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 Vinari, Rei-Leader of the Sound 5

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PostSubject: Vinari, Rei-Leader of the Sound 5   Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:57 pm

General Information

Name: Rei Vinari
Nickname/Alias: Oto's Phantom
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rei has long, flowing silver hair and deep blue eyes. His face is calm and serious, and he almost always has a conceited smirk on his face. Overall, his body is built for speed. He is six feet two inches and weighs about one hundred and sixty pounds. His skin is pale and without a scathe.
Rei is usually seen wearing a black coat with pants to match and black shinobi boots. Metal plates armor his upper body and he is always wearing gloves. A long black katana is held on his waste at all times. He is said to look a few years older than he really is due to his body structure being built like someone that is at least twenty five, which is always seen past his open coat.

Personality: Loyal to himself , but even more loyal to his village . That is the best way to describe Sei. When he makes a promise to himself or anyone else, there is nothing that will stop him from keeping that promise. He is very intelligent and rational. Like the rest of his family, he does not lose his cool when in a fight, he carefully plans his every move. He does not accept failure, for he was raised to succeed in everything that he set his mind to, and never give up. He is very overprotective of his sister, and is always seen doing for her.

He is a genius, and he will always find ways of showing it. He is never hyped up to the point where he doesn't think straight in a fight, and he uses his intelligence to push his enemy to do just that. A powerful and unintelligent opponent is his favorite type of opponent. He would find ways for them to look stupid to the point where they snap. Though he loves doing this, he tries to hold back his sarcasm when around allies. Getting them like that would only hold him back.

When around the opposite sex, Rei is respectful, but his attitude does not change that much. He would, under no circumstances, underestimate a woman. He believes that they can be more of a threat than male shinobi. He does find himself, sometimes, attracted to a women. That is when he is most careful. An attractive woman can cause him to let his guard down, and he never tries to purposely do that. Though he is careful, that does not mean he would not flirt to get something he wants. If it will help him get what he wants, its a win win situation.

Likes & Dislikes:
Like: Training, his family and Success
Dislike:Failure and Weaklings

Catch Phrase: You don't phase me

Clan Information

Clan Name: Vinari
Kekkei Genkai: Phasing
Clan Symbol: N/A
Clan Jutsu:
Name: Submarine technique
Rank: C
Type: KKG
Description: This technique allows the user to phase underground and move through it as if it were water. Underground, the user moves with such speed that it is difficult to keep up. The drawback is that the user has to come up for air, so they can only go as far as they can hold their breath.

Name:Phantom Palm
Rank: C-S
Type: KKG/Taijutsu
Description:This is the clan's fighting style. The user uses their phasing abilities to strike the opponents internal organs and bones without leaving any evidence on the outside, making it extremely difficult for one to see whats wrong with them. The higher ranking the clan member is, the more destructive they can be with their strikes, knowing exactly where everything is.

Name: Phase Technique
Rank: C
Type: KKG
Element: N/A
Description: Gives the user the ability to phase through solid objects. The higher the rank, the longer they can phase.
C-Rank--Once a post-One post cooldown
B-Rank--Twice a post-One Post cooldown
A-Rank--Three times per post- Two post cooldown
S-Rank--Three times per post- One post cooldown

Name: Wargrounds Technique
Type: KKG
Element: N/A
Description: Using the submarine technique, the user spreads explosives all across the battlefield to serve as mines.

Name: Phase Clones
Rank: B
Type: KKG
Element: N/A
Description: The user summons clones that have the ability to attack the opponent and multiply when hit. These clones are very weak physically and they are meant as a distraction and they will continue to multiply until the user runs out of chakra or stops the technique.

Name: Silent Kill
Rank: S
Type: KKG
Element: N/A
Description: This technique is extremely difficult to perform. The user reaches inside the opponents chest, grabbing their heart. The user can then do anything from squeeze it until it implodes to yank it out. But while doing this the user has a great risk if infusing with their opponent, potentially losing their hand.

Clan History: Always known as a clan that traveled instead of stayed in one place, the Vinari clan was feared among the shinobi realm for their unnatural abilities. Founded by Sashi Vinari, the clan started off as any other, until he found the ability through nature manipulation. Teaching it to his children, they became a family of assassins, able to strike quick and true with their abilities. Sashi grew conceited and believed that they were too good to be bound by the rules of any village, and they became a family organization, moving from place to place and taking mission.
This went on and they made many enemies with many different villages until they were set up and attacked by a three ninja alliance. This is when their weakness of lightening was revealed with the death of Sashi as well as many others. Weakened by the attack, the Vinari went into hiding and were humbled. Now they are spread across the ninja realm.

Clan Link

Rank Information:
Country: Oto
Village Rank:Sannin/Sound Five Leader
Skill Rank: S

Skill Information
Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:

Strength: 60
Speed: 60
Stamina: 60
Agility: 60

Chakra Reserves: 60
Chakra Control: 60
Intelligence: 60


Name: Nuibari
Appearance: In Avatar
Rank: S
Special Abilities:
The blade itself assumes the form of a narrow longsword that greatly resembles a large needle, with a long length of thin wire resembling thread, tied to the eye located at the base of its hilt. This sword is said to possess the ability to pierce all and stitch them together, demonstrated through its ability to effortlessly penetrate multiple targets in a single thrust and then quite literally stitches them together in substantial bundles, by simply pulling the attached wire taught. A capable user can even throw the sword with the intent of piercing a line of multiple enemies, before catching the needle at the other side and repeating the process at different angles, in order to create knots of corpses with the wire passing through the entirety, effectively creating bundles of bodies at various points along the length of the thread.This blade can also slice through the opponents body without cutting them as long as the user is a Vinari and has chakra to do so.
Origin: The Nuibari (縫い針; Literally meaning "Sewing Needle") is one of the swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, wielded by Kushimaru Kuriarare.

utsu Limits: 45 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 5 S-ranks.
Skill Information: 3 Specialties, 2 Elements.

The six clan Jutsu

Medical Cannon

Cannon Water Release

Other Cannon

Original Jutsu
Name:Temporary Paralysis Technique
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: A technique for physical restraint, quite as if the opponent had been tied in invisible steel ropes. This is a basic ninjutsu usable even by Genin, but its intensity will vary greatly according to the user's level. In addition, depending on the user, the technique can be cast on every target at once, and won't fail a shinobi during his missions. This debilitates the victim for a short period of time, which allows the user to either strike again or, in some cases, take the target into custody.

Name:Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description:Using this jutsu, the user can merge with another object and take on its properties to avoid any damage. Orochimaru uses this to merge with a tree just before his battle with his former student, Anko Mitarashi.

Name: Toad Flat - Shadow Manipulation Technique
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description:After infusing chakra into the victim's shadow, the user makes their own body as flat as possible. Then, by becoming one with the shadow, this technique temporarily establishes control over the victim's mind and body. While the technique is in effect, the victim is temporarily stunned and can serve as a human shield. The user has to hold their breath, but they can talk through the victim. As soon as the user's breathing recommences, the technique is cancelled and their ultra-thin body expands again retaking its original thickness.

Name: Mutation
Rank: B
Element: N/A
Description:By phasing two different organic organisms through each other and

Name:Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: The Sound Four create a box-like barrier with themselves placed at the barrier's corners. The barrier does not allow anyone to enter or exit so long as the Sound Four are unharmed. Those who come into contact with it burst into purple flame. To prevent those trapped within the barrier from attacking them, the Sound Four create secondary barriers surrounding themselves.

Name: Chakra Absorption Technique
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: A chakra absorption technique (チャクラ吸引術, Chakura Kyūin Jutsu; English TV "Chakra Absorption Jutsu") is a jutsu that allows the user to absorb an opponent's chakra.

Name:Kunai Knife Apparition
Type: Ninjutsu
Description:This jutsu causes a relatively small kunai knife to appear in the hand of the user. The ability to have weapons that do not need to be concealed and can be gained without hand-signs makes this a valuable jutsu

Background Information
Academy~Born as a twin of the Vinari clan on the outskirts of Konoha, Rei was destined to be great. His father was the fearless leader of their nomadic clan, which meant that he was a shoe in to take his place. Growing up, he had to go through a lot of training to get ready for the day he would lead the small clan, and while doing so he never failed to protect his younger sister. He constantly trained and grew stronger everyday, his father constantly teaching him for the day that he would have to fight for the rank of clan leader. He and his sister didn't start at an academy at first, for they were always traveling. It wasn't until they were ten that they finally stopped at Oto to continue their education. Entering the academy, they excelled as expected, quickly catching up to those their age and making it to the top of the class.

Genin~ Despite Rei's late start, he graduated as rookie of the year in Oto. After graduation, him and his family were supposed to head out and travel once more. That was until the death of his mother. She was brutally murdered and no one knew how. This was a big blow to the family, and now instead of leaving, they decided to stay and hopefully find out what truly happened to their mother. Rei continued on to become a genin. His genin years were easy for him. Due to his ability, he almost never came back from a mission with a mark on him. He started to take an even more protective role over his sister, due to the tragedy of his mothers death as well as his fathers new drunken habit. The man had become a mess, not caring about his life anymore.

Chunin/Jounin~The chuunin exams came and he passed them at the age of thirteen. It was his first time taking it, and excelled. His years as a chunin were easy going. He and his sister were well known in the village. They were both growing into fine shinobi, and they lived the life of any other shinobi. This was until his fathers death. At the age of fifteen, his father went on a suicide mission and left him alone with his sister. Though it did not hit him as hard as his mother's death did, it meant the end of his fathers reign as clan head, and the beginning of the test to become the new clan head. The family thought it was too soon, but the competition was inevitable. The new generation competed, resulting in him winning and becoming the youngest clan head in history within weeks of his jounin promotion. He soon joined the sound five, earning the respect of the village because of all of his responsibilities at such a young age.

Sannin~ At the age of eighteen, Rei was chosen by the kage of his village to be a sannin. He was now one of the strongest ninja in the village and feared by any. He was recently made the new leader of the sound five and was well on his way to help his kage lead the village to power.
RP Sample:
Hope. Though he thought of himself as the farthest thing from it Riku had been given the name by the citizens of this damned city. When he looked at himself, he saw no hope, but he saw just another shinobi, trying to get by. Looking out over the balcony, Riku watched the people live from day to day, the weak being taken control of by the poor. That was just the type of village it was. If you were not strong then you better become strong or live to be someones plaything. He was not hope. If he was, he would be doing something about this rather than watching it. He sighed as he looked up in the sky. It seemed as if permanent clouds blocked the sun from them, a ray of sunshine seldom breaking though. Now that was hope. The small ray of light that showed them that they could someday see the sun. Giving them hope of a brighter future. Riku could not compare himself to that. He was not hope, but someday, he would show them hope.
Seeing a thug steal a piece of bread from a poor orphan. Disappearing he reappeared in front of the thug, hitting him with a temporary paralysis. Then looking at the little girl, he spoke. " He stole your food, what will you do to punish him?" The girl looked up at him hopeless. He took out a kunai and handed it to her. "Do what you have to do before he gets up," he said before he disappeared. Some would say that what he did was heartless, but is was what the girl needed to survive. He would make this city strong yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Vinari, Rei-Leader of the Sound 5   Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:21 pm

If this is done..It is APPROVED!
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Vinari, Rei-Leader of the Sound 5
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