~General Information~
Name: Nara, Kira
Nickname/Alias: Ace
Weight: 185
Height: 5'10
Age: 19
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Ace's over all body structure is normal size for a man no older than 25 years old. He is five feet and ten inches in height and weights no more than 185 pounds. His body has a well tone muscular out look, but is not too bulky and gives him an athletic appearance. Ace has very little body hair and no facial hair.

Ace has long, spiky hair with black and blue streaks. His hair hangs carelessly loose about four inches down his back. He normally keeps a green band tied around his hair to make it a spiked pony-tail, but this is only on days when he is busy in the soul society. When he is in the human world he allows his hair to hangs straight down. And no matter how much he tries to keep his hair tied up in battle, there is always some strange turns of events that says other wise, and leaves it hanging loose again. He keeps a bane in his hair no matter what the situation is. The bane is made of three short spikes that hangs down in front of his face about three inches short of his chin. The banes are locked in place by a fancy comb that is the same shape of his hair. The fancy comb it also green and the exact shade of color as his band.

Ace has typically small eyes for a man his age. He eyes color is haze with a greenish undertone that make them look orange in bright lights. His left eye normal stays hidden away underneath his bane. Directly under his left eye is a small diamond shape birthmark, it too is covered by his bane. Someday days Ace finds it necessary to wear glass, although he doesn't need them, he claims they help him to think. Even though he hasn't been able to prove this yet, lots of people says he looks good with them on. When he is anger he tends to squint his eyes, but when he is happy his eyes become fully opened. Due to his bad sleeping habits he does have light bags under his eyes, but because he normally walks around and talks with his eyes closed; you would never know this unless you were starring at him and looking for a flaw on his face..

Ace loves wearing sleeveless shirts that is all black and fits very tightly. He can also be caught wearing a long sleeves white shirt that fit him well but is baggy around the arm area. When on missions, he always wears his Mission Jacket all white and has his clan's symbol on the back of it. The symbol is surrounds by small sound signs and on his shoulders there are two yang and yen symbol on both sides. He wears an armband on his right arm. He never moves it because it covers a diamond shape scare on his right arm. He likes to wear his all black pants that hugs his ankles. He usually wears this long black pants in the time of winter or when it’s raining out side. He own two types of boots, his all black mission boats and his black and brown training boots. He wears an all black rag around his waist. When in the land of the living he normally wheres what ever is in style depending on what his mission is and what he has to do.

Ace has a too himself personality. He likes to keep his distances from other because he doesn’t like the idea of being attached to other people. He’s very quite but he’s not shy. Ace is actually a very cocky because, he’s never lost a fight to anyone on his level or anyone consider to be below his level. He never speaks unless he feels it will benefit him in some kind of way. He hates work but loves to go on missions, you can almost say he likes to keep himself busy. He despises every one including his family, but he never let’s anyone know how he truly feels. Because he fears people will stop trusting him and he’ll be stopped from going on missions.

Ace is a trust worthy person but you can always tell that he is not always there in his mind or that he has his own hidden agenda when on missions. He carries a cool head in all situations, which can be relaxing but hard to understand. He’s a difficult person to understand but his strategy techniques on the battle field is some of the best, that’s why his family nicked name him mastermind. Now don't take him the wrong way because if he ever feel threaten he will cut you down without a seconds thought of it. Ace had a over all loyalty to his Captains, and he would chose death in a heart beat if it meant the Society would live longer than him. Ace also has a strong desires to protect what is left of his family.

While he may not be good with making friends, once he does they’re considered family in his eyes. Light has his own personal saying that he lives by at believe to be true thru out his whole life. “The man that lives by the sword will die by the sword and be buried on the battle field with honor. The man that lives by the pen and unwilling to bare witness to the sword’s power , will never be honorable enough to be buried by the sword. But the man that Lives by the pen and will defend what he believes in with a sword will be buried in the hall of kings and heroes.”

Ace like to drink when he doesn't have to attend to business, but he doesn't mind social drinking when it call for it. He loves to be surround by women because he is a huge flirt, but likes to find once special woman to spend a night with. When the opportunity present itself you can find Ace star gazing at night, but he mains only looks at the stars in the living world. Ace love napping thru out the day when he is not busy, but he has to sleep under the sweet smell of a cherry blossom tree, or next to white rose bushes. Ace dislike being in overly crowded places where he can't move freely or hear himself thinks.

