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 Arashi Kuromura

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PostSubject: Arashi Kuromura    Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:35 pm

~General Information~
Name: Arashi Kuromura
Nickname/Alias: Kumogakure's Storm Quaker ~ Arashi no Keuka, Arashi of the Rumbling Clouds, "Warangyo"
Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 6"9
Age: 31
Gender: Male

~Character Information~


Arashi is a cool, calm, and collective individual. As a leader, Arashi is patient and rarely speaks out. When it is his turn to express his ideas, he is up and direct about it and is very defendent of his logic. He highly disapproves of disrespect and looks down on ninja who turn down or turn away from missions just because of cowardry. Like his Kage predecessors, his idealogy is tactical and military-based, which allows him to quickly think over his thoughts and accurately deduce the situation he is in in order to list possible solutions and choose the best that will help him gain the most advantage over the battlefield. He is very observant of enemy movement, being able to analyze their styles and jutsus and take it apart piece by piece. Because of this, it is said that "no technique may remain a mastery to Arashi no Kueka (The Storm Quaker)". He puts Kumogakure's well being at top priority and so does everything he can to lead his village to the top of the shinobi shinobi. Always working on ways to improve the military and strengthen the economy, Arashi's love for Kumo is greater than anything else in this world. One of the qualities that marks him as an excellent tactician and warrior is his capability to maintain panic and seize control of himself, relax, and study the situation in times of excessive pressure such as during the midst of battle. Arashi's Code of Combat is efficient and effective due to his calm composture and complete control over his emotions. First, he looks for key points in the enviroment or of the opponent that will prove to be his advantage such as their speed, anticipation skill, and strength. Then, he uses his combat skills to "force the hand of an opponent" and make them reveal all of their abilities. Once he does that, he will attempt to use an opponent's attack to his benefit and make it disadvantegous for them. And during that time lapse, he will think of a good strategy that will overwhelm/overrun his enem(ies)y and land a fatal, final blow or inflict massive damage to them. Once he has done that, he will act on it, making any changes along the way, and then make a deadly strike.

Arashi likes methods that are considered to be "attacks" and "defenses" at the same time. He is also well-prepared and ready for any surprises and ambushes as he rarely lowers his guard and keeps his senses aware of his surroundings. By using these type of battle arts along with his preperation knack combined with the passed knowledge of his teachers, he is able to stand on even ground with any opponent. As long as his shinobi are able to risk their life for the sake of the village, Arashi has the utmost respect for all Kumogakure shinobi and treats them as "equals" regardless of difference in rank. Breaking this respect results in heavy consequences if Arashi feels provoked. He enjoys breaking through the "fortresses" and consciousness of his enemies in order to expose their power, restrict it, tame it, and use it to crack the opponent. Arashi takes note of detail and looks out for trickery, in which he will react and counter it with a method of his own in which he gives the opponent what they want, lure them in, cage them, and then immediately stab them in the back. He looks back on Kumo's strict Shinobi Code of Conduct and how it turned all Kiri shinobi to elite fighters (yet monsters at the same time) with fierce battle wills and a strong grip of warriorship and honor. Although not entirely approving of it, he is aware that the conduct that is taught in Kumo is unique to them, and their interpretation of "respect", "comrade", and "battle" are very close to action-motivated ninja. He believes in the "language of combat" in which Kumogakure ninja are taught to respect action and power. He likes to take on international-level assignments and leads battles to involve teamwork. He deeply detests pests. Although it may seem that Arashi is an absolutely serious man, he does have a [slight] humorous side and is very loose and "energetic" when it comes to training and is fun-going when learning new techniques. He also smiles and jokes around when kids are around. He has a strong admiration for Shodaime and Nidaime Raikage. At times when stress is getting to Kumo, he acts as a kind of judge and remains entirely neutral to tame the citizens, restock on whatever they have, and decide the best choice that will increase the village's health yet staying in balance with the other villages.

Arashi is obviously not the kind to be lazy and works hard for everything. He had to struggle during his childhood and had to face consequences, but his strength helped him suffer and endure. He has a strong hatred for those who fight brashly and boldy with emotion rather than logic and knowledge; something well against his own ideals. As a very attentive man, he believes in the phrase "mind over matter." He also hates those who place too much focus on report work rather than building up their prowess and bodies to keep shape and be able to protect their villages physically. Unlike them, he trains fierce and hard every night. He has the mind of a military tactician/leader and an assassin, yet that of a human being. As such, he has his personal likes and dislikes. He likes consistency, sailing, and bodybuilding work and loves fried chicken and big bowls of rice with dango. He dislikes raw fish, extreme laziness, and the idea of harming an innocent creature and hates working with "monkeyheads". It is claimed to be hard to understand Arashi's nature and thinking, but once one does, they will realize what a beautiful leader and loving soldier he is. Arashi has multiple nicknames in which most describe his battle style and a few describing his personality. The one Arashi prefers, "Arashi no Kueka", describes his mastery over the Ranton element but also his undefiable will to metaphorically cause the skies and clouds to "quake". People come to interpret this as he "stands above the storms" but Arashi thinks of it as standing with them. An extremely caring man with a strong heart; loving, prideful, strategic, and understanding all are words that can summarize Arashi Kuromura.

~Clan Information~
Clan Name: Kuromura Clan
Kekei Genkai: Ranton ~ Storm Release
Clan Symbol:
Clan History:
Ability Summary:
The Storm Release (嵐遁, Ranton; Viz "Gale Style") jutsu are techniques that combine Lightning Release and Water Release to create bright beams of electricity that can flow like water and laser-like attacks. This unique elemental nature is the kekkei genkai of the Kuromura clan. By combining Raiton and Suiton to form Ranton, the Kuromura can either use powerful lasers that are actually condensed electrically in the form of beams that can move like water or manipulate/create storms. The Kuromura can control the Ranton element and form other shapes as well to suit their purpose. These special elemental beams vary in brightness and intensity, and are known for their fast speed.

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Sannin
Letter Rank: S
Village: Shigakure

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Suiton, Ranton



Physical Stats
Speed: 60
Stamina: 80
Strength: 90
Agility: 76
Physical Endurance: 65

Chakra Stats:
Chakra Reserves: 50
Chakra Control: 45
Intelligence: 60

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story:

Childhood-Academy/Genin Arc:
Arashi is the son of Raijin Kuromura and Sukimi Suzio, who is also a woman of part Yotsuki descent. Raijin, a village councilmember and an expert on advanced tactics as well as a military unit leader, was described as cruel, cold, and calculating but he is truthfully a responsible man who loves his son darely; even though he dosen't tell him that nor show it. Raijin predicted that his son will turn out to be a great shinobi, as his name derives from the fact he was born under the night of ravaging storm and violent thunderstorms. A cloud shinobi. Discriminated by his white skin by the rest of the clan and hated for possession of an unique bloodline by the majority of the villagers and ninja, Arashi lived through a tough life. Plus, he had been born right before the beginning of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. During his childhood, Arashi had seen the Kages and the Allied Shinobi Forces. He had seen the strength of unity and how the military should be organized. But he had also heard of people being killed and stories of heroes. The news of war had interested Arashi while he was just 2, and the war he was born on was the shortest and most prominent one yet. He had heard all kinds of stories about figures like Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Madara, Yakushi Kabuto, and the puppet-master Kankuro. This was where his inspiration for becoming a warrior came to life. The Raikage A, elder council, and higher-ranked Jounin saw the newborn white members of the Kuromura clan as weapons and tools, as they can be easily breeded and colored. With some exceptions, Yondaime Raikage approached the Kuromura clan and had them establish a militia. But by the age of five, Arashi was showing signs of an intellect greater than any Kuromura. He had learned about basic military tactics and arts of warfare from his father, he completed some above-age puzzles that no one expected him to solve, he was able to demolish a dummy using fists and a crooked kunai in less than five minutes, and was able to cause a thunderstorm to rage on than its original period - something that is expected to be possible at the age of 8 for a Kuromura. It is because of hatred and the era of warfare that creates Arashi's idealogy to revolve around military arms and tactics. Arashi spended his time reading books around his comprehension and playing with soldier toys in a mini battlefield set, rather than stuffing his nose in the playground and spitting at dolls like the rest of the Kuromuras. This was considered noteworthy since most of the Kuromura infants were lazy. So it was only natural that at the age of seven, Arashi attended Kumogakure's Ninja Academy. During his time in the Academy, he got a headstart on the study of ninja. He was fascinated. A world of "magic" where power is necessary for survival, his Academy Class had not only increased his knowledge of the Shinobi World but also the knowledge of the Civilian World. He fared extraordinary well, having being able to handle and properly throw ninja tools at the age of 8 and learned how to manipulate chakra at the age of 9. His most interesting focus was History. Geography of Kumogakure, history of the Raikagekage and the past wars, history of the Shinobi World and brief summaries of other villages, the revered Kumo Shinobi Code of Conduct, and its refined ninja promotion system. Arashi was aware of Kumogakure's successful military status and economy, having to use trickery to accomplish their goals. From his father, he learned that Kumogakure had the largest spy network out of all the villages and they had used it numerous times on Konohagakure to lengthen their survival. One day, Arashi's class had a visit from Yondaime Raikage A Yotsuki. Although treating them differently, A had high admiration for the Kuromura, as evident as his bodyguard was Darui of the Kuromura. What he had said was hammered into their minds however. "Shinobi ought not to bow their heads recklessly! Strength is what shinobi truly respect!" That showed the Kumogakure's pride mainly comes from power. And power is something sought by every ninja. Fear and Terror filled the village as it was rumored that Lord Killer Bee was kidnapped, but it helped increased its battle will and military strength. He learned about the origin of the Kuromura clan. The Kuromura started to build up his body and had done some above-average physical work in order to balance his physical strength with his mental strength. At the age of ten, Arashi cutted off his emotions and had to kill two of his classmates, allowing him to graduate to Genin with outstanding marks on Ninjutsu, Weaponry, and Taijutsu and at the top of the class. Arashi developed the Raiton element and learned the Lightning Release Stream as his first elemental jutsu. Arashi soon grew interested in Kenjutsu and learned the way of the sword, which he combined with his collection of Raiton ninjutsu and specialized military equipment to combat Kuromura Genin. At the age of eleven, Arashi's body was considerably above the average physique of a Genin. And at the age of twelve, Arashi made his first foreign travel: to Konoha in preperation for the Chunin Exams. Arashi had a very strict and uptight yet ambitious personality as he had [as it was called] Kumogakure's Ninja Code hammered deeply within him that gave him the need to fight. He rather easily pummeled through every opponent and used basic military tactics to outsmart his watchers, all the way to the final part of the Chunin Exams where he faced a near-death situation against a Hatake and a Sarutobi. He graduated to Chunin rank.

Chunin Arc/Kinkaku Trainee Arc:
After becoming a Chunin, he gained the respect of his father and mastered several B-rank Raiton techniques. He also learned a few Ranton techniques as well. At night, he will pray to the almighty storm gods for good will and fortune, and gaze out when a thunderstorm was in. Arashi's Kenjutsu prowess, skills, and murderous intent were so great that he recieved notice from the Raikage to put him in the Kinkaku Training Program; where he will learn information equivalent to Konoha's ANBU and might become as as strong as their Team Captains. Along with three other possible trainee, he abandoned his Kenjutsu techniques to refine his Taijutsu from Kaien Yotsuki. His logic grew more precise, but it was not enough to rival a successor's in a match of wits that gave the leading membership role to him. Arashi was second and in the world of soldier he lived in, second is just another title for "loser." Afraid of being put down, Arashi grew more determined to surpass Kaien, which was why Arashi made some rather creative but efficient methods that will form the basis of his ability to "force the hand of an opponent." Through traps and a long period of confusion for the so-called number one successor, Arashi defeated him. Most of Arashi's innate traits derived from this period, and later on it will have a traumatic effect on him because by the age of fifteen, the Fifth Shinobi World War began. The whole wide world was a battlefield and allies were enemies. "We must forget all ideas of comradeship between soldiers...... this is a war of annihilation!" the Raikage once said. Ever since the last war, the Shinobi Alliance has dissolved and the Raikage has reverted back to his short-tempered self. He had become a military tyrant similiar to how Yondaime Mizukage was. In order to survive, they must fight until they die. Arashi know understood the meaning of war. It was hell, a place for demons and beings alike. But Kumo ninja were raised to endure anything, and so this was something that needed to be done. He was enjoying this, the thrill of triumph and the blood and gore that spilled out of his victims. A teenager making his first cold-blooded murder. Until he realize that he must fight to end it not to prolong it when someone at home died. Raijin Kuromura died during the war. He was confused on what he should be feeling. It seemed as if there was nothing to be sad about, that his father had died for the nation he loves. Arashi possessed the advanced military ideas as his father and a talent for Ranton, and so in order to not make a waste, Kaien Yotsuki was forced to train Arashi in Taijutsu. Kaien was easily the fastest shinobi in Kumogakure and one of the world's most greatest speedsters. Arashi's Taijutsu tremendously increased. It had become so that his Taijutsu prowess matched his Ninjutsu prowess. Trained by the village's most fastest ninja, Arashi become well-verse in techniques like Shunshin and can handle high-speed jutsu that was used by Kaien. Arashi became fast enough to keep up with Kaien and react to his prowess, but his real trait lied in strength. A battle between Kuromura and Yotsuki would always end in results for both of them. While training with Kaien, Arashi's raw strength had evolved. He generally used his strength while on the battlefield....

Jounin/Kinkaku Ninja Arc:
After beating his Yotsuki master during a Taijutsu battle, he was placed in a short-term Jounin exam. He had to learn high-level Raiton and Ranton ninjutsu, as well as developing the Suiton element. Ninjutsu and Weaponry were the most concentrated areas, and Arashi really exceeded the expectations. Obviously his father had implanted the mind of a military soldier into him. But it was not that, and because one would conclude it as such, they will not be able to see through Arashi. The effects of a long journey from discrimination at childhood to the death of his first victim and father had warped Arashi's mind to someone being more mature and concrete. In order for his Ranton skill to progress, he met and trained under Darui Kuromura. An elite Jounin and a formidable ninja- to the point that he was selected to be the Raikage's bodyguard and was the Commander of the First Division of the Allied Forces, Darui had experience and met the General of the Allied Forces. Of course, being a pure Kuromura, Darui was quite stubborn in training Arashi. But in time, Darui chose to train him in Ranton. He learned alot about Ranton from Darui and it is said that Darui's Ranton prowess was passed on to Arashi because the two were quite similiar in elemental jutsu. He was able to defeat Darui using Ranton and intelligence, thus ending their training sessions and the two ninja were to go on their seperate ways. At nineteen, Arashi was promoted to a Jounin. He fought fiercly and by the time he reached 20, the Fifth Ninja World War ended by the agreement of the Kazekage, Hokage, Mizukage, and Tsuchikage. The Mizukage opposed this but to prevent an allied attack, he was forced to agree. A was in a foul mood. As a tyrant, he did not allow defeat (Konoha was victorious). He needed someone, someone who he calls "an idiot with enough conviction to kill without reason". One person popped up. Time for a visit to the Kuromura clan. Arashi had killed 385 people during the War. Arashi gained advanced knowledge of military action and the systems and military secrets of Kumogakure. Top-secret information was followed by top-secret work, and Arashi became a powerful assassin. His Taijutsu skill surpassed his Ninjutsu, and in short, he learned Nintaijutsu. This was a fighting style usually unique and used by the Raikage A and he was a grandmaster at it, but Arashi's skill in it is "legendary." Arashi killed Kaien in an all-out deathmatch, and at age 21, became a member of the Kinkaku Force. The Kinkaku Force were sent on important, high-level missions to assassinate dangrous threats. At this stage, Arashi really pumped up his raw strength, muscular density, and bodily physique to tremendous levels. He excelled at physial arts and had enormous Taijutsu prowess. His Ninjutsu knowledge, massive chakra levels, excellent chakra control, intellect, and Taijutsu power made Arashi one of the most elite and respected ninja in Kirigakure.

Way of the Assassin Arc:
Personally placed by the Raikage, Arashi joined the "Order of Asssassins", a group of legendary assassins of Kumogakure birth. He was moving up in the Ninja World and is about to evolve to greater heights. His method of using Suiton Ninjutsu as well as being able to master the element to the point of producing a massive amount on dry land worked well in the Order that he was taught by the masked leader known as "Zero" the Lightning Release Armor technique, a prized jutsu from Kumogakure's Yotsuki clan. Being part Yotsuki, Arashi was able to master this technique. At this point, Arashi's assassin side and most of his current nature reached its peak. Arashi also joined a special organization known as "The Unknown" who engaged in international-scale activites and bounty hunting in exchange for money. Arashi's method of clothing derives from the organization's own. Along with multiple special operations squads, Arashi was sent to hunt down and seal the Hachibi, who is said to be the last sighted Bijuu left. Luckily he was a legendary Nintaijutsu user, because the other teams were wiped out due to their stupidity of aiming for the most obvious spot: the tails which is the most heavily guarded. Arashi had to face off against this demon as he was responsible for cutting off at least one of its horns in order for the ealing ritual to work. He learned alot about the Bijuu from the few minutes he had spent combating the Hachibi. Their massive volume of living chakra was well beyond his, and so it was impossible for them to take it out..... though they can still seal it. Using the Raiton no Yoroi, Arashi cutted off one of its horns and survived what would be a deathly attack, and became the final piece of a Fuuinjutsu seal formula that will finally seal the Hachibi within a jar. After the success of the capture of the Hachibi, A decided it was time to declare war on Konoha. But the idea of war was disapproved by many Kumo villagers, including Arashi. he had gained enough wisdom, experience, and allies to stand with the Raikage. So with the help of Darui, Arashi challenged A's authority. A was a tyrant but he was well known for his Nintaijutsu prowess in which he combined his enormous Taijutsu prowess and high-level Ninjutsu technique for a "power-style" fighting specialty to the point that he was able to overwhelm the likes of the legendary Uchiha Sasuke and nearly kill him had the Kazekage not interfered. But Arashi had control over the storms and clouds above Kumo as well as equivalent skill in Nintaijutsu, and within thirty minutes, the two fought in a bloody deathmatch. It took mere luck, that with the help of his accomplice and several bystanders who opposed A, for Arashi to take down A and kill him. Although all that challenged Susanoo died except for Darui who had followed the Raikage long enough to last long periods in a battle against him and gave Arashi knowledge, Arashi was the only one who can take him down- though he had suffered fatal wounds that would otherwise kill him in a hour if not given medical treatment. The elders came by and told Arashi that they will give him the treatment, but he has to be jailed for the rest of his life. Arashi accepted it, and immediately after he recoevered, was imprisoned. But Arashi had a plan, as he always does. On the correct day, an annual status report will be announced to Kumo in a week from his arrest. And when it did, the ninja and civilians were shocked to see that their economy has tumbled from an incident on one of Kumo's important S-rank missions. They immediately removed the elders and the advisory council from rule, relying on the empty position of Raikage instead. There were several canditates, but when Arashi was released from his cell, he immediately signed up for the role. He had enough military expierence, intelligence, and combat power to inherit the role of Raikage and surpass Raikage A. With a plan to reinvent Kumogakure, Arashi became Godaime Mizukage at the age of 26.

Raikage Arc:
When Arashi became the new Raikage, the first major change that happened to Kumogakure was the total eradication of its strict Code of Conduct and its unfair systems. Hopefully, this would prevent any future tyrannical leaders. It happened without Arashi's notice, hinting that the "black storms during A's reign has lifted to open a new light". His first acts as Raikage were to eliminate the negative effects that A had on the citizens. After that, he used intelligent methods to boost up Kumogakure's economy by stocking up whatever finances they have left and start rationing certain products. Arashi then presented ideas to the Daimyo who agreed with it and financed explorations to foreign parts to cut himself enormous profits. On their way, Arashi infiltrated into a palace and broke through the king's mind, forcefully threatening him to hand over his gold. After that success, Arashi took on more legitimate ways and at age 28, boosted up the Land of Lightning and Kumogakure's economy tremendously. He used most of their finances to work on certain devices and products that will increase Kumo's defenses and encouraged shinobi to train more frequently such as simulation areas and tourneys. Then, he updated all of the curriculumn standards and reinvented the new Code of Conduct, which abolished the graduation system method and discrimination against bloodlines. After that, he improved the military using his own knowledge and developed a set of possible "military advantages", the most noteworthy being Kumo's Jinchuruki and Doujutsu wielders. At age 30, he lead expeditions that will prove to be profitable to Kumo for decades to come and improved his individual fighting skills. Arashi also surpassed A in Nintaijutsu by developing his own techniques and had refined his strength and body structure to the point that he was the most well-versed Taijutsu master in all of Kumo. He has ,to the best of his ability, been able to ensure Kumo's peace, safety, and prosperity and worked all day to get things done for his home village, persiting the engineers to develop new things every day that will benefit the Cloud. Arashi used some tactics that were rarely ever used, such as using Kumo's mountainous geography to keep an advantage over their enemies such as placing sentry on higher elevation to spot infantry from a mile away. He also had low-energy landmines and armored shinobi protect underground areas in case anyone should attack from below. Kumogakure was covered in clouds, and roaring thunderstorms were quite frequent, allowing Arashi to use his Ranton abilities to its peak. Arashi is described to be "the most advanced military leader" the world has seen and "the commander with a thousand plans." He has nicknames like the "Storm Quaker", "Angel of the Hidden Mist", 'Man of Thunder", "The Insmitable", the "Overflowing Assassin", the Slaughterer of Demons, and the most known, "The Analytic Soldier." Arashi takes pride in his physical skills, ninja skills, and unsurpassed logic. Arashi has a full degree of mastery over the Ranton element, being able to conjour it in various ways and at high levels. He is currently working hard day and night to lead Kumogakure to its "Golden Age."

Roleplay Sample:

The cool winds blew across the wide, open field of grass and plants that is known as "Melody's Garden." Located in an abandoned region of Otogakure, "Melody's Garden" is the nation's most beautiful area of greenery. It's natural beauty, fresh breezes and grass, bustling flowers, as well as the overall framework of the landscape was top-notch. It was afternoon, where the skies are beginning to take a gray-blue color and clouds were retreating. There was a big field of grass with a few boulders in various places. Strangely enough, there was no pond, lake, or any river that is near here. For decades, people had been stumped by how the plants are able to survive and how the trees are able to grow so big. Surrounding the field were a huge arch of trees, enough to rival that of a giant forest. One would have to go through this arch to enter this field, otherwise they will be tangled up and be gobbled up by any of the surviving wild animals that have been roaming around. It has become so rare for anyone to find this place nowadays due to the constantly growing trees, which is why it it's abandoned. And other than nature, there wasn't much to "Melody's Garden" and there has been no official document stating the garden's protection or health. Which is why this beautiful scenery is about to become the battle zone of a fierce battle; with the possibility of blood being shed and staining the grass as a scar of the fight. There was no sun, as light cannot shine upon the encounter between these two real threats. There would be real power, real warriors, and most of all; a real battle. The rose scent of this place will be quickly changed once everything begins. And upon this day.... a man dressed in black walked these fields...

The man is fairly tall; above those of his age. He is dressed in a black, sleeveless cloak that covered from neck to ankle. There was a line in the middle of the cloak, suggesting that's where his arms come out from and where his chest area can be shown. Inside the cloak was a green jacket with a red kanji letter that stated "Kirigakure". Revealed beneath that jacket was ninja chainmail that covered a layer of bandages that surrounded the entire thorax region. He had on a black belt with pockets that contained various capsules. He wore rough, tough, black-ninja leggings and that had pockets on them as well. Hidden under the cloak but attached to his hips were two ninja pouches, filled with equipment. Also under the cloak was a rather huge blade that hang from the man's back in the under-layer.He had black boots that does not hinder his movements. With red sleeves beaming out of the arm openings in the jacket, the man had white gloves with black leather bands. The color of the bands concealed the ink that has been written on it that formed completely hidden kanji symbols that represented activatable seals. On his back, there were two, fierce-looking, black Ninjato. He had spiky black hair with a black bandana sitting upon it. Unbeknowst, there were hidden items in there as well. He had red-lens googles that covered his eyes for what seems to be ten years. He was gnawing on a toothpick, with a sinister, wicked, mocking grin that signified the brutal will of the Makojin....

Shikyo Makojin looked around "Melody's Garden" as if he was scanning it. There wasn't much. Which is just the way he wanted. Any obstacles will interfere with the progress of the duel. Shikyo had stumbled upon this place just recently. He had gotten lost during a surveillance mission on Otogakure and miracously entered the unattended garden. It seemed to be able to live without a water source, or at least live without anyone seeing the water source it has been using. It didn't matter to Shikyo, for he kept a geographical memory of this location. Just a week ago, he had entered the Tortoise Village and attacked a village diplomat. After that, he threatened the elders and stated that he will launch an assasult on the village unelss there was somesome strong enough to challenge him in a private match. Three days later, Shikyo recieved a letter while in Kirigakure. Apparently, the Kage of the Toirtoise Village will be the one fighting him in protection of the village. Shikyo did his research and found out what little information he could. Lyn Katsuki, an experienced kunoichi who excelled at Fuuton and Genjutsu. So the first conclusion Shikyo had came to was that his opponent is either a quick one or someone with the ability to multi-task while manipulating or controlling her chakra. But if this be a battle of speed and jutsu, then Shikyo had this handled. He did not come here to play at such a ridiculous level. Fighting a Kage means that things are going to get serious, and lowering one's guard was not an option. Which is why Shikyo has gotten all his things and made the appropriate preparations. He will not ever lower his guard and awareness down at any point of their fight, and he will be cautious and on the lookout for any traps or movement. He planned to take things easy one at a time but if that was not possible, then he will have to stop playing around and use full power early from the beginning. But what could he possibly have to worry? After all, his journey as a shinobi has met many accomplishments individually. He is one of the strongest of the Jounin in Kirigakure, and a hero of the Makojin clan.

Wha' a nice lookin' piece of land we got her' thought Shikyo. I got such lucks to discover this jewel. Shikyo of Kirigakure, Explorer! Shikyo of Makojins, Treasure Hunter! Aye.... there hasn't been much going on lately. I wonder how strong this Kage is going to be. Not like it matters, an instinctual battle starts before an intellectual battle. he pondered. He then sat on a rock with the same, demonic, wide grin he has on his face for several hours. Not a single second did it waver to something neutral or dull. As someone who had complete control over his emotions and expressions, Shikyo's smile has grown more constant to the point that when he sleeps, he dreams while smiling. That way, no one can penetrate his thoughts. Shikyo sighed. How long are yer gonna keep me waiting....

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name: Swift Fist Style (Devastation Fist Style)
Rank: - (Depends on user's skill level)
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Jinsokuken (Houken) is a fighting style utilized by Kumo ninja. It is a very relaxed and precise battle style, but deals aggressive impacts. Although the focus of this style is the same through every single user, what they use to make this style work differs from each individual. The key to this style is to gradually weaken the opponent's ability to fight and their body control by striking at the many open gaps within their muscles and by targeting vital points. By targeting at specific openings with bony or blunt body areas within the opponent's muscles, they are able to loosen the opponent's muscular fibers. An opponent with more muscle mass and strength can be easily weakened and have their raw power turned against them by hitting these gaps; weakening the muscles, lowering the amount of force one can exert, and loosening/stretching muscles that it will be difficult to bend them, use them, and manipulate them to maintain control over their body. Their limbs will be left hanging like a rag doll. The more the opponent struggles or resists this, the more stress will come to them. By attacking near vital areas, the Kiri ninja can cause major damage to vital points and cause serious internal bleeding. By attacking muscle gaps and vital areas, the opponent will suffer intense to excruciatting pain. It will be more easier to bleed if the muscles aren't there to endure it and stop the pain. The more loose the muscles are, the more pain there will be and bleeding from the vitals will slightly shrink the muscles and induce spasms. The real requirement to this style for a skilled user is the usage of elemental chakra to augment the damage to the opponent, which varies from user to user. With the Byakugan or accurate knowledge of specific points within the body, the user can focus raw Raiton chakra within the skin of the limb they are using to attack the opponent with. Arashi can take advantage of Raiton Ninjutsu and mix it with Taijutsu, and use it to attack the opponent with the Raiton chakra concealed within the body part without the opponent's awareness. This would require Jonin level chakra control in order to manipulate raiton chakra to the point it can be hidden within the body yet cause deadly effects upon contact. Such as when Arashi hits a bundle of muscles with lightning chakra within his elbow or the side of his hand, that chakra will cause a small electrical burn and will phase through the skin, and slice the muscles internally. This can cause serious effects from loosening the muscles to cause bleeding to the total eradication of muscle fibers which will cause a body part to go haywire. Secondly, to high level ninja, they can also use this style to target pressure points. By putting brute force in these pressure points, the user is able to make it extremely difficult to move that limb and cause immense pain to surge through the body. If the user hits the spinal cord, then they will make it extremely difficult for the target to move the body. If they enhance their attacking point with elemental chakra, then by attacking these pressure points, they can paralyze the limb (four posts) with a single strike or if they hit the spinal cord with elemental chakra, they are able to paralyze the whole body. Low level ninja are unable to use this technique to its fullest potential and might miss, leaving them vulnerable for attack. They are only able to attack muscle gaps while higher-level ninja with enough skill. This technique was originally designed by top Jonin-level Kiri assassins to either mess up an enemy's internal body structure or to totally devastate their body functions and systems they it will quickly cause it to "malfunction" and "spin out of control." The techniques that stem from this style are considered to be very swift and relaxed but can require brute force to turn the opponent's body as a weapon to be used against them. Taijutsu techniques that derive from this style are Arashi's Ikkotsu and Sokotsu.

Name: Ikkotsu ~ Single Bone
Rank: D-A
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Ikkotsu is a Taijutsu technique developed by Arashi Kuromura. This is an example of Jinsokuken which combines elemental chakra and Taijutsu to create devastating effects and requires a massive body physique as well as, depending on what level the user wants to use it on, immense chakra control. This targets the muscular gaps. Arashi holds up a very tight fist and concentrates a considerable amount of Raiton chakra within that fist, yet no signs of the electricity or chakra is present. Arashi will then retract that fist to build up a great amount of potential energy, and then violently stretch his arm forward as a very powerful punch, releasing kinetic energy in the form of a large amount of force. Upon contact with the enemy, the effects of this technique will show. The amount of raw Raiton chakra will charge up the punch's smashing power and the amount of force it exerts to high levels, allowing Arashi to easily penetrate through concrete, hard solid ground, and most objects. Half of this technique's power comes from the original amount of force used, and the other half comes from the Raiton chakra. It increases force not strength, as when Arashi punches an object, the Raiton chakra will immediately exit out of the fist and pass through the skin and immediately expand into a miniaturized electrical shockwave within the opponent's body. It will then inflict from moderate to tremendous internal damage to the opponent's body. From an external view, the shockwave will cause an electrical burn to the area it passed through so great that a three-inch diameter circular hole will appear right within the opponent's skin exposing muscle and destroy nearly all of their abdomen or a digestive organ (depending on where they hit) and send them flying high away for several to hundreds of meters and then crash to the ground. When used on an inanimate object or a tool of sort, a large hole will appear right in the item's form and disrupt its functions and wieldability. or it will totally destroy that item by immense crushing force. Arashi mainly uses this to destroy solid defenses made of natural items such as earth, concrete, or Doton. By using Ikkotsu, they will pummel right through the Doton technique and cause it to crumble, ending the technique. The level of the Doton must not be higher than the level of the Ikkotsu used while a maximum power Ikkotsu can break through any Doton. However, this technique does have a downside ranging from the skill of the user and the amount of Raiton chakra used. The electricity stored within the fist will numb and paralyze the nerves around the hand used, causing it to be unmovable for two (D-C, four posts is B) to six posts (A). Also, one or two average burns will form within the hand. Also, if this is used against a hard metallic object or an enemy with higher endurance, then the bones within the fist and arm might snap due to pressure. Lower level ninja would only be able to cause a second-degree electrical burn within the area hit and break a few bones around that area. Masters of this technique are able to use this at powerful levels, allowing them to open a large space within the opponent's chest and destroy most of the bones and organs around there at most. Arashi might sometimes have to discard his clothing in order to face off with super-hard skin, making him suspectible to scarring and such.

Name: Sokotsu ~ Double Bone
Rank: C-SS
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Sokotsu is a Taijutsu technique developed by Arashi Kuromura. Like its parent jutsu, it requires a massive body physique and immense chakra control, and only Jonin or higher are able to learn it. Similiar to Ikkotsu but Sokotsu requires two fists to launch, creating devastating effects. However, the process of increasing force is different from Ikkotsu, which is done before Arashi runs toward and hits his opponent. Arashi will focus massive amounts of Raiton chakra within his two fists while running towards his opponents, charging up the force while moving. The amount of time it takes for the charging to reach its maximum point depends on the distance from Arashi and his opponent. Arashi will then slam his two fists at his opponent with enormous brute force. Arashi will then immediately releash an electrical shockwave within the opponent's body that is two times greater than the one summoned by Ikkotsu. The amount of force Arashi naturally created enhanced by the amount of dual Raiton chakra build up will cause destructive and fatal effects to the opponent's body. As a result of that, a hole so large that it exposes the organs within the opponent's entire chest will form and the overall impact of the technique will destroy much of the opponent's bodily functions and body systems, killing them. Those who have suffered from this die a very violent death as this technique can totally obliterate an opponent in just one blow. After impact, the opponent will just fall and lay motionless, dead already before they fell. The electricity will paralyze both arms Arashi used for two to eight (C is two, B-A is four, S is six, SS is eight) posts and create severe burns and scars all around it. If used at SS-rank level, Arashi will not be able to manipulate chakra for that duration of paralyzation. It will also slow down his movements. At C-rank level, serious electric burns are formed at the area hit as well as minor internal bleeding. Sokotsu is also an ideal move to be used against hard objects such as earth, concrete, and metal. When Arashi uses it to its highest potential, it can penetrate through anything. The rank of the object (excludes humans) must not be higher than one level of the Sokotsu applied or else the object will not be destroyed.

Name: Heavy Fist Style [Execution Fist Style]
Rank: - (Depends on user)
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Omoiken (Shiokiken) if a fighting style utilized by Kumo ninja. A crude fighting style like Gouken, this, however, does not use traditional martial arts. Instead, this style focuses on wrestling and boxing moves to overwhelm one's enemies. The focus of this technique is brutal and barbaric, with the main point being strength and destructive power above anything else. It involves controlling the strength of each attack and making them equal regardless of the area hit by adjusting speed and endurance of attacks. The stronger the user can hit, the more greater they can utilize this style. This makes the opponent unable to correctly judge the user's fighting strength while keeping them at bay. The behavior of this technique is much like a savage and is triggered by raging feelings, allowing the attacks to be instinctual and devastating. The blows are usually heavy and the attacks are extremely strong, with the person who pushes this to its highest potential able to quickly take down several unarmed enemies within a few
minutes while keeping a distance from severe injury. Although relying on disorganized instinct, much like how Kage Bunshin helps a ninja improve in Ninjutsu and chakra control, this style helps a ninja rapidly improve their Taijutsu and physique.

name: Liger Bomb
Rank: A
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Raigaa Bomu is a Taijutsu technique utilized by Raikage. The Raikage grabs his opponent and lifts them high into the air, just over his head. Then, using his extreme strength, he smashes them head first onto the ground in what resembles a powerbomb maneuver, devastating enough to shatter the earth around it. This will inflict massive damage to their opponent enough to immobolize them for long periods of time. The power of the attack was enough to shatter several of Susanoo's bones. This technique, however, requires a very large phyqisue and incredible muscle strength to perform. When used with Ninjutsu, it can be a technique that no one has ever survived before. If the enemy does not summon a powerful defense, they would die immediately of the impact if used with Ninjutsu. Has severely large-immense levels of stress.

name: Lariat ~ Lightning Plow Heated Blade
Rank: B
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Rariatto is a Taijutsu technique utilized by the Cloud Jinchuuriki Killer Bee. First, the user must surround themselves with a powerful chakra aura such as a dense chakra cloak or a powerful elemental armor. Then using his speed, defense, and strength, he will rush towards his target and ram into their upper chest with his arm, delivering large impact and force. Avoiding the attack is difficult, as only an Uchiha with the Sharingan's predictive abilities and Bee's own brother the Raikage were able to escape it. Should they make full contact with his target, they will sustain massive damage to their chest, blowing away a large portion of it. The attack is done under a linear fashion and so a Sharingan user from a mid-range distance can avoid it. When A uses it, he surrounds himself with his Lightning Release Armor, rather than tailed-beast chakra. His high-level chakra, which is comparable to that of a tailed beast's, would produce the same effect as Killer Bee's version. The two brothers can combine their efforts to perform a Double Lariat, which is strong enough to decapitate the victim. If used without Ninjutsu, the power will be greatly lessened that the user could only shatter some bones within the chest area without exposing it and the attack speed will be lessened.


Name: Electromagnetic Murder: Flash of Lightning
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton: Jibashi is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning element. The version Arashi uses is a more "developed" variation of the original technique. This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock. It is ideal to use in conjunction with a water technique. Arashi can utilize currents of electricity from his finger and then launch it as a wave at his opponent(s). Arashi can also manipulate and draw in pre-existing electricity to either act as the attack or charge up the attack. It will then shock and electrocute the enemy, paralyzing them. This attack will cut off all signals from the nerves and contract the musclar system. If more than three wounds are open to the victim's body, then this technique can kill them. If there is only one wound, the electricity will enter the body and cut off the muscular fibers and severe the joints. If this shocks the opponent for more than eight posts posts, their skin, muscles, and nerves will start to wrinkle, grow pale, and age to that of an elderly man, removing their ability to fight (AA-level). This can also be used to "lift" metallic objects and throw it. He can also manipulate it to form an electrical barrier allowing him, repelling all weaponry attacks and projectiles. It is a dangerous attack when it connects with a live body and can deal extremely severe body damage. The exact effects varies from the power of the attack and where it is aimed. The greatest aspect of this technique is the user's ability to force the chakra to "bend" the muscles and bones in their victim's bodies, allowing them to lift them like a puppet. On a supplementary side, the user can channel this wave to water to give it shocking effects or they can channel it through their mouth when it is near a water source, allowing it to conduct the electricity (Known as Kangekiha). It is useful for colloboration jutsu with water. If it's a B-rank attack, the user's fingers will fell numb, and if it's above B-rank, then their arms will feel very heavy to the point they can use them properly.

Name: Electrical Pulse
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Description: This techniques works by combining brute physical force and great elemental control to create unique effects. In this case, Arashi will take advantage of the Lightning Release Stream and use it to subdue his opponents. By focusing electrical chakra to a body part (the elbow, the shoulder area, a finger, the wrist/palm, the knuckles, the feet, etc.), that body part will glow with electricity. If used at a really close distance, the opponent might not be able to see it unless they have chakra percieving abilities. Arashi will then launch an attack using that body part at the opponent(s) and right upon contact, Arashi will immediately release all of that chakra into the enemy's body. The injection of electrical chakra will phase through the skin to enter the nervous and circulatory system. The physical strike will force the chakra in and an electrical burn will form. Once the electricity enters inside, there will be something like a "beep", "shock", or "amputation" sound which occurs immediately right when it takes effect. The chakra will enter the body and "bend" all electrical signals from the nerves and stuns the heart, causing the victim's body to "bump" as it they were amputated and all of their movements woulod seize and they would be shocked. The victim will then fall unable to move nor control their body (four posts) until their nervous system resets itself. If timing is right, it can be an effective surprise to the enemy

