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General Information

Name: Kuromizu, Roxas
Nickname/Alias: The God of the River Styx
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Looks: Roxas wears a large baggy robe that covers near his entire body, but exposes a fair partiality of his upper-torso area; the robe is not only made of a durable cloth material, but is also interlaced with a reinforced titanium steel alloy, making the robe even more resistant against damage. The robe has a loose heavy-hung hood on the back of the neck. The material of the robe is almost completely jet black; this is to make sure that he isn't easily seen when it is dark or he is hoping to creep up on his target. The darkness of his clothing makes it ideal for him to wear when attempting assassinations or missions of imminent secrecy. Being a member of ANBU Black Ops it is important that he not wear bright flashy clothing on missions. The robe itself is extremely baggy, offering free movement without the restriction of tight clothing.

Over this black robe Roxas wears a long white haori with a black kanji on the back for 'Infinite' referring to the enormous distances that his sword can reach. Although it does not actually reach infinitely, it is circulated as a rumor that it can. His robe has long bell sleeves, into which he hides his hands like one does with kimono sleeves. He is well known for tricking his opponents using his sleeves to conceal the movements of his hands, his attacks are usually completely unpredictable because of this. The black hilt of his infamous sword is visible sticking out from the white cloth belt around his waist. The rest of his sword is hidden by his haori, but can easily be withdrawn by his hand as needed. The haori itself is sleeveless along the arms and has a black pattern of lines and bolded circles along the bottom.

Roxas possesses two deep pockets on the two sides of his waist. These two pockets are very deep and open up to hold multiple types of things, such as weaponry and items. This is not his only means of weaponry, however, and has one small pouch to the left of his waist. This pouch is a match of another, which resides on the back of his waist, both being tan and fairly big enough to hold basic weaponry such as daggers, wire, and throwing stars. Wrapped around Roxas's legs are twin stone ankle weights that weigh a little over two-hundred pounds each; despite wearing these weights, with them on, he can still move at a fairly high speed. He also wears other weights as well, training his physical fitness, he wears a black waistband beneath his cloth belt, which is actually stone weighted as well, weighing about the same weight as his ankle weights. Gim also wears weights around his wrists.

Roxas has very pale skin along with a light muscular-type build. Despite his light-build, Roxas is extremely strong and physically fit. His hair is a dark black and his eyes are a deep blue color. Both of these are relative to his clan's genetic phenotype.

Personality: Roxas is a highly intelligent indiviual who is also calm, sophisticated, and arrogant due to his aristocrat upbringing. While at his school Roxas conducts himself a socialible, likable, and often easy going student however this is a mask to hid his true feelings. While at school his true feelings are expressed, his charisma and beliefs in justice gain him the trust and respect of many teachers and district leaders. While Roxas is righteous and noble by nature he is more than willing to do acts that go against his morality; this due to his belief that he must commit evil to destroy greater evil.

Roxas can be ruthless and often merciless in battle but he can also be a rather compassionate person to his friends and loved ones. To his little sister he is a loving older brother and to his best friends he is a loyal friend despite the fact that he would doubtlessly kill them for the sake of justice. Due to his good looks and charm Roxas is quite popular with girls; however, he does not care much for this matters and due to his focus on caring for changing the world and becoming a God. However Roxas does show hints of romantic feelings for certain people. He will doubtfully never be able to actually have a relationship due to his egocentric point of view and God complex constantly clouding his judgement.

Due to the prejudice and loneliness he suffered in his childhood, Roxas developed a craving for acknowledgment. In order to achieve this, Roxas would pull pranks all around the Awai District and even going far as vandalizing other districts' land-marks and monuments. Even after graduating from the initial academy, Roxas was still determined to be recognized, but as he made more and more connections with others, his reasons for wanting to become acknowledged underwent a change, having less to do with the desire for recognition, and more to do with wanting the strength to protect his home and the people close to him. Roxas is a fervent believer in the belief that the will to do something is all one needs to do it, likening him to many rivals in this respect. Roxas's unstoppable determination and drive strongly impacts the lives around him, even his enemies had been affected by his empathy. Many of his family and friends will even refer to Roxas's amazing charisma as a "unique power" that allows him to change the worldly views of others.

Roxas is most prominently characterized by his hyperactivity, being exuberant, impatient, impulsive, and inattentive. Roxas learns through his body. He is relatively naive and simple, being slow to understand a principle or situation, and often requiring an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp what is being explained to him. Overall, Roxas responds best to competition and possesses a great degree of confidence in himself, loudly proclaiming that he will master whatever technique he is learning in a fraction of the usual time, though he will not hesitate to ask for help if he needs it. Many of his teachers at the Academy will realize his high enthusiasm in learning new things but it also lands him at a disposition to his other classmates.

Roxas has a number of other distinct traits as well. He has a childish quirk of keeping his money in a chubby, blue-cat wallet he affectionately calls "Neko-chan." He is also very brash and rarely pays heed to formality or social standings. He almost exclusively eats fruit, and is a frequent customer at many fruit stands around the Awai District. He is also something of a pervert, something he tends to be reprimanded for by his female classmates as well as his teachers. He smiles near-constantly which during his childhood, was to mask the sadness of his lonely life. Those who are closest to him are able to recognize when his smile isn't genuine. Despite his occasional in-genuine smile, it is rare that it is the latter. Normally his smile is truly a smile of happiness and friendliness.

