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 Kuromura Clan

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PostSubject: Kuromura Clan    Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:14 pm

Clan Name: Kuromura Clan
Clan Location: Kumogakure, Land of Lightning
Clan Traits:

Unique Eyesight:
The Kuromura eyeballs have specifically modified retinas that allows them to "analyze" and "handle" ultrailluminating radiances of light. This means that their eyes are immune to total brightness and thus are resistant to any effects that causes brightness or is caused by brightness. This allows them to effectively use their Ranton.

High Bodily Adaptaion
This trait is reserved for dark-skinned Kuromuras but white-skinned ones still hold partial effects. The skin of a Kuromura act as temperature governors, and its role is to ensure that the body temperature stays at room. Therefore, Kuromuras are highly resistant to extreme levels of heat and cold. Whenever it's too hot, the skin will cut away the additional heat and release it around the Kuromura's surrounding space so their bodies stay warm and if it's too cold, the skin will shiver rapidly and add any heat it has stored up to ensure the Kuromura stays warm. This has no effect on chakra-based attacks like Katon or Raiton, as protection against this relies on individual endurance. This allows the Kuromura handle the Ranton.

More than half of the clan are dark-skinned, a trait of Kumo shinobi. Each clan member has enhanced eyes and body adaptions. Some of the clan members who are from Yotsuki descent have incredibly fit bodies.

Kekkei Genkai:

Ranton Element:
The Storm Release (嵐遁, Ranton; Viz "Gale Style") jutsu are techniques that combine Lightning Release and Water Release to create bright beams of electricity that can flow like water and laser-like attacks. This unique elemental nature is the kekkei genkai of the Kuromura clan. By combining Raiton and Suiton to form Ranton, the Kuromura can either use powerful lasers that are actually condensed electrically in the form of beams that can move like water or manipulate/create storms. The Kuromura can control the Ranton element and form other shapes as well to suit their purpose. These special elemental beams vary in brightness and intensity, and are known for their fast speed.

Secret Clan Jutsu: [The Notables]

Name: Laser Circus - Diligent Crushing Chain Tormenting Principle
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Ranton • Reizaa Saakasu is a Ninjutsu technique utilzing the Storm Element. Using their ability to create Ranton, the Kuromura will form a hand seal to send out several bright bursts of light which can bend towards their opponent and deliver a powerful, tremendous explosion. A halo of bright energy expands from the user's hand while using this technique. The direction of the electrical beams can be manipulated and they travel very fast as well as being able to fire at long range distances, thus they can be guided like missiles.

Name: Storm Release: Shoot to Kill
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Ranton: Ikorose is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Storm Element. By weaving three handseals, the Kuromura clan member's hands will glow and suddenly shoot out a rapid-moving blast of light at the target(s). This blast of light, which is a projectile of condensed electricity moving like water, will quickly travel to the target, closing off distances in just a few seconds, and then penetrate right through the target before exploding, completely burning and incinerating the target (only small objects and weapons like kunai, shuriken, normal katanas, and anything with the same hardness as those). If it is used against a human or a little bigger weapon (giant shurikens, and anything with relative hardness as that), it will only inflict second-degree burns and large impact. When it is unleashed, it mimics the sound of a gernade being released by its launcher. The scale of power and solidity of the single burst can be altered by controlling the amount of chakra used to create it. Likewise, the direction of the blast can be manipulated, closing off escape routes and the blast can take on other forms and shapes as well. By splitting the amount of chakra to multiple blasts, the Kuromura can fire multiple high-speed projectiles at the enemy, though they do not have a connection point so they cannot be redirected.

Name: Storm Creation
Rank: D-S
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Arashi no Souken, also known as Kumoton Soujuu (Cloud Element Manipulation), is the second ability of a Kuromura's Ranton element. They are able to create thunderclouds filled with electricity which can electrocute and paralyze enemies or overwhelm them with precise lightning strikes at close range. The capabilities of the electrical attacks must be propotional to the chakra used to conjour it. The most important aspect of this Storm Creation is not its offensive/defensive mode but its capability of being produced from anywhere, including right on top, below, or next to the user. Because of such ability, it requires a great amount of chakra control and consumes heavy amounts of chakra. Genin-level Kuromuras are only able to utilize the D-rank version, which only creates normal clouds that are not filled with electricity. They are mainly used for distraction and to cover up actions/escapes. If the Kuromura does create a thundercloud, then they can use it as an offensive advantage by using the precise, deadly lightning strikes to accurately and quickly cut off enemy limbs at short distances. The Kuromura can also manipulate already existing thunderclouds, just by sending their Ranton chakra essence to the thundercloud and taking control of it and its electrical supply. The amount of chakra they need to transmit must be equivalent to the size of the cloud. Only a Jounin or higher can do this and they are only able to manipulate/create one thundercloud at a time. Ninja who have a high degree of mastery of this can easily use this technique in various ways.

