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Naruto: The Last Born

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 Sites Plot (will be up dated as the Site goes goes on)

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PostSubject: Sites Plot (will be up dated as the Site goes goes on)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:08 pm

It started with the clash of the great Maradra Uchiha and the Forth hokage. Do to the great speed of the two, the forth defeated Madara with his Flying Thunder God technique. Madara wanted to escape for his life with his chakra low he used his space time jutsu to move through time. Before Madara could escaped the forth hit him with his rasgen cause a disruption with in his jutsu. This was the cause of the current time portal to open. Now two time lines connected.

The Akatsuki's heart beat still after thirty years after pains death. New goals, and a new leader the akatsuki quest to recapture the bijuu and destroy the five great nations. New kages lead villages, new alleys will be mad. War all ways strikes the leaf has been come corrupted and evil as an a race of arms dealers race off.

Mean while in time line existing thousands of years after the death of naruto live Cities. The Cities advanced highly through out time. the shinobi still go by the same ranks but weapons have changed. There are now guns to replace kuni and shurken, new elements and Bijuu. With a new time comes with new bad guys. The Chaos Undivided wishes to spread the will of chaos everywhere. To let destruction and chaos rain over this world. To advance the power of your god, over this puny plane of life and make it their own. To covert as many people to ways of evil. A group had been formed the Celestial Being,otherwise known as C.B., exists for the distinct purpose of stopping the tragedies that continue to occur in the current world through any means necessary. They actively pursue organizations such as Akatsuki and The Chaos Undivided.

Shinobis soon learned of this Time portal the first to come through was the Akatauki many akatsuki came to this land to escape the quest of ninjas out for their bounty on their head. Now the Akatsuki wish to take over this new world.
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Sites Plot (will be up dated as the Site goes goes on)
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