However, when the situation calls for it or when someone dear to him is in trouble, Roxas can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid. When he was only nine, Roxas would always smile whenever he was with his friends and he was regularly hanging out with them, usually either talking about girls or school. Despite getting frustrated whenever he lost in karate, he started to smile again as soon as he saw his friends come to see his matches. Nowadays, Roxas is a stubborn, short-tempered, occasionally confrontational, spontaneous, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, impulsive young man. Despite being witty and cynical, he is shown to be genuinely compassionate and empathetic about others such as bringing an injured friend flowers or soothing others when they become doubtful. He is also extremely protective of his friends and family. This latter trait is the driving force behind many of his actions.

He attempts to maintain a detached and "cool" image, despite claiming to not care about what other people think about him. For this reason, he generally keeps his face set in an emotionless look, not showing any in depth feelings. However, despite this "uncaring" image he tries to maintain, he becomes extremely shy and uncomfortable around many women and girls, a thing that a high multitude of his friends have teased him for. He is also rather cocky and has been known to taunt and belittle his opponents when fighting. Conversely, he can also go into a state of deep depression when he loses a major battle or lets a friend down. Another thing that highly distinguishes Roxas from anyone else is his extremely analytical way of viewing things; his primary belief is that the big things would not exist without the little details, in which he finds focusing on the minor or minuscule details will always bring forth the 'big picture'.

Although his cocky, hot-headed, and spontaneous nature makes him only appear rather dimwitted to more composed and calculating individuals, Roxas is a highly capable analyst when required, and can instinctively catch on to most things much quicker than those around him. His natural yellow hair and rebellious disposition tend to annoy many intimidating figures, who constantly make the unwittingly stupid decision of picking a fight with him. Roxas claims that he does not care about other people's opinions about him (both in regards to his hair and other subjects), and seems to enjoy fighting people. Similarly, he is also a diligent researcher in the art of science, he constantly takes it upon himself to study the basic compounds and make-up of the atomic and molecular structure of solid materials such as steel or earth, this research helping him in the area of earth-bending.

Due to his constant fights with unintelligent passer-byers and his seemingly emotionless look, many students are rather afraid of him. Despite this, he has a warm and kind heart, defiantly looks out for those placed in his charge, and is, to a degree, quite compassionate once he understands anothers point of view or opinion. This trait makes him quite likable to children and younger people. As such, he has almost never threatened or raised his voice to his friends . However, he has some trouble with authority and traditional respect, and is often quite rude and disrespectful when talking to those older than himself. Although he does not intend to be rude, he tends to call elders by nicknames such as 'gramps' and inadvertently disrespect high-ranked benders by referring to them by their first name.

Another tendency found in Roxas is his corrective personality. He tends to restate facts in a more technically correct fashion, which has earned him the title by some as a smart-ass or seen as too determined to be correct. This is not the point, however, Roxas's sole reason for correcting people's technical mistakes is to make sure everyone gets the correct idea, and do not believe what isn't necessarily true. At times, Roxas quite prefers a peaceful life of solitude, without the interference of others. He has an extremely improper social life, but is quite the strategic genius in battle; withholding the ability to conjure up plans at a moments notice, when they are most required - based on his own observations.

A few things that Roxas likes very much are fighting, training, science, and girls. Although he only fights if absolutely necessary, he enjoys it quite a lot. He is very well known for utilizing science when in any form of combat, this adding to his technique's lethality - because he will often combine them. What also makes him quite a foe to go up against is his creativity and imagination, which drives his high ability to combine his techniques in just the right way that makes them that much stronger. When he isn't training his butt off at the training ground or sparring a friend, he is deeply emerged in research or studying.

In contradicting of his likes, he also has some dislikes; for he is human, and every human dislikes at least something! Some of the things that he hates, which are the primary ones, would most likely be ignorance, arrogance, and bullies. Although he tends to remain calm, cool, and collected and will often not say a single word before killing his enemy, deep inside he feels a small sense of accomplishment at each and every death that is claimed by his hand and sword.

Genius Intellect: When Roxas was younger, he was hailed as a child genius. He was highly proficient in his classes at the Ninja Academy and he graduated in less than a single year. His skill was already evident at a young age when he rose through the ranks faster than most before him. Roxas has shown himself to be highly manipulative and deceptive even when it's evident. He comes out unscathed due to the calm confusion he plays at, which is a testament to his overall strategy. In most battles he is able to play on his opponents emotions without even a bit of effort.
Likes & Dislikes: Likes:
Yes, reading. The types of books Roxas generally likes involve politics and ninja tactics, maybe even the newspaper if he gets his hands on it. Sometimes he even enjoys romance stories, and fiction. Almost anything and everything if he can get his hands on it. The only things that he doesn't read often are boring books. Saying that, his definition of boring may vary from the average reader. When Roxas truly desires, he often likes to read some mature rated books, and takes no shame in it either. After all, he's a man and he has interests himself. He shouldn't feel ashamed for indulging in these interests.

Being a perