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 Training in the Forest (Private)

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PostSubject: Training in the Forest (Private)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:45 pm

Out in the middle of the forest, there was a small opening. Standing there was a man that was wearing a Jounin vest from the Konohagakure and black pants. The pants were cuffed at the bottom, and hugged the mans lower shins and ankles. This gave the man alittle more flexibility when kicking and running. The vest he wore was a regular jounin's vest that was opened in the front to reveal his tank top. It was a regular, leaf green and had the Konohagakure symbol on it. The vest had 6 pockets in the front of the chest, and 4 down below towards the waist line. The vest was heavy duty and was sturdy enough to block a kunai strike, even though a hard enough throw or stab could penetrate it. It was alittle worn down, but that was to be expected. This vest has been with him for a long time, and it shows that he is pretty loyal to the village. Even though he really didn't care about what happened to it, this was his home for now and he would protect it. He was weird sometimes, even though he is a nice person at heart. The tank top he wore was new, and hadn't been "broken in" yet. It was just a regular old wife beater, and it showed that his chest was pretty defined. He was really cut to begin with. He biceps were cut deeply and his forearms were toned and defined. His abs were washboard and were deeply defined. He was fit, probably as fit as anyone could get. The wife beater went up to his shoulders, all the way down to his waistline, where his black, semi baggy pants were. His pants were jet black, and had two pockets on either side of the hips. He had a bag of kunai and other supplies. His waist line was held up by a strong cloth, that wrapped around the lining of the waistline. The pants were semi baggy, and kind of creased at some places, all the way down to the cuffs. His ankle and lower shin was held together by a cloth that wrapped around the ankle. The cloth was black and merged into his pants at the same time. The shoes he wore were not the common sandals that regular ninja wore. He wore black, lightweight shoes that help with kicking and training. This shoes were run down alittle, but looked pretty much new. They had white tongues on them, and were tied together neatly. The man himself was 5'6, 150 pounds, and had jet black hair. His side burns went to about to the middle of his ears in a long half curled spike. The man liked his hair long. He has semi-thick eyebrows, that went past his eyes. He had black eyes and was very fit.

He was in the middle of walking into the middle of the opening of the tree's. The opening was about 30 feet in diameter, and had few openings. This was good because he liked the seclusion. It was peaceful and there wasn’t anything to distract him. The scenery was beautiful with the sun shining through it. There were beams of light that blotched the ground and tore through the air, unmasking particles in the air. There was a cool breeze running through the forest, it felt nice when it wrapped around him. It was almost a reward for all of his work, but the breeze would come and go, so it was a pretty random reward. The grass around the man stood about 2 inchs tall, which was perfect. There weren’t any yellow or dead patches of grass anywhere to be seen, and the rim of the forest floor was also covered in little flowers that sprouted every few feet. This was a beautiful place. There were vines crawling up the trees and there was nothing but the smell of a fresh, nature smell. The place seemed to be a love scene almost, or a place where someone would have a epiphany. There wasn’t to much sound either. There was the sound of birds chirping, and there was the sound of water rushing way off in the distance. This place was meant to keep someone at peace. There would be no way that someone wouldn’t be at peace here.

He took all this in before setting his big duffle bag down and unzipping it. He took about two bags of kunai, and there was about 6 targets. The man set these on the ground, getting them ready. First, he took off his Jounin vest, and put it near his duffle bag. He walked to the middle of the clearing, and jumped up and down a few times, jumping from one foot to the other quickly. He then threw his hands outword, and brought them back to his side. He rolled his neck, there were a couple of cracks and pops, and jumped up a couple more times. Then he planted his feet, and spread them very wide. His feet were practically on their sides, and he brought his body down and put his palms flat into the soft grass. He waited for about 15 seconds, feeling the tightness in the back of his leg muscles ease as he stretched, and he came back up. He brought his feet together, and then bent his body into his legs. He put his hands on the back of his calf muscles and pulled his body into his knees. He held that position for about 10 seconds. After getting up he kneeled low, his right arm resting on his right knee. His left leg was straightened all the way out. He stretched his calf and his thigh more this time, then switching easily to his left leg being directly under his left arm and his right leg stretched all the way out. He then stretched that out good before standing straight up. The man then stood with a strong base at his feet, and twisted his body to the left. He cracked his back, then he went into the opposite direction and cracked his back to the right. After that, he took his left arm and put his forearm near his shoulder, then put his right arm to his elbow. This stretched the tri cep. He did it again with his right arm, and continued to warm up. He stretched his legs again for about 3 minutes, then continued to stretch his upper body for another 3 minutes. He stretched properly, and then let out a sigh of relief. He then got down into his fighting position. He put his left leg directly out infront of his body, past shoulder length. His left leg was behind him, and his heel was raised. He was in a south paw stance. He then threw a couple of punches. The punches were extremely fast, but they were only “weak” throws to him. He then threw a couple of more punches. He threw a straight right and a straight left in succession and threw a 6 hit combination. He threw a couple of right hooks with the combinations, and threw left hooks, a few upper cuts, all mixed in together with his left and right leads. After throwing punchs for about 2 minutes, he bounced on his feet backwards, diligently back peddling but in a show offy fashion. He then stopped quickly, and threw a big lead while bobbing to his right. He then bounced on his feet to the right with his ongoing momentum. He then stopped, and threw a couple of broken rhythm punchs. He was swinging and going around in a circle, keeping his “opponent” in the middle of the clearing. He then stopped, jerked smoothly the left, and to the right. Then he threw a punch out infront of him. He brought his left leg up under his body, and threw a right side kick to the “opponents” stomach. He then brought his leg back down quickly, moving almost like a pendulum by gliding his left foot back down behind him and putting his right leg back down in front of him. The man then threw more punchs quickly, the punchs looked more like blurs when he punched, and he would through in a high kick and a low kick. An occasional hook kick, and a front kick. All while moving around in a circle, keeping his opponent in the middle of the field. He then stopped, and took in a deep breath. He then exhaled slowly, bringing his hands to his sides. He then back peddled to his bag with flashy footwork. He then took the targets, and threw them up into the air. The man looked at the targets, waited half a second, and took 4 kunai. He instantly threw them up into the air, as he heard the kunai hit the targets one by one. He then put his right hand infront of him quickly, and got ready by swaying his body smoothly back and forth, at the end setting his body in position. He then yelled while throwing a bone shattering right hook to the target ”wwwwAAAAAAAAA!” the target exploded on contact, and then he looked behind him. In a split second, the man kicked the target as it broke into three pieces, flying into the surrounding forest. ”OoOoOoooo…” He took in a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and then looked at all the targets. All the targets had been hit dead in the center. The man smiled. ”I need something alittle more challenging…” He figured that this would help him warm up alittle.

The man decided it was time to get some strength training in. He walked to the center of the opening alittle, and hit the ground. He then got on one hand, and started to do pushups. These pushups were to easy for him, but doing 3 or 400 of them would defiantly have him feeling more warmed up. He did one push up after another. 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55… He kept count as he kept doing pushups. By the time he got to 100, he pushed off hard and switched hands quickly. He kept going. 101, 102, 103, 104, 105… he kept going and going. After getting about 200, he stopped. Nothing hard at all. He then went into sit up position, and started doing sit ups. He got to about 300, and then stopped. He didn’t really feel anything, but it was good to keep doing these. He then decided it was time to get some more cardio in. He walked up to one of the trees that looked the sturdiest. He then started wailing away at it. He keep punching the tree, ducking and weaving while throwing hard counter strikes. He would then back up a little, and throw a kick or two at the tree. The tree was being beaten to death, and he continued to give it punishment. He needed to get this training in, there was something that he wanted to test out later and giving himself this time to warm up would defiantly get him ready for what was in store for him later. But now, he stood back and hopped on his feet alittle, bringing his stance in alittle closer now. Bouncing from one foot to the other, he stopped and widened his stance back into attack position, and being throwing big right hooks. Then, he built up chakra into his right arm, gave a quick left straight, and swong hard at the tree. The man put his fist about 2 feet into the tree, and the tree lifted up by its roots and began flying into the other direction. The tree smashed into a couple of other trees and spun around. It hit another nearby tree, and fell to the ground. Maybe he over did it abit. He stood up straight, and walked back to his duffle bag. There was a couple of other things that the man had to do, and that was set up a wooden dummy. It wasn’t to hard, find a nice tree that was very strong in the middle and place holes in it. Then, practice his trapping and countering. The man took out three, 2 foot poles. He then walked up to a tree, and knocked on it. Nope. Not this one. It was to hollow on the inside. He then walked about 4 feet to another tree that popped out to him. He walked up to it, and knocked. Well, this one could work, but he needed something alittle more durable. He walked around about 8 feet or so, and knocked on another tree. Ah! This tree was perfect for what he wanted to do. This tree was very strong in the middle, there wasn’t a hollow sound. The bugs around here ate there way through most of the middle of these trees quickly, and it looked like nothing got to this tree yet. This was good because now he could train properly with a makeshift wooden dummy.

