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 Ginshu Clan (WIP)

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PostSubject: Ginshu Clan (WIP)   Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:02 pm


Name: Ginshu Clan
Affiliation: N/A (Nomadic)

Kekkei Genkai: The Ginshu's clan bloodline ability is its power to transform into a werewolf. By birth, they possess unnaturally powerful bodies, well adapted for battle in nearly any terrain. This is because of the influence of the clan's lycanthrope genes enhancing all of the Ginshu's physical traits to immense superhuman levels. The overall abilities for a fully developed Ginshu clan member are listed below, but some of them are only accessible when the Ginshu is in his/her werewolf state while others can be used in their human form:

~Superhuman Strength (enough to bend steel bars or shatter much of the bones in a limb with a single kick)
~Superhuman Speed/Agility
~Superhuman Senses (one that surpasses the canine species including dogs and wolves; ideal for tracking)
~Superhuman Reflexes
~Superhuman Dexterity
~Superhuman Coordination/Balance
~Superhuman Endurance
~Superhuman Stamina
~Toughened Skin and Flesh (Capable of resisting damage from any C-rank technique or lower and anything as strong as solid steel, reinforced concrete, or titanium)
~Ability to turn into a mist-like form
~Ability to turn others into a werewolf
~Longetivity: Ginshu clan members have very long lifespans, as it is common for a member to live from 100 years to 200 centuries. They age very slowly and stop aging at the age of thirty, retaining their youth and minimum physical state. Their natural death by old age is usually from one century to two centuries.
~Werewolf Transformation

Weaknesses of the Ginshu Bloodline:
~ Silver: A Ginshu's main weakness, especially during their werewolf form, is silver. Whether it's pure, blessed, blood/grief tainted, or just ordinary silver, stabbing a piece of silver deep within a Ginshu's flesh while within their werewolf state will render them useless and kill them. Stabbing a piece of silver, while the Ginshu is within their human form, into a limb will slowly disable that limb (takes one post to disable it after being stabbed and recovery would require professional medic treatment), and stabbing it in a vital organ will slowly but painfully kill them while they're within their human state. Contact with pure or blessed silver will cause extremely severe and painful burns on the Ginshu's skin, which cannot be healed except by certain, rare herbs.
~Mercury: Contact with mercury in a solid (metal) state while the Ginshu is within their werewolf form would mean immediate deactivation of their werewolf state and they will quickly revert back to their human state. They will not be able to enter their werewolf state for the rest of the day. Also, should mercury as a metal be stabbed in the Ginshu's flesh, they will painfully die.
~Ginshu clan members cannot utilize Ninjutsu unless they're Jounin level or higher. They cannot utilize Genjutsu. One of the Ginshu's specialties must be Taijutsu.
~Ginshu clan members are easily caught within genjutsu and genjutsu always activates its effect on them.
~After exiting their werewolf state, their accelerated blood flow and heart beat will make the Ginshu clan member extremely fatigue, tired, and may be depressed. At this stage, Ginshu clan members cannot utilize any techniques higher than B-rank and if they have a lack of stamina after reverting back to human, they'll be weak and open to killing blows.
~Raw, physical, chakra attacks (such as Ninjutsu that relies only on Shape Transformation or just raw chakra enhancements) deal 50% more damage to a Ginshu than it does to regular humans.
~Ginshu clan members can only consume meat and blood. If they consume any human vegetables or any products that dosen't have meat, they will be burned from the inside like acid. This includes things like water, however, the Ginshu must insert even a single, tiny drop of blood into the water before they are permitted to drink it without consequence.
~Ginshu clan members must fairly frequently consume human flesh in order to maintain their existence and abilities. If they have not recently consume flesh before entering combat, then their immense superhuman abilities will not be sustainable and the Ginshu will not have access to all of them even when in werewolf form nor have all available ones while in human form. They'll be severely weakened as the battle prolonges, and they must finish the battle quickly. IF they battle opponents one rank lower or higher than them, then they will have great trouble in the fight and may die. If they battle opponents two ranks lower than them or lower, then they should be fine for a short period of time at the beginning of the battle. Deathmatches are the worst situation for a Ginshu who has not consumed flesh for an extensive time.
~Ginshu clan members who do not consume flesh for one month (equivalent to two weeks in RP time), they will rot and die. The more flesh and human blood the Ginshu consumes, the more and longer they'll be able to keep up and sustain their powers, and the more powerful they'll become.
~The chakra control of a Ginshu cannot exceed 70.
~Dark/Bijuu Chakra: Any type of corrosive or evil-natured chakra out of the ordinary will stop a GInshu in their tracks and turn them back to their human form, though it will dissipitate as impure chakra of that kind can be handled by the Ginshu.
~Ginshu clan members are more prone to poisons. Their accelerated blood flow makes poisons take effect 25% faster.
~Genin clan members cannot use B-rank Taijutsu more than once without a six post interval between each use. Usage without fulfilling the recovery limit will result in heavy loss of stamina and extreme internal pain. Chunin clan members cannot use A-rank Taijutsu more than once without a eight post interbal between each usage. Usage without fulfilling the recovery limit will result in a heavy loss of stamina and a major toll on the body, resulting in the clan member collapsing and clutching their chest and/or entire body as they bleed severely from their mouth. Jounin to Kage clan members cannot use S-rank Taijutsu more than once without a ten post interbal between each use. Usage without the recovery limit will result in a lack of stamina and major self-damage to the Ginshu's internal organs, bones, and muscles. This will render them immobile and useless for long periods of time unless professional medical attention is given as well as severe bleeding from all pores in their body (mouth, eyes, nose, ears, etc.) and prompting a very high likelihood of a painful death.
~While in their werewolf form, contact with a strong enough natural fire or chakra-based fire will quickly grow bigger and fiercer when making contact with the fur, inflicting heavy damage to the Ginshu's body as the majority of the fur is obliterated and the bare skin will be filled with third-degree burns, though the fire will stop there once the skin layers are burned.