Name: Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Ranton: Raiunkōha is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Ranton element. The Kuromura uses Storm Release to generate a thick ring of thunderclouds and electricity around them, creating an offensive and defensive ward. They can then use these clouds to fire powerful blasts of lightning at their enemies, and as an electrified perimeter; effectively preventing their enemies from getting close. However, this technique requires constant chakra drain due to the position of the thunderclouds.

Name: Storm Release - Secret Technique: Demon Dragon Storm
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu/kekkei Genkai
Description: Ranton Ōgi: Rankiryū is an advanced Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Ranton element. A high-level Kuromura uses their ability to create and manipuate storms to produce a massive thundercloud that can absorb chakra in order to grow in size and power. They are able to channel the absorbed chakra into the earth, possibly leading to a bigger technique. Aside from S-rank Fuuton or multiple S-rank chakra attacks, the thundercloud can convert the absorbed chakra as an energy supply to the internal electricity to fire powerful bolts of lightning. This setup is similiar to the Fangs of Lightning technique. Using the massive amount of electric power, the Kuromura can unleash large, fast, and destructive lightning strikes at any desired location. Furthermore, the Kuromura can unleash multiple strikes but only four at a time. This thundercloud requires a tremendous amount of chakra to start with and only lasts for ten posts. The Kuromura also haas to be careful on where to place the thundercloudk, otherwise it won't be very efficient in absorbing chakra and it might end up delivering heavy damage to the user instead.

Name: Storm Release: Shining Slash of Light
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Ranton: Akarui Katto no Awai is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Ranton element. By weaving five handseals, the Kuromura's hand glows and a long blade of Ranton chakra extends from it. This longsword is made out of pure Ranton and combined with an expert swordsman, it can inflict deliver powerful blows and precise, lethal cuts. It has the properties of other Ranton techniques, with a intense brightness, high penetration/cutting force, explosive capabilities, and intense temperatures. The blade can shorten and extend to a maximum of nine feet. Because the Kuromura has specifically eolved bodies designed to withstand the brightness and intensity of Ranton, they are not affected by its self-inflicting effects. At linear range, the Kuromura can rush in, and strike at the enemy's waist/middle area, delivering a precise, final slash that will cut the enemy in half. By exploting the sword's capabilties to its fullest, a Kuromura swordsmanship can launch multiple accurate blows at vital points and take care of most enemy units. It requires constant chakra consumption.


The Kuromura clan was one of the founding clans of Kumogakure and originated from the Land of Lightning. Not much is known about the exact origin of the Kumomura clan, but the elders state that one of the Sage of Six Path's disciples, "Hideki Kuromura", a master of the Suiton element who can control and soothen the flow of the waves, once climbed up a mountain in the Land of Lightning. During his journey, he almost got crushed by boulders and was severely injured. He encountered a woman who lived in the clouds. The woman, "Rin", who can control the storms and strike enemies with lightning, pittied Hideki and took him in the clouds where she mended him. When the man awakened, he thanked her for her kindness and payed her back with charming words of poetry. Hideki soon recovered and took a few days to study the wonderful colony that would be known as the "Cloud Village." He helped the colonists gather sap from the few trees around with the help of Rin. One day, they ventured far from the colony and grew lost. They stumbled upon a cave and rested there. Day after day, the two exchanged their feelings of the world and soon discovered that they share a common view: they both hated individual hard work and preferred to take more easier ways. A week later, the two finally made it back to the colony - with a basket of sap........ and a small baby! However, the viceroys forbidded the presence of a foreign citizen and so casted the baby and Hideki away. The baby resembled both of his parent's features, except his power is more towards his mother. Whenever the baby cries, the skies tremble and a thunderstorm suddenly appears. The baby grew up to be "Watari Kuromura." He married a dark-skinned lady and gave birth to Garui Kuromura. Garui was the first person to "establish" the Kuromura clan, as he was able to combine the Raiton and Suiton elements to form a special element that he dubbed "Ranton." Garui reached up to be a village advisor and councilmember during the early years of "Kumogakure" and served under Shodaime Raikage. From then on, the Kuromura clan expanded to a well-known family of (lazy) workers. Ninja historians disregarded this backround because of the difference between Rikudou Sennin's time and Garui's time and believe that the origins of the Kuromura clan stens from a band of thieves and butchers, but the existence of Garui Kuromura is definite. Most of the clan are dark-skinned while only a few are white. To this day, the Kuromura clan is considered to be one of the few Kumogakure clan to possess an elemental kekkei genkai and perhaps one of the few clans in Kumogakure that can rival the Yotsuki clan. Due to an internation scandal between Iwa and Suna, Kumogakure had to get involved but many were killed. In order to help fend off a Bijuu attack, some of the Kuromura clan were forced to migrate to Kiri and inhabit there to ensure Kirigakure's safety and military structure so that an inbalance would not be created within the Shinobi World.

Clan Details: Open
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Kuromura Clan
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