The man put his finger to the tree, and built up chakra into it. He quickly hit the tree with the point of his index finger, and pushed a 3 inch diameter hole into the tree. The hole went about 3 feet, almost out of the other side of the tree. He had to be careful. Sometimes he didn’t know his own strength. He then did the same process for the rest of the holes. He put out his index finger, and quickly hit the tree making more holes. He then inspected the holes. Yup, they were good. He then placed the ends of the sticks into the holes, and then walked back to his duffle bag. He pulled out a thing of instant wood glue, available in all your woodworking department stores. He then glued the sticks in place, and waited. While he waited, he did a v sit. He held the v sit for about 15, which was easy, and then went back to the tree with the wood. He grabbed one of them with his hand, and tugged on it. It was in place. He was probably going to break them later, but it was cool. There wasn’t anything that was holding him back and the only thing to do was to train. So, he started hit the sticks. He hit them all at the same time, both forearms hitting the sticks, then, he would hit them with a palm strike. Then, he would hit them with a at angles, then he would slam his left forearm on the inside of the left pole, and throw a blow into the middle of the tree. He would do this with his right hand aswell, pushing out ward with his right arm and then throwing a blow with his left fist. Then he would do combinations extremely fast, hitting the dummies “chest” and then doing going back to hitting and countering the other “arms”. After wailing away at the sticks, he then thought he wasn’t doing to much, so, he decided to get some more target practice in. He was hitting those sticks for about 20 minutes. ”Ok, I’ll hit some more of these targets, and then I can start with some weapon training.” He took out the rest of his targets, and went into the middle of the field again. There were about 15 of them, and he could probably hit all of them. He took a deep breath in and threw them in the air. He then brought his arms around, one in front of him outstretched all the way, and the other in back of him. When the targets were close enough, he struck at them. He threw eight lightning fast punches into 5 of them, they broke on impact. Then, in the same motion, he threw his leg underneath him. Then, spinning his body around and threw a crescent kick to two more of the targets that were close to him. [color:e041= blue]”HAAAAAAAAA!” Then, putting his foot down hard, he threw a side kick to another target. By the time he destroyed 8, the rest hit the ground. ”Phew…” He put his foot down and stood up straight. ”15 is stretching it. Even for me.” He destroyed 8 of them, the other ones were out of his range. He picked up the ones that he missed. There were seven of them. He threw the disks up into the air, and crouched alittle in his stance. Then, pushed off his back foot and lunged towards the first with a strong right lead punch, busting the target in two. The man followed up with a strong left hook to destroy another, then he quickly planted his back foot under him, and threw a strong hook kick to destroy two more targets. He brought his foot down quickly, then used a double crescent kick to destroy the remaining two. ”…Got the rest of them.” He brought his foot down, and hopped on his front foot keeping his back foot raised as he regained his posture. He planted his back foot, and stood up right. He looked at what he did, and smiled. ”This is a pretty good workout… now I need to start on my weapon training.” The training he would be doing next is the nunchaku training. The nun chucks were a good weapon to have. A very fast and very deadly weapon when used by the right hands.