He has an extreme dislike of shady people who talks about you behind your back, even worst people who would lie for unimportant reasons. He has an over obsessive O.C.D cleaning disorder although he may never tell you to your face he hate all messy people. He has the will power to fight through most tough situations and a never die attitude. Ace only weakness in his mind was he ways secretly afraid to be along. Although he never really admitted to anyone not even his self he occasionally has night mares about allowing everyone he cares about to die in battle because he is not strong enough.

~Clan Information~
Clan Name: Nara
Kekei Genkai:
Clan Symbol:
Clan History: The Nara clan (奈良一族, Nara Ichizoku) or Nara family (奈良家, Nara-ke) is known for their manipulation of shadows and tending of deer, which graze in a large area of Nara clan forest. They have kept a book with medicine preparations and effects for generations which imply they are skilled in the area of medicine. Among the medicine described in this book are the secret pills used by the Akimichi clan.

Despite being considered geniuses, the men from this family are prone to being lazy and hard to motivate. Ironically, they tend to be attracted to stern, overbearing women. However, there appear to be other factors as well. The Nara men seem to hold women in high esteem, and as a result, willingly defer to their female partners. Shikaku Nara tells his son "Without women, men can't be born. Without women, men go to ruin. Even the hardest of women will show a sweet side to the man she loves and respects."

The Nara, like many clans of old, have traveled and can now be found in most of the major nations and even a few of the minor nations surprisingly. It isn’t uncommon for them to be simple farmers or local apothecaries if they became too lethargic to carry on with their normal shinobi activities.
Ability Summary:

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Jounin/Anbu
Letter Rank: S
Village: Kazangakure City

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Water

Special Characteristics:
Advance in Genjutsu and Chakra Control:
Although the Nara clan has never been known for genjutsu Kira has always found it to be interesting at a very young age. He took it upon him self to learn any genjutsu that was possible for his body type although he hasn't found many, he was able to find a few that suited him find. And with that he start training as hard he could to master those few that he could so they could complement his Kekkie genkai. Even though the genjutsu are very weak and easily broken he has developed his chakra to allow him to execute more jutsus at a faster rate than most chuunin. Even though his genjutsu have only been good for a few seconds he has learned that when in battle every second counts if you want to live.

Overlapping jutsus:
Over lapping jutsus is his ability to run two or three jutsus into each other allowing to release a strain of attacks in a very short period of time. Although this usual is one style attack such as his genjutsu followed by his kekkie genkai he has developed it to appoint that he can use any jutsus he's learned and run them back to back with very few problems.

Ninjutsu Advance:
His ability to use ninjutsu plays in ability to set traps. His knowledge of jutsu and training methods makes him an idea fighter/teacher. His enhanced skill to perform more complexes movements allow him to out move most people his rank and under ranked ninjas. This gives him the ability to move effortlessly and defend himself against close range attacks. His ability to counter his opponent attacks at close range is idea when handling opponents that fight at close range.

~Stats Information~


[center][b][i]~Physical Stats~[/i][/b][/center]

Speed: 66
Stamina: 64
Strength: 64
Agility: 66
Physical Endurance: 55

[center][b][i]~Chakra Stats~[/i][/b][/center]

Chakra Reserves: 55
Chakra Control: 55
Intelligence: 55


Clan Secret Jutsus




~Non-Elemental Jutsus~


~Fire Jutsus~


~Water Jutsus~


~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story:

Academy Student
Kira Nara has not always been of the Nara Clan. In fact when he was born he was born to the clan of Tykei. Kira was once a happy young lad that was consider on of the best in the academy of the Mist village. He was an A student who always seemed to grasp the concept of anything he was taught at a very quick rate. His ability to understand and demonstrate was some of the best around since his mother had passed threw the school. His father was also one of the best med ninjas around. Kira was at the prime of his happiness until one day this petty street thug seemed to flip his world upside down. When Kira was at school he had received word that his father had robbed and stabbed several time in the back. No one was around when the the crime had occurred, some travelers had spotted him on the ground in the woods out side the village. The lost of his father drove his mother insane and she soon became ill after developing a bad drinking problem and that caused her liver and heart to slow shut down.

