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 just take a look

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PostSubject: just take a look   Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:57 pm

Bloodline Name/Surname: Lienid clan

Clan Classification: Blood line

Kekkei Genkai: Mutation, Dojutsu Grace


Description:Thos who have the clan KKG The Graceling as they are called have 2 difrent eye color's. One may be black one may be red. But if they have the clan KKG they are never the same color. This eye color change will take place about 2 to 24 hour's after the birth of the baby.

Dress:This clan has know clan way of dressing they dress the way they feel. but they do Where there clan crest a lot. To show that they are proud of there clan

Unique Insignia:Thos who have the clan KKG The Graceling as they are called have 2 difrent eye color's. One may be black one may be red. But if they have the clan KKG they are never the same color. Every person in the clan with the KKG are branded with a tatto at birth this is a band on there right and left arm. Thise is also the same desighn as there sacred ring that is given to the one tru person they love and can never be given back to them until the death of there loved

Traditions: This Clan is quite conservative when it comes to their Bloodline and they are protective of their own. Unlike most Clans in this time, this is one of the few that actually remains together within the same Village and under control by a Clan Leader. They frown upon deserters of the Clan and seek to destroy them as they become what is known as a "Sunder". Every person in the clan with the KKG are branded with a tatto at birth this is a band on there right and left arm. Thise is also the same desighn as there sacred ring that is given to the one tru person they love and can never be given back to them until the death of there loved

Clan History: The history of this clan is unkown but is is said that a young child was very sick with a unkown disease that caused his eye's to change difrent color's. And when this kid woke up he found that he could do strange thing's

Eye Appearance:
The Eye's are alway's 2 difrent color's. The color's have a meaning. The color's Of Silver and Gold mean clan leader ( When a person become's clan leaser there eye's change to the color Silver and gold But some people are able to keep there's Eyes there original color Ruby Red and Saphire Blue mean that the Graced is very gifted and has the chance to become a very high powerd member of the clan one day or another . Sky Blue and Grass Green mean that this member is a very stronger fighter and has great survival skill's. Maroon and Orange mean that the Graced is at war between him self and is very twitchy and alway's ready to fight.. Storme gray and baby blue mean that the Graced is very wise and could do great thing's if his mind is put to it. Black and White Eye's mean's that the Graced see's the good and evil in all of thing's and can see the good and bad in all people. ( thise eye's color's help shape the personality of the Graced who have the eye color ) ( how could it well it shape's how the Graced see the world that is why.) It is also said that if 6 Graced one of each of these eye's color's come to gether they could Reach the legendary 6th stage. This is a story told to the children of the Graced it is not nown if it is true but some think it is and hope that one day 6 graced some along each baring one of the six eye color's ) ( this is very true but the six stage will only be created when all 6 graced come together )

Grace Stage 1- Every member of the Lienid Clan that posesses the Kekkei Genkai is born at this level. At this level the clan member's are able to since physical energy. ( Every thing has physical energy some more then other's each other's Physical energy that can be told apart ) So at this stage the member's can since any thing with Physical energy up to 10 meter's. They also are able to tell what people are getting ready to do by there physical energy. (See a animal or human's Physical can show the Grace the intention's of it. Showing them that they are ready to Attack or move.This allow's the Grace to see in the dark by the light of Phyical energy telling where the person is as long as they are in there range.) { The Grace can see the land and every small detail of it but not at this stage doing that would be GM big Time. They would not be able to tell any little thing on the ground that is not a Animal, plant ,or human. Thise plant has to have a life force so a branch of a tree that is not connected to the tree is dead and has know Physical energy. So at this stage seeing anything that has know life force is GM.} They are also able to tell when a person is not telling them the truth. By there Physical energy Will shimmer a little. But at this stage the Graced has only a 25% chance of being right. This Gift take's very little chakra to use since it is alaway's activated {and can never be unactivated even if the user want's it to for some time's the mind can over load and give the Graced a massiave headache. So Some time's they try to stop the KKG but that could make it worse

Training: Starrting at a range of 10 Meter's Default, But they can add 5 Metter's to there physical Energy range by doing 500 word's of Training, they can not go higher then 50 meter's

Grace Stage 2 At this stage, the user's manipulation becomes stronger.At this the the user has all the power's of the old stage and some new one's. At this stage the user can see any thing with Physical energy from up to 20 Meter's( Thise mean's if they did not train there meter's they can see at 20 meter's. But if they did train there meter's then they add 10 to it ) . And know they have a 50% chance of telling if a person is lying . At this Stage they can see More physical Energy in difrent object's.They can now see broken twigs, shaken dew, broken branches, and all physical energy of other minor detail. This stage allows for supreme tracking through the natural world, It will alow the Graced to exactly know who ,when ,and what has past through a small area in the last 3 day's. By there Physical energy that will stay in the area for a few day's and the stronger your rank and chakra the more physical energy you will have and the easer to track you ( See your Chakra and physical energy and chakra and connected. So the more chakra you have the more physical energy you have.

Training: 300 Word Training with a Master ( A person of stage 3or higher ) when they reach this stage they Add 20 meter's to there current rang. And know they may add 5 meter's by doing 450 word's instead of 500. And this stage the graced may not go over 100 Meter's.

Grace Stage 3 At this stage, manipulation becomes significantly stronger. But in this stage the user does not get any new ability's but there old one's do get increased They now add 25 meter's to there physicl energy range. They now have a 75% chance of telling if some one is lying.

Training: 500 word training.( with a master Lv 4 or higher. ) The Physical energy limit is 200 meter's it is now 400 word's for 5 meter's and the Amount there physical range can go for that one person is 220. And they add 5 meter's to that range for that one person by spending 5 post with them

Grace stage 4 - This is typically the stage that most graced never end up reaching and never going beyond. At this stage the Grcaed have reached a High power with Physical energy at this stage they are practicly one with the physical energy in the world. Being able to tell every type of physical energy apart from one another. At this stage the Graced Know's every time a person is lieying. There is know chance a person can lie to a graced at this level. At this level the Graced sense's become increased sinse they Dont Really need there eye's. See a graced could be blind and still see every thing in the world at this stage. See at this stage the graced do not just see phyisical energy they now can see it as thow there eye's where open and they where looking at it. Know they are so close to physical energy it take's on shape's. It as if they could see every thing with there eye's closed. See now at this stage the Grased body's take it as if they dont even have eye's since they dont need them. That making there other sense's increase at this stage. At this stage the Graced can hear a pen drop from a 100 meter's away and they can also can smell the fresh dew in the air from 100 meter's

Training: 700 Word Training with a master of stage 4 or 5. Then the Graced must complete another 250 word's for the increased sense's. AT this stage the Graced Physical energy Limit is 250 Meter's. they may gain 5 meter's by doing 350 word's.

Grave Stage 5 - This stage is the strongest of the Graced and this stage is a secret one that is some what hidden from the rest of the clan. Only the Clan Leader has access to learn and teach this stage and he/she is told when the Clan is passed down to them. The reason it's hidden is because this stage is the most powerfulist and dangeras of the bloodline's stage's. At thsi stage the user is basically one with physical energy In this stage, a person can completely assimilate themself in to Physical energay for a limited amount of time [5 Post limit] and they are also now able manipulat physical energy at a higher levelo. Manipulating physical energy at the other stage's is a difficult thing to do when manipulating physical energy strength increases another great step. They are now capable of manipulating pretty massive amounts of physical energy.

Training: 1000 Word Training with the Master orb* in the shrine.** But this training is also slightly different as a chant must be recited before the training is begun. "Gods of energy that watch over, Open my eyes to the Truth." This chant is only known by the current clan leader. But if needed it can be found in a secret place in the shrine that can only befound by a person who is very powerful. It really has never even been seen by anyone other than a Clan Leader at this point in time so it's inexistent to anyone else. At this point, the user then must make a physical energy Orb that will glow cause a chain reaction within the shrine, 'awakening' it in a sense. The shrine glows with a gold and siver color that the orb will start to reimible and it will transport the one attempting to gain it's final power to a dimension known as the "world of energy". This area appears to be the whole world with the lights of physical energy in the distance. It is here that the user will do the last training. This training is not physical like the others, but more of a meditation to reach the correct state of mind to unlock the last stage. The user must realize why it is that they want to gain this power and how they will use it. This can be done through the recalling of past events or whatever. When the training is complete, he/she will be transported back to this dimension and all will seem as if nothing has happened. This person will now have true knowledge of physical energy. Also at this stage the user physical energy limit is know 300 and can add 5 meter's by 300 word's

Energy Blade's. The energy Blade's are blade's made of pure Physical energy. That can be used as weapon's. This blade's can cut threw some of the strongest metal's. But there main pupose is to mess with the Energy point's. Each Blade is made different and has a different purpase and Ability. Every stage can learn Energy Blade's but only the 5th stage can learn all of them

Energy Point's. Every person has 6 energy point's 1 in the top part of the Right and left arm. 1 in the top part of the left and right leg.The 2 major energy point's is one in the center of the chest right over the Heart and 1 in the head right at the front back and side's and top. When a energy point is hit by physical energy or a energy weapon that point shut's down. And with out that energy point it will be harder to get chakra and Blood to that point and when 3 of the 6 Energy point's are hit the person will go into a sleep mode for 3 post until those energy point's can be reacharged. If a a energy point is hit it will take 2-6 post to recharge depending on the amount of energy and chakra the person is using. If 2 are hit it will take 6-12 post for both of them to recharge depending on the amount on energy and chakra the person is using. the only way to kill a person by energy point's is by hitting all 6 point's but that does not truly kill them just send's them in a long stage of sleep. But to hit the main 2 Energy point's is hard and dangeras the Energy point in the Head and heart take a lot more physical energy then the rest only a 5th stage could hit both. But it would take so much energy from him that he die's. And If a person get's both Of the Main Energy point's hit they die.


Number Cap: 6

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I just finished reading this clan, I had to read it again Denied
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just take a look
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