The nun chucks he had were generic. They were all black with a metal chain that connected them, and the handles were made of some very strong, very durable wood. The nun chucks were weightless to him almost, but he knew that these nun chucks were perfect for him. They were about a foot and a half long and the chain that held them were made from some type of metal, probably steel. The man grabbed the nun chucks out of his bag, and gave them a spin. He swung them in a 8 pattern at first. Spinning them slowly, then he gradually started to speed up. He then whipped them up into his arm pit, gripping the stick out in front of him. He then walked over to a tree. He then feinted alittle by throwing his shoulder out in a smooth, jerking motion. Then he swong the nun chuck into the tree, creating a large dent into it. He then moved his hand diagonally, his thumb now being up into the air. The nun chuck recoiled and flew past his hand. He reversed the grip of the nun chuck, letting go of the stick and letting it spin around so that he could grab it. The stick now having momentum, and Flash having a upside down grip on the stick, he swong it hard. The stick that was in motion flew up and hit the tree diagonally, Flash again reversing his grip on the nun chuck so that the chain was pointing up again. He then brought the nun chuck around, spinning it infront of him. It spun underneath his hand, then brought it back down with another big swipe at the tree. Then he brought it around to his side, and spun it around slowly. The tree had considerable damage on it, and there was one big swipe mark on the tree. He again reversed the grip and swung the nun chuck around his waist, keeping his left arm up and away from the nun chucks path. He brought the chuck back to his right, then swong it back to his left, then let the chuck fly toward his back. Before it came full circle, he swung it back towards his right, and pulled the chuc over his back. He then grabbed the chuck going up and over his arm and swong it vertically into the tree. He spun the chuck hard to have it regain its stability, and spun it outward. Then, he spun it inwards, then forward again. Then he pulled the chuck back up into his pit. Flash let out a little bit of air, making a Pshing sound. He then snapped the chuck at the tree quickly, spun it forward, then backwards, then back up into his pit again. Then he quickly snapped the chuck vertically in the tree again. The chuck flew wildly , and then he brought the chuck back vertically again and let the chuck fly wildly after the hit struck. He then swung the chuck back up into his other hand. He was skilled with the nun chucks, and they produced results when used correctly. He then started to swing the chucks back into motion, by making the chuck go up and around his arm. He grabbed it with his free left hand and swung it vertically, letting the chuck swing outward. He then pulled the chuck in, making it go around his left arm. He then grabbed the chuck with his free right hand. He did the same thing with his right hand, swung it around and then bringing it back up and over his right arm. This time, when he caught it with his left hand, he kept his hand down and swong it around his waist line again. He brought it again around his waist line and grabbed it with his right hand. Then, he swung the chuck upward back up into the tree. The chuck again flew wildly into the air, and grabbed the chuck that was in his right hand and swong it down hard diagonally across the tree. He then flipped the chucks outward and inward, then back outward again then back up into his pit. He was good. Flash walked back to his bag, and put the nun chucks back down into the bag.
His skills were sharp and precise, there wasn’t to much flaw in his steps and moves. His techniques were simply and direct, something that most styles weren’t. There was something about the mans way of fighting that kept him different from everyone else’s style. His nun chuck skills were great and there wasn’t any flaw or any opening that one could find. Maybe he was good, but there was always someone better. Even if you were the most well rounded fighter, there were still styles that did something better then yours, even though you have the complete system down. He thought about this for awhile, and sat in the grass looking up into the sky. The sky was beautiful that day, even though he could only see so much of it. He was training hard and training everyday to gain the reactions he wanted. He wanted to be set off like an atom bomb. Once he was provoked, he went off and destroyed everything. That was something anyone could learn. But, there was something else about training that kept him going. Maybe it was the way that he felt after everything was done. He didn’t know, he just loved doing it. The way the man fought was great and the way Flash talked was good as well. Maybe someday, he could get to the stage were he could become a kage. He thought he would be a good one, but it only crossed his mind once. He didn’t really want to become a kage, he was to much like a hermit. Like his master before him.

He got after a few minutes of rest, and packed up all of his things. He had alittle walk back to the village, and there wasn’t to much else to do anyway. So, he would probably go home, get something to eat, and train some more. He would probably do a bunch of reps of something. Push ups first, sit ups second, crunchs third, squats, squat thrusts, and the list goes on and on. This was a good day, and he got some good work outs in.

((I got 4000 words, gimme my points))
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Training in the Forest (Private)
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