From that day on Kira and is older brother was all along. See the Tykei Clan believed in having one child every 10 yrs, only marrying once, and the person who married into the family had to be willing to give up their name for the Clan, and cut off all ties to their own family. His Father was the first born and only born because his father had died in war. Kira never meet his grandmother but heard she lived somewhere in Sand Village but had a bad fall out with their mom. Some how they manage to get by on what they had until it ran out, Kira's older brother had died on a mission going to the leaf village. Kira slowly stopped going to class and his teacher Tokyo Nara decided it was time to intervene help his once proud student. By the time Tokyo had reached out it was almost to late. Kira had been destroyed by his fears, loneliness, lack their of help and had turned to the street for survival. Kira had became a petty thief that stole what he could to get by from day to day. Some how Tokyo was able to break Kira of his bad ways and get him back into school. Soon after Kira graduated the academy Tokyo went to the Hazekage and was able to convince him to allow him to adopt Kira. At first The Hazekage was unsure of the Ideal but soon figured it best to keep the boy out of the street. From that day on Kira was known as Kira Nara. Still even with Kira's housing and food problem gone Kira was still very angry, and days that He and Tokyo trained Kira seemed to let his anger consume him and let it loose on Tokyo. Unsure how to deal with Kira's bad temper Tokyo decided it best for Kira to go stay with his Uncle. His brother Jean had his own school on the outside of the village's walls. Tokyo knew that if Jean couldn't help no one one could. Jean ran a school for teaching genjutsu, that what Kira needed, he needed someone who had nothing to lose but everything to gain, he needed some one who teach him how to home his anger and mind, to make it power, he needed someone who didn't care for his life as he cared for no one else life.

Upon training under Jean, Kira soon learned of his mothers pass and her side of the family. He learned how she was connected to Tokyo and Jean, beside having there last name, Tokyo being her brother and Jean being is great uncle. He learned why the Mist kage was so willing to let this adoption happen. For his Mother too belong to the Nara Clan, and their blood followed thru him as if was his own blood. Kira soon learned of their kekkei genkia which had been dormant in his body something he did not have as a Tykei. He soon home his skills into a level far beyond that of his teachers comprehension and unlocked skills not even his teacher was aware of. Kira continued train with Jean until he had grew too strong for just one teacher. Jean and Tokyo pushed Kira's skill and body to the test everyday, and everyday he seemed stronger than before. It was clearer than ever, Kira was pushing himself harder than before so he could protect his new family and never have to experience his child hood every again. The day kira graduated he learned of his father death and what truly happened and how it wasn't an accident. It was and assassination attempt that went wrong. His father just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His father died in combat. Some how the assassin was able to gain the upper had and killed his father with a rare poison. The stab marks on his father's back came from him trying to fight more than one member with the rare poison, but the poison was too strong and he was finally subdued by it. Since than Kira has vowed to never rest until his father revenge was gotten. That day Kira began his search for ever bit of knowledge that he could find on the Poison master. And with the challenged that laid a head Kira knew he was going to need help from his grandmother.

He help from his uncle Tokyo he was soon able to find hid grandma. Although she was not thrilled to see him, he was soon able to get her to open up her heart to him. It something about him that made her feel she that she had to help. And with that the longest and hardest training began. In six years she was able to teach him what he had been missing all his life to a point where he has mastered it. Although he had his ups and down through out his training he was able use everything he had ever learned from his family and make it a skill of his own. His grandmother chakra training and allowed him to push his kekkie genkai to new levels. His uncles counties genjutsu training sharpened his mind to the point he could think of several different strategies in a seconds. and Tokyo's boundless push caused Kira to final break out of his old shell and form a new one where he was able to except people for who they were. Although Kira has not change much, he's allowed himself falling in love with a Woman slightly older than him. He's not exactly sure when he did, just sure of the fact that he loves her. Kira soon decide he would spend the rest of his life making her love him and chasing his revenge. Although he not sure how the woman feel about him he has faith that his love will be returned onto him one day. while trying to express his feelings to her, he was able to gain her trust and allowed closer to her than most people would ever had been. He's decided that if she allow him than he would stay put until the time of his revenge, and there would be no turning back.

