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 Near the Outskirts

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mizu masuta

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PostSubject: Near the Outskirts   Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:00 pm

Umi taking a stroll near the borer having not been on a mission since moving to the village. this is how he decides to kill time.

"Unusual?" he hears a couple of people talking. Jumping into a tree as the voices come closer, "lets capture a low level ninja and take them back to the village" one says in a raspy voice
"yes then we can find out what their up to in this village" "the other softer voice replies

"This isnt good" thinks Umi, jumping from the tree Umi blocks the ninja's path they automatically take up a defence position holding kunai.
"What was that you were saying?" Umi demands
"were gathering inteligence kid" the raspy voice snarles. The man with the raspy voice, standing quite tall, taller than Umi with wirery brown hair and large canine teath. Only having a leg hoilster with him and wearing typical ninja gear.
"Not from this area your not" snaps Umi. His attention being drawn to the other man, a shorter man wearing glasses, brown and grey hair, his face makes Umi feel slightly uncomftorable as he looks like the sort who enjoy's capturing and interogating,, with dirty hands. Also he only carries a holster straped around his leg

"What are yo going to stop us?" says the smaller man in a sarcatic manner. Flickin his finger the taller man lunges at Umi.
Quickly drawing his own kunai Umi parrys the blade coming at him. at this the taller one jumps back taking his positon beside the smaller man. "Not bad kid" he grins at Umi, "you'll do nicely"

Realising that he was now the target to be taken back to the pair's village, Umi prepars himelf to resist being taken. I've had to relocate once, i amnot going again" he says calmy to the pair.
"Oh intresting... you can tell us all about it on the way back" the raspy voiced man says half laughing.

The pair both make hand signs this time rather than using weponary.
"Earth style" from the taller one, "Fire style" from the smller one. Umi clasping his hands together "oh crap, water style, aqua sphere". water spins rapidly from the ground to form a shere around him and deflect the attacks from the outsiders. Releasing the jutsu to soon he receivesa cut on his leg from the taller ones earth jutsu. Falling to one knee Umi makes annother hand sign "wind style (droping his voice) whisper", Umi's jutsu forcing wind at high speed to slash at the opponents. the taller one manages to dodge the jutsu but the smaller one is launched back into tree behind.

The shorter man getting up now with a sharper tone than before "now youve gone and pissed me off kid". The taller one walking over and helping the other to his feet. “Ok Kid you asked for this”, the pair yet again making hand signs, “we may only be genin but we will have you as our prise then we can advance to chunnin”

“Fire style” snarls the smaller one, “Earth style” the other one says in a raspy voice, “meteor” they both say together. On this a huge ball of earth comes from the ground and the fire infuses with the earth making it resemble a meteor. Umi quickly thinks to himself “theres no way im dodging that thing, ive no choice”, making a fist with his right hand and slaping it into the open palm of his left, “ice make shield”, a thick wall of ice forms infront of him to block the meteor attack. Thinking one may not be enough he does this another two times.
The pair launch the meteor it rips through the first ice shield then through the second. Umi notices that it is slowing down and realises that he has time now to dodge the attack, jumping out of its path it goes through the third one coming to a stop. Steam now rising from the remains of the jutsu’s Umi again slaps his right fist into the open left palm, “ice make swords” creating two short swords of ice. Jumping from the steam he impales the pair with the swords.

Spitting blood from their mouths the small one says in his previous calm tone “I was right kid you are good, looks like we won’t be taking you back after all”. The taller one simply nods and falls back dead on the ground. “My final request, tell me kid what rank are you?”. Umi looks at the man and reply’s “you know this could of been avoided, needless blood shead that is, but i am also a genin.” He pauses for a moment “let this be a lesson do not underestimate the peoples of Kiri. Although you wont get back to inform the others”, Umi walks over to the man and swiftly withdraws the ice sword from the man’s chest, he spits up more blood and falls face first into the hole made by the earth jutsu.

Umi stumbling over to a tree throws himself into a sitting position, panting “that took alot out of me, i hope there is another villager about, for i do not have a clue what im supposed to do with these bodies now”. Looking at the wound on his leg, it was much deaper than he thought, bandaging it up he winces at the pain. still out of breath, gasping and taking a drink of water from his flask he waits to see if another villager to arrive and hopefully before any more outsiders do
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Near the Outskirts
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