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 Hādouddo S. v Cut ?.

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PostSubject: Hādouddo S. v Cut ?.    Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:17 pm

Hādouddo stood there in his black, full-body armor, awaiting the arrival of the Rin'negan Holder, known only as Cut. He always wondered what that meant; what was their taken from? Was he good with Kenjutsu? Was he strong with Lightning or Wind? It was a very strange name, while Hādouddo's was very clever in knowledge of his japanese character's translation. He smirked behind his nearly entire-covering armor, knowing he would be well protected, and could probably hold his own for a long time against the holder of the Supreme Doujutsu. He was simply worried that the man would take his soul, summon creatures, or even play a game of Tag-in Wrestling with the Paths of his foe. Yes, he indeed studied hard on this subject, him always taking into account his enemies strengths, flaws, and weaknesses. Though, he had no clue of the eye trick, where a path sees what the other sees; this would probably be one of his greatest downfalls. Moreover, he was set on terminating the Summoning Path first, as to remove the ability to summon the clones when only one spots him.
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PostSubject: Re: Hādouddo S. v Cut ?.    Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:57 am

At 6'2", Kyuusaisha Path towers over a lot of people. He is hazel skinned with dark eyes. He has long black hair that falls to his shoulders in dreads when not kept in the usual ponytail. Tied around his head is a forehead protector, proclaiming the Iwa symbol. His ninja uniform consists of a black, sleeveless shirt and black plants tucked into dark brown boots. Tied around his neck is a dark brown bandana that doubles as a tight mask that covers the bottom half of his face. He also wears dark brown gloves on his hands with a dark brown belt tied around his waist. At 5'9", 150 pounds, Ikioi Path was a skinny kid with olive complexion. He has light brown eyes that somewhat larger than the average set. On top of his head is long black hair that extends halfway down his back in a long braid. For his uniform, he wears a skin tight, black body suit that covers his arms and legs (made of breathable material, of course), which he'll strip down to for the sake of stealth. This suit is underneath underneath a white T-Shirt which is, in turn, underneath an olive green, sleeveless hoody (with a zipper) and a pair of olive green pants. On his feet his black ninja sandals. On his forehead are a pair of amber shaded goggles. Strapped around the middle of his upper legs are two black holsters to mainly carry his kunai and shuriken. Around his waist is a black belt that holds four pouches (two on each side of his waist).Zeke Pathis of considerably dark complexion, being hazel skinned. He has black eyes and black hair. He keeps his hair short and tapered. He is somewhat tall, standing at 6'1, and is slim and lanky.He always wears all-black attire. More specifically, he wear a short-sleeved t-shirt with a vest with pockets for extra gear, fingerless gloves, a long pair of pants, and shoes that leaves his toes exposed. He wears two weapon pouches, one strapped to the exterior of each thigh, and, like most ninjas of konoha, a head protector adorned with the Konoha leaf symbol.These was the paths that Cut deiced to use. Zeke path used the Baton element, Ikikio used plasma based attacked,and Kyuusaisha Path had attacks of his own. The three Paths stood infront of the man. Their was a smark on Kyuusaisha Path's face "So you are my opponent" he chcuked
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PostSubject: Re: Hādouddo S. v Cut ?.    Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:29 pm

(OOC1: Sorry I was gone so long; had some personal engagements regarding school to take cover of during the week.)
(OOC2: "Their was a smark on Kyuusaisha Path's face" Lol.)

Hādouddo stood before the paths with a smirk, looking at the bandana-wearing path with a light laugh. He found it to be very silly, and too stereotypical for someone of their description. "Yo, that's right now its time to go," Hādouddo said tauntingly to the Kyuusaisha Path. He held out his hand, taking an oppurtunity to see if a Path would take his hand, holding the other behind his back, expressing a gentle smile. He waited to see what would happen.

(OOC3: Mind bein' a fair sport, and saying which is which? Like, is Kyuusaisha the Animal Path? Ikioi - Human Path? Zeke - Demon Path? It would help. Dx)
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PostSubject: Re: Hādouddo S. v Cut ?.    

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Hādouddo S. v Cut ?.
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