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PostSubject: Hikaru   Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:35 am

General Information

Name: Hikaru Uchiha
Nickname/Alias: Chowder,Blue,Bimbo ( by the mean ones ), Star.
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Being Hikaru stands at an height off


Hikaru is quiet and only speaks when spoken too. She hates attention to be drawn to her and makes every effort to just blend in with the crowd. Hikaru hates to fight because she is afraid to die, But because of that fear she fights to stay alive. When in battle her first concern is her comrades, they are her priority in battle. She has kindness in her heart even though she may come off a bit cold she just really wants to be left alone. Hikaru has the up most respect for her superiors, No matter whom they may be, she address them in the proper manner. She can't stand disrespectful people nor can she respect those who are arrogant. Yuki has a large infatuation with sweets and can been seen munching on poky or even dumplings
Likes & Dislikes:

Sweets ( Especially Dango )
To Train
the spa
Spicy food
Her clan

Catch Phrase: Blonds are Smart too..

Clan Information

Clan Name: Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
Clan Symbol:
Clan Jutsu:
Clan History:

Rank Information:
Country: Otogakure
Village Rank: Sound Five
Skill Rank: A

Skill Information
Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Fire
Sub: Earth


Chakra Reserves:
Chakra Control:


Name: Nenshou Murasaki Jounetsu ( Burning Purple Passion )

Hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade
Folded 10 times creating 1024 layers
Hand sharpened
Oxidized zinc allow tsuba with Raijin design
Tsuka is wrapped with authentic rayskin of Purple Japanese silk
Black lacquered wood saya with purple sageo
Blade: 28 inches ( 2Feet 4inches )
Handle: 11 inches
Overall: 40.5 inches ( 3feet 4inches )
Weight: 2.4 Lbs

Rank: C
Special Abilities: This sword can cut through a number of things stome for example. It is a very strong sword and


Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu)
Element: (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

Background Information

Birth Arc:

The sun shone brightly, the clear blue sky void of clouds.
It was a happy day, with happy people and happy music playing.
The happy people of Konoha, happily went about there day.
A day like this you would think everyone was Happy.....

She could not believe what was happening. Had she been cursed, had this been punishment for her past. Tears rolled down her eyes as she looked down at the bundle in her arms, feeding hungrily on her breast. Mai Uchiha, her tear filled coal colored eyes staring down at the baby girl she held in her hands. " My..First Child...Why..Have you shamed me?" Looking at the child who had fallen asleep still sucking on her breast. Mai ran her delicate fingers over her New born daughter's Soft, Blond hair. The child had more hair than most newborns her age, but it was still soft to the touch. The child had not opened her eyes yet and Mai was tired from the two day labor she was put through. The pain brought Mai to silent tears, and she was soon into a restless sleep, the baby girl snuggled into her mothers breast.

Akira Uchiha smiled as he finally made it to Konoha's gates. Akira just successfully Executed a perfect assassination and had collected some very secret documents in the process. A nice big bonus to his pay, yep today was going to be a good day. The thought of his wife came to mind when he walked through the gates and rushed to the Hokage's Mansion. She was the love of his life and she was going to have his First son anytime now. Making it to the Hokage's office he gently placed the Documents onto the desk and bowed his head. The Hokage smiled and looked at the documents and then at Akira. " Akira Uchiha, you have been very valuable to Konoha..I am promoting you to Anbu.." Akira could not believe his ears, did the Hokage just appoint him to become ab Anbu. This was wonderful news a smile spread across his face and then he frowned. " What is wrong Akira? " Kira looked down, and then brought his Obsidian eyes to the Hokage's. " My wife is having our first child any day now..I want to be there for him..She could have had it today..I will never know until I go back and check..It is not my place to ask this but...Hokage-Sama..Is there some other way...That I can be with my family and still..." He voice trailed off as he tried to find the words. The Hokage looked at Akira and smiled a Warm smile. " Akira you have done much..Some things questionable in the eyes of others.. I am giving you the position of being my Body guard..You can see your wife and child...You are dismissed." With those words said Akira bowed and flickered out of the office and down the stairs.

A small whimpered Pulled Mai from her sleep, Looking down she was met with her Daughter crying.
Frowning she smelled the problem and proceed to change the child. Sitting up she layed the healthy baby onto the bed. Removing the messy pamper she whipped the girls bottom powdered her and placed a fresh Diaper onto her. The child had settled down, Her eyes still closed. Mai wondered the color and thoughts of all kinds flashed in her mind. Picking her Child up she layed back onto her pillow and let her thoughts take over her.
Akira had got word that Mai was in the hospital before her got home, Stopping at a few places to pick up some things for his wife and child. Akira was like a little child all happy and giddy as he zoomed into the hospital asking the lady at the front about his wife. " In room 309 Mr.Uchiha." she said with a wink, Akira wrinkled his nose at her in disgust and the lady looked down. He was tired of females throwing themselves at him , it was clear to everyone he was taken. In three seconds flat he was on the third floor and in front of his Wife's room. Fixing his slightly mangled raven locks he entered quietly, not ready to see what his eyes had shown him.

Mai's ears perked up as she heard the room door open with a click and close again with the same noise. She did not call a nurse, and only one person could have been in mind. She looked down at her daughter when she heard the door close, and at that very moment the baby girl opened her eyes. Pools of clear ocean blue with a splash of green in the mix smiled at horrified coals of black. Tears ran down Mai face as she put a hand over her mouth and looked up to be met with her husband looking at her with a curious look. " What is wrong my love..Is our child alright?"[/updown] Akira looked at Mai setting the gifts down gently on a nearby table and then making his way over to the two. The look on his wife's face told him nothing but bad news, and when Akira picked up the child he froze. " She...She is Beautiful...She is a Curse...A beautiful Curse with hair of gold...And eyes of Clear Blue...She Harbors our blood....But she stands out from the rest of us.. How could this be?" Akira held the child close and stroked her hair, a smile came to the child's face as she tried to reach for her fathers fingers. " You are a part of me..I will love you Unconditionaly..No matter what anyone says..My love for you will never ever waver.." Kissing his daughters forehead he named her Hikaru for she was the light in a very dark world.

Mai looked at Akira as if he had lost his mind, This child was a curse and she knew this to be true. But what she thought was the truth would be her downfall later in life. From that day forward Mai held ill will towards her child the only one she was able to have....

Genin Arc:

Hikaru Uchiha, Age 12, Gender female, Eye color blue , hair color blond , height 4'5 , weight 99 pounds.

The words flowed outta of the Young Genin's mouth, crisp as a breeze and clear as the day she was born. Hikaru had grown much since her years in the Academy. Her body has grown a bit and some would call it overdevelpoed. Her Blond hair was cut into a neat style just like her fathers, and her blue eyes looked less green then when she was younger and looks even more blue, The Academy days were gone and she had moved forward to become a Genin. Her father knew she would make it and trained her himself each and everyday. Since Hikaru was born Akira treated her with more love and attention than his own wife, Something that fueled the already burning fire of Jealousy and shame towards her daughter. Hikaru smiled when she was done introducing the basics of herself to her new teammates. Her blue eyes glanced over to her left, there stood an Olive skinned fellow with braids in his hair. He introduced himself as cut and he was a Hyuuga, she nodded when he was done his introduction. To the left of her a red head boy who reigns for the Uzumaki clan was next to go, He seemed more hyper than the Hyuuga. Hikaru knew that they would all get along fine perfectly, for she felt comfortable around them already. " Well I guess it's my turn.." The young wide eyed genin looked at their teacher, She was a beautiful dark haired Uchiha woman with very strong genjutsu and Medical powress. " I am Cho Uchiha...Your Jounin leader for team 9...I specialize in Medical and Genjutsu, But I still have all the required knowledge plus some to mold you in to fine Ninja... Now That we all have learned the basics about each other lets see where your natural talent lies.. We will have a number of test that will double as training, it will serve as a base for me to move you in the right direction. " With these words the tree genin began there Start as genin.

Two years has passed and Team 9 has completed 40 D ranked missions, 12 C ranked missions, and three B ranked missions. On more than one occasion the tree have faced death and even stared into the face of it. But because they worked together, they are still alive today and have a strong bond between them. There jounin leader though had not been so lucky, for she had passed on but left her will of fire to Hikaru.

Group 9 was sent out onto a mission to escort a very well respected but also very hated royal family. Usually this would be a mission for Chunin or Jounin, but every other teams was out and team 9 did have the minimal skill to take out this mission. " This is not our first B-ranked Mission...I expect complete success..Is that understood..Under no circumstances are any of you allowed to fail!"
Cho'a voice was stern but you can still hear the worry, she tried her best to give them the confidence they needed. Each and everyday the young ninja are prone to death, even Cho herself.
The plan was to take the fastest route, which was also the most dangerous and escort the princess to the castle and then up to the King's chambers. It sounded simple enough and the three departed to there Homes for a good nights rest before the mission which would start at sunrise.

The next day came much more Quickly than Hikaru had anticipated.

Chunin Arc: Information here

Jounin Arc: Information here
RP Sample: (A sample of your RP ability. Not required for Genin.)
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