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PostSubject: Tsukeru   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:38 am


Name: Tsukeru
Affiliation: Kirigakure

Kekke Genkai: The KKG grants the user a multitude of heightened senses. From smell, hearing, sight, touch. However, like most Tsukeru, they are mammals, and not sea life mammals either. It’s a hard concept to understand but they can only pick sense from mammals. Which of course can be listed out in the abilities section if desired. These animal sense’s are not actually animal like, but named after them.

White Deer
Description: The White Deer is a special ability given to the Tsukeru, allowing them to track there prey by sound. At its best it allows them to hear and process information up too 200 meters away as if it was clear as a bell. They can hear larger sounds up to 400 meters away, such as someone shouting, or sounds of battle, kunai clashing together. At 600 meters away they can hear only lower loud sounds, such as large-scale jutsu being used.

Drawbacks At a close distance, 200 meters, high pitch screeching or such moves using high pitch sound damage the ear, and can cause temporary deafness. Much like yelling in a dogs ear.

Brown Bear
Description: The Brown Bear gives the Tsukeru a incredible sense of smell, compared to a shark in the ocean, or a bear. Most noted for there ability to track using sweat, scents, and most of all blood, over vast ranges and even weeks old scents. However, there is a lesser-known side to this, and that is chakra. Once they identity a person, they remember the smell of there chakra, and can track them just by that alone. They can even smell different chakra types up to a mile away and identify them by nature. Giving them a powerful advantage to tracking and stalking.

Drawbacks: Over powering smells, such as smelling salts, or jutsu’s that rely on smell, make the Tsukeru susceptible to them. Such things at close range and damage the nose temporarily and cause irritation.

Grey Owl
Description: Grey Owls are renounced for the night time sight, the optic nerves allow them to see even in the darkest or haziest conditions as if it was a perfectly normal day. This gives the Grey Owls a huge advantage of night time fighting, as they can see perfectly, it allows them to use night as perfect cover.

Drawbacks Bright flashes, or burst can cause temporary blindness and lead to spots on the eyes for quite some times.

Black Cat
Description: Black Cats using whiskers and micro hairs to detect movement and shifts in temperature, wind, pressure. Black Cats whiskers allow them to hone in on chakra, much like a divining rod, the accuracy isn’t good, but a general direction, pattern and such are drawn from what the whiskers feel. The also can detect movement up to 150 feet away, giving the rise of “You can’t surprise a cat”

Drawbacks: Extreme movements can cause “nerve blindness” which is a stunning effect, such as massive movements of wind or water can overload the whiskers and cause the Tsukeru to not feel any sense of touch for quite some time.

Quantity: Only a handful, maybe 4-5
Distinct Features[/bMembers of the Tsukeru are known for their elongated ears, sharp yet small nose, and long thin whiskers on there face. The often times have markings on there face which. The Tsukeru are known for there connections with animal spirits, or known as shamans. They were some say, born from a curse seal that transforms the user into a animal of some sort, perhaps it mated with a similar style clan, and the Tsukeru were born. They have various small talents that lead them to have a strong affinity towards all things nature (not nature chakra). These small traits give them senses like an animal, and perhaps even slightly larger than some.
Hunter’s, the Tsukeru have always been, and will continue to be hunters, due to there extreme sensory.
History: Tsukeru were as some say, born out of the Inuzuka clan, a small subsection that committed horrific acts, others say it was because of the Animal Curse seal, which turned parents into wild beastmen, who then raped or mated with villages and created offspring that were more wild than tame. However, the Tsukeru became a triumph of hunting ninja technology, or rather slaves to hunters. They were used like animals to be released upon command, relentlessly chasing down there prey until one of them fell, then dragging the body back to there masters for a reward. It was this concept that started the idea of not having them be formally trained, however this proved to be unwise, as many many fell in battle as they did not yet fully grasp the power and subtly of ninjutsu.

They in turned were at some time formally trained in the ways of the ninja, however this is often times disputed as to when and or where if at all, were they trained with normal ninja. Similar to the Hyuuga, it is surmised that this clan is n fact training itself to better itself before it sends its ninja off to become genin and such.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsukeru   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:52 am

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