Roleplay Sample:

Two minutes in the fight and Kira was already bored with ninja. Kira decide it would be best to end this match now before anyone caught a glance at his real power. Kira quickly spoke "Snow White Cherry Blossoms!"as he formed the hand signs. A circle of his chakra formed in his hand and began to spark like lightening. Soon it became bigger than Kira's hands could hold and he released it. It got a little bigger than burst into pedals that seemed to rain down on him in a graceful movement. The ninja almost seemed hypnotize by the falling pedal snow. Kira repeated the hand sign slowly one last time before the pedals of fire ripped thru the ninja. Kira moved slight towards the left and admired his handy work that slowly traced behind the ninja. Slowly the ninja began to fall to the ground as the rest of the pedals of fire slowly dissolved into nothing. Kira slowly turned his back to the dieing ninja and began his journey once again with his new found scroll from the once proud ninja.

Kira couldn't believe that a scroll with such claimed power was left in the hands of a genin to be safe. Kira still felt bad for the poor boy all he was doing was following orders. Kira giggled to himself as he finally made his way to the to Summertime Crossing. Kira looked across the bridge as he thought of the words the old man who hired him spoke. "If you think about some thing long enough, you grow feeling for it, grow feeling for something and do what it takes to protect it. If you feel you have protect to protect some thing than you have created a weakness." Those odd words, rung thru Kira's head the whole trip. He knew he had to protect his family but he didn't see how that made him weak, none at all. Kira slowly took the first step on to the old bridge.

With each step Kira could feel the bridge give a little more. Although Kira had this same feeling early when he came to the bridge, this time it felt different. He felt something missing, but was unable to put his hand on it. He didn't know what he was feeling nor did he care, his mind was to busy focusing on the old bridge at hand. His third, fourth, and fifth step were a breeze, but his sixth step was more trouble than Kira had bargain for. When Kira's foot hit the sixth board of the bridge it fell thru, He quickly leaped back and watched as the rest of the bridge collapsed. Now it was more clearer than ever, the kids that had been playing on the bridge were gone. The once heave flow of traffic had come to a halt and the bridge crossing was complete silent. The bridge must to have been booby-trapped in case someone tried to leave the town. Kira slowly backed up, and thought of the old man had stopped him before he had made it to the bridge. Kira thought of how the old guy had seemed to be waiting for someone anyone willing to take on his task of finding the ninjas who stole his family scroll in. At first the task seemed minor and stupid to fuse over family moves that weren't majorly known nor famous, but it was just Kira's luck and need of money to say yes... That was the thing that was missing, the old man he wasn't here anymore. The boys words of knowing nothing about the stolen scroll rang out like a million birds.

It was all starting to make since now, the boy who had the scroll was only some street rat trying to make a quick buck, that would explain the lack of technique and skills. The old man who seemed crazy had to be someone from a rival village looking for the power; that would explain the task for the scroll. That A-ranked ninja that Kira had got to fighting with must have been after the scroll too. That mean this scroll was already stolen before Kira had gotten involved, and that old man must have been looking for a fall guy who would take the blame for that kid stealing the scroll and for the scroll reason being sold away. It was so clear, the amount of money being gave away for this scroll would make it seem as if Kira was trading secrets of other villages with rivals villages to make a quick dime. That's why the old man stressed time so much, that way it would be all clear for him to disappear with the scroll while Kira took the fall. Now the only thing on his mind was, what was so great about this scroll. Kira slowly stared upon the scroll that read the Leaf Village's Hyuuga Clan. He helded the scroll tighter and felt some of the ink smudge onto his hands. He quickly took his shirt and whipped the scroll clean.It was a different scroll than what the old explained to be he could only assume the name Hyuuga was written on the scroll to hide it true identity. The way Kira figured if he was going to take a fall for some crazy old thief he had better have some insurance to save his own life. He slowly looked at the seal that held the scroll together and placed his right hand on it...

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2/2 approved
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edited and reapplied
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Can't be S rank, A rank only. This is something everyone is missing on all the apps.
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He's Sanin for my village

1/2 approved
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Kira Nara (Done)
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