Name: Moon Wolf Transformation
Rank: C-S
Type: Kekkei Genkai
Element: N/A
Description: Getsuookami Hengen is the bloodline ability of the Ginshu clan. Just by consuming an appropriate amount of chakra to fully activate and spread the Lycanthrope genes and thinking about the moon in their mind, the Ginshu clan member can transform into a werewolf at will. As man and wolf, the Ginshu gains the Chikushou no Karada (Body of the Beast.) Genin consume C-rank chakra, Chunin consume B-A rank chakra, Jounin consume A-S rank chakra, and Kage consume S-rank chakra. In this form, the Ginshu will quickly grow a heavy layer of fur with the color of those such as black, white, gray, a mix, or a variety. The fur layer is able to effectively protect the Ginshu from extreme cold and hot temperatures, perfect for weather situations. Their body will change vigorously as their body parts change into that of a wolf, specifically the head. They will grow fangs and claws capable of ripping through flesh with ease. The transformation into a wolf from a human would result in a developed lycan, meaning the muscle mass and body physique of the Ginshu will grow greatly and they will change tremendously in structure and form, unable to be recognized at all when they were in their human form. They can choose to stand on two's or on four's. Upon all that, they will gain access to all of the Ginshu werewolf abilities and sustain their powers much longer and better. The new abilities they gain would be the shapeshifting ability, regeneration, gene infection, and usage of the enhanced physical abilities to full extent. Full usage of all the physical abilities may result in access to new or at least, improved Taijutsu techniques and exclusive werewolf natural capabilities. For example, the enhancements to strength which is 75% in human form will be increased to 100% in werewolf form. The same goes for speed, agility, senses, endurance, stamina, and body toughness and hardness. Taijutsu techniques may be stronger and in addition, simple tasks such as a simple roar may produce a high-pitched, powerful sonic noise capable of repelling matter. With their newfound abilities, they can track down and hunt enemies and shred them apart limb from limb easily and devour them in one gulp. Although the werewolf form is formidable and fearsome, the enhancements in physical ability is not really immense as it's usually just judged by the change in size and animal instinct. Also, the werewolf is much more prone to the werewolf weaknesses such as silver and quicksilver (mercury). They're so endangered by it that a very intelligent and resourceful Genin armed with both silver and mercury can be capable of taking out a Kage Ginshu in werewolf form. Still, the werewolf form allows the Ginshu to gain instincts, senses, and to hunt as efficiently as a wolf. As a frequent case, some Ginshu clan members are able to retain their mental states or at least the majority of it when transformed more animal-like. Several Ginshu members lose their mind to their werewolf form and truly act as a savage beast, sparing no mercy or care for their prey. Those who retain mental control gain human intelligence and a calm battle behavoir, though they can fight as beasts and a savage brute if their murderous intent is high enough. Close combat with a developed Ginshu in their werewolf state usually equals death, and they are animals who do not relent. It is known their heart beat and blood flow is accelerated so their physical abilities can be increased and they're prone to fire and they are incapable of utilizing any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu while in their state unless they're related to their werewolf bloodline abilities.

Ginshu clan members can transform into a werewolf by will at anytime and are capable of retaining control. However, they're best to do it at the night of a full moon, where their power reaches the peak of superhuman ability. At a full moon, all of their physical abilities as a human and werewolf double, resulting in tremendous increases in physical power. Their werewolf state may change and they may gain more efficient werewolf bloodline abilities in certain ways. The most notable change is strength, speed, endurance, jumping power, and senses, which reaches supernatural levels. They're capable of ripping the average ninja in half easily, ripping them to pieces as well later on. Their claws have high shredding power and their supernatural strength is able to dent extremely tough and hard material. However, there is a weakness. The activation of the full moon will cause their lycanthrope genes to spread like wildfire and they become their maximum natural werewolf, including the potential where they're more prone to werewolf weaknesses than ever before. Contact with silver will burn them and cause them to cry and just a mere injection of silver or mercury can kill them immediately. Furthermore, their heart rate and blood flow is increased significantly to the point that it would be considered to be above what anyone can handle. This results in major body toll and heavy damage, if not death, of the majority of the organs once the hunt is done and the Ginshu will most likely die soon after they exit their werewolf state. Genin can sustain their werewolf states for a total of eight to ten posts, Chunin a total of twelve posts, Jounin a total of sixteen posts, and Kage a total of twenty posts. After that, they will immedaitly revert back and have to wait an eight post interval of they will have to constantly consume C-rank level chakra per additional post the transformation stays active.

Quantity: 7 (at most)
Distinct Features (List, or describe some distinct physical features among the Clan.)
Traditions: (What kind of Clan traditions (if any) does this Clan have? This can be cuisine, role in government, etc...)
History: (What is the history of this Clan? This should be 8-10 sentences long, and you may want to work on this, before you work on Traditions.)
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Ginshu Clan (WIP)
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