Name: Devastation Sphere
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Inmetsu no Kyuu is a Ninjutsu technique created by Arashi. He concentrates a large amount of Raiton chakra into one, large, compressed ball. He can use this ball in three ways. The first way, would be to blast this ball that travels at high speeds, at the opponent which shocks them and deals heavy damage to their body with large force. The ball can travel up to twenty-five meters from where it was blasted and can even change direction, although it can only follow simple directions like up, down, right and left. There are no diagonal directions. The second way is to seperate the sphere into eight, longer, blasts of Raiton. These electric blasts would be like rays and can reach up to fifty meters. Each blast deals B-rank level damage which can still inflict severe harm to an opponent, but it has an extended reach and is multiplied, allowing it to hit multiple opponents. Like the bigger sphere, it travels at high speeds and can also change directions. The blasts can curve to change directions. The third way is a more preferable way by Arashi, and is especially useful for taking out small armies. By expanding the sphere slightly, Arashi lifts the ball high above his head with his hands. The ball will shrink into a super-condensed tiny ball and then it shoots one hundred long rays of electricity high into the air. The sky would seem to "light up" due to the Raiton rays. Once that happens, Arashi seeks his sight on whoever he wants to shoot with the rays and then they will quickly descend down towards the target, making it difficult for them to dodge as there are multiple attacks from multiple directions. The rays would close in on all escape routes and strike down on the target, paralyzing them (2 post) and inflicing an average amount of damage to them. This can work against multiple opponents. The blasts seek out heat (thus has a heat-tracking ability) so it's very difficult for those who wants to dodge it and it can be used to reveal the enemy's location. Also, Arashi could remote control the blast, which is useful for luring them out. He can manipulate directions, but that can only be done once. It is nearly impossible for an enemy to dodge ten blasts unless they cleverly evade it by moving away at the last second. Once hit by at least ten blasts, the target's body would feel recoil movements and painful spasms on their muscles. This technique can be easily stopped by an A-rank Fuuton defense or by a defensive technique higher than A-rank.

Name: Thunderbolt
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton ~ Rakurai is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning element. Arashi changes a large amount of chakra in their palm to Raiton and a powerful electric bolt will emerge. The density of this lightning bolt varies by color from blue to yellow with yellow being the highest intensity. This bolt can either be thrown or be used to strike at objects by hand like a sword. It can also be comboed in a bundle to increase its ferocity. It can pierce through most matter and travel at the same rates as Raiton: Gian. The damage caused by the boly depends on how densed it is and results from great to tremendous damage, especially if it hits vital areas. The bolt can breach through most solids and stuns an opponent for two posts... or worse depending on where it hit. When striking with the bolt, aiming it at vital points will cause massive pain and an enormous loss of blood. This technique was originally developed by Arashi Kuromura to rival or cut through other Raiton-based ninjutsu. The bolt is pure solid and weak against Fuuton techniques of the same level of above. (Level B or higher) This bolt, however, was never meant to become an equal of Chidori and so Chidori can fairly pierce and defeat this technique, unless an Extremely High bolt is used. A bundle of at least three thunderbolts can defend from Chidori but cannot break it. Also depending on the speed or power it has, it's able to penetrate through Chidori. If the bolt is at A-rank level, then Arashi can choose to extend the size of the bolt into a large one, allowing it to move at high speeds with tremendous force and high temperatures, but it removes its ability to hold numbing effects and some kind of additional weapon is required to launch a bolt of that size. Rakurai is charagable and so it holds the ability to not only cut through but also diminish other Raiton techniques just by mere physical contact. For example, if a B-rank Rakurai is used against a B-rank Raiton, the moment they touch, the Rakuai and the Raiton both immediately dispearse to sparks. If a B-rank Rakurai is used against a C-rank Raiton, the B-rank will cut right through it. It is an efficient technique as a defense and counter to equal Raiton-based techniques and a powerful offensive force, which marks this as one of Arashi's most favorite jutsus.

Density Levels:
C-rank: Normal
B-rank High to Very High
A-rank: Super High to Extremely High

Name: Four Pillar Binding
Rank: B-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton • Shichuu Shibari is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning Element. To utilize this technique, the ANBU member will form the needed hand seal. Four large earthen pillars will rise to surround the target. Lightning will then be unleashed to stun the target, paralyzing them and delivering moderate nerve damage. The member can also create a more stronger version in which sixteen pillars rise and shock the target (A level).

Name: Devastation Flash: Obliterating Thunder
Rank: SS
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Inmetsu Senkou (Massatsurai) is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Arashi Kuromura. This technique is advanced in nature and so requires Kage-level chakra control and an abundant supply of electricity. Arashi compresses a immense amount of his Raiton chakra and the surrounding electricity near him while swirling his hands in a circular cycle to create a ball of ultra-condensed electricity. After pressurizing as much electricity as he could to a single point, an extremely bright shining yellow ball of mixed chakra electricity and natural electricity will be made. The ball is so intense that it heats up Arashi's surrounding space and even causes some moderate burns to his hands, demolishing the ground he is standing on from the leaking force. Arashi will then shrink the sphere into the size of a small marble that can fit within the palm of his hand, furthermore compressing the energy and "holding" it (the ball will levitate just an inch above his palm) with only one hand. The ball has a heavy concentration and a constant flow of electricity, which gives it a devastating effect. Arashi will forcefully extend his arm and instantly release all of that energy. The release will create a loud screech that causes great pain to the ears, which hears it as a cry, as it charges and a deafening boom of thunder. The ball will rapidly expand into an extremely wide, powerful, blue, blast of electricity. Destroying everything within a blast that covers nearly three kilometers, the blast radius is quite large and causes great destruction to the enviroment equal to a tremendous explosion. The power of this technique is unpredictable in scale and the speed it travels on covers the overall range in just five seconds and it is nearly impossible for the opponent to see it coming when released. It will instantly cut through any atoms and electrons in the way, annihilating all traces of a body and form. However, this also holds some very severe effects, and it can only be used once per day. The arm in which held the sphere is paralyzed for long periods of time, having high amounts of electricity focused through the nerves, and has serious electrical recoil effects on his body that can only be healed by a medical professional. The arm in which it is held also suffers dangerous burns that it removes all skin layers, holding effects between the fourth and fifth degree. Arashi will have painful muscle spams and will have trouble moving properly with his body being shocked, which causes him to move randomly and abruptly. He is also unable to perform any jutsu for ten posts. The blast works on the direction (or the half) Arashi is facing, and so anything distant from his back will not be affected. However, if Arashi forcefully lifts up his arm and releases it from above his head, then it will release a 360 degree circular attack with the same blast radius, causing more enviromental damage with Arashi being at the epicenter of the attack. It generates enough heat and has enough force to destroy anything in its path. However, it will have more serious effects. The arm will be permanentely disabled unless healed by a medical professional and all skin layers will be removed exposing muscle that will require immediate treatment, his entire body will suffer moderate burns and scars, and he will be unable to perform jutsu for fifteen posts. His body will also have more dangerous recoil effects. If this way of releasing this jutsu is done desperately or all of a sudden without charging it up to its maximum point, then it will hold the same destructive power and range but the arm that was holding the ball will be totally obliterated and have major bleeding. The technique requires four posts to pressurize.

Name: Lightning Release Armor
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton no Yoroi in a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Lightning Element. By wrapping his body in a layer of lightning chakra, the Fourth Raikage can electrically stimulate his nervous system and speed up his neural synapses to react faster to danger and push his physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing him to gain tremendous raw speed and monstrous power. This armor, combined with taijutsu, allows A to utilize nintaijutsu.

While using this technique, his reflexes are comparable to that of Konoha's Yellow Flash, making it difficult, if not impossible, even for the Sharingan to keep up with him. By combining this armor with the Body Flicker Technique, he can even dodge Sasuke's Amaterasu at a split second, as well as Jūgo's Cursed Seal Chakra Blast at point blank range. The armor also increases his defense, drastically reducing, if not completely negating, damage from incoming attacks as even a direct Chidori from Sasuke was barely able to pierce his chest. In addition, the armor seems to increase his strength, though this could be part of his own natural abilities.

In lieu of tailed beast chakra, the Raikage uses this lightning armor to empower himself when performing the Lariat, producing the same effects due to his high-powered chakra. This armor is chargable by keeping one's chakras up, allowing jumping power to be increased and for Taijutsu attacks to be deadly. Physical stats gain 40 points.


Name: Bursting Water Collison Waves
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Suiton • Baku Suishouha is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the needed handseals, Kisame will expel water from his gullet. This will then expand into a large volume of water. Being from the Water Country, Kisame is at home with this type of jutsu. He can control the water by riding on top of the waves.

Name: Great Shark Missile Technique
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Suiton: Daikodan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water element. A stronger version of the Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique, which creates a gigantic shark, far larger than the user, to launch at and attack the opponent. This technique differs from its parent jutsu in being able to absorb the chakra from an opponent's technique, and in turn use that chakra to grow larger and more powerful. However, they cannot absorb S-rank techniques or A-rank Doton techniques.

Name: Water Encampment Wall
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Suiton • Suijinheki is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. This defensive jutsu creates a wall of water around the user. Enemy attacks are completely intercepted by a fence of water blown out from the mouth, and is raised from below with tremendous might. The water is blown out in the form of a circle around the user, and it makes for a defense without openings. It is also possible for the user to control the amount of water and duration at will. The wall's strength and resistance change following the quantity of chakra poured down into the water, so a skillful shinobi will be able to build a sturdy one. Furthermore, because the field of vision is maintained even while defending one can easily go on to the next move, which is a great advantage. The wall can also be formed from a pre-existing water source. A select number of ninja with primary Suiton affinities are able to produce this without a nearby water source.

Name: Water Dragon Projectile Technique
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Suiton • Suiryuudan no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. This technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing massive physical damage. The ideal place to use it is near a body of water, but if the caster's skill allows it, it is possible to use it even in a place where there is none. That said, the amount of water used will be in proportion with the caster's skill. In addition to that, a select number of shinobi are able to conjour this with a single handseal.

Name: Great Exploding Water Collison Waves
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Suiton • Daibaku Suishouha is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The user spits out a large amount of water, covering an entire area with crushing, unavoidable waves. If the user wills it, then the water will form a massive orb, encasing Kisame and his targets inside like a prison. Unlike most Suiton techniques, the flow of chakra within the dome is entirely within the user's control and they can manipulate the internal water. Depending on the user's aquatic abilities, they can use this aquatic battlefield to their advantage and swim freely to dodge and attack.

Name: Sword of the Naga
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Ken no Naga is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water element. Either using an existing water source or water molecules from the air, Arashi will create an extremely sharp, sturdy, and extendable sword made out of water. The toughness and sharpness of the sword depends on the amount of chakra used to create it. This sword can be wielded like a normal blade and can extinguish most Katon-based techniques. When cutted into a human body, the sword will release some of its moisture within it that will enhance pain, increase bleeding, and severe nerves rapidly. The sword is flexible and manipulatable and can be extended to up to seven meters. When this sword cuts through a vital organ or a full limb (an arm, leg, etc.), half of its water will instantly enter the body and kill off the victim's respiratory organs from the inside, cutting off their oxygen supply.

Non-Elemental Jutsu:

Name: Summoning Technique
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: A powerful jutsu, Ninpo Kuchiyose allows a ninja to summon animals and objects to fight on their behalf. The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species, which allows them to summon different size and skill levels of creature. It can also be done in reverse.

Ranton Jutsu:

Name: Storm Creation
Rank: D-S
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Arashi no Souken, also known as Kumoton Soujuu (Cloud Element Manipulation), is the second ability of a Kuromura's Ranton element. They are able to create thunderclouds filled with electricity which can electrocute and paralyze enemies or overwhelm them with precise lightning strikes at close range. The capabilities of the electrical attacks must be propotional to the chakra used to conjour it. The most important aspect of this Storm Creation is not its offensive/defensive mode but its capability of being produced from anywhere, including right on top, below, or next to the user. Because of such ability, it requires a great amount of chakra control and consumes heavy amounts of chakra. Genin-level Kuromuras are only able to utilize the D-rank version, which only creates normal clouds that are not filled with electricity. They are mainly used for distraction and to cover up actions/escapes. If the Kuromura does create a thundercloud, then they can use it as an offensive advantage by using the precise, deadly lightning strikes to accurately and quickly cut off enemy limbs at short distances. The Kuromura can also manipulate already existing thunderclouds, just by sending their Ranton chakra essence to the thundercloud and taking control of it and its electrical supply, which is far more efficient than creating one. The amount of chakra they need to transmit must be equivalent to the size of the cloud. Only a Jounin or higher can do this and they are only able to manipulate one cloud at a time. Ninja who have a high degree of mastery of this can easily use this technique in various ways.

Name: Storm Release: Shoot to Kill
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Description: Ranton: Ikorose is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Storm Element. By weaving three handseals, the Kuromura clan member's hands will glow and suddenly shoot out a rapid-moving blast of light at the target(s). This blast of light, which is a projectile of condensed electricity moving like water, will quickly travel to the target, closing off distances in just a few seconds, and then penetrate right through the target before exploding, completely burning and incinerating the target (only small objects and weapons like kunai, shuriken, normal katanas, and anything with the same hardness as those). If it is used against a human or a little bigger weapon (giant shurikens, and anything with relative hardness as that), it will only inflict second-degree burns and large impact. When it is unleashed, it mimics the sound of a gernade being released by its launcher. The scale of power and solidity of the single burst can be altered by controlling the amount of chakra used to create it. Likewise, the direction of the blast can be manipulated, closing off escape routes and the blast can take on other forms and shapes as well. By splitting the amount of chakra to multiple blasts, the Kuromura can fire multiple high-speed projectiles at the enemy, though they do not have a connection point so they cannot be redirected.

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Arashi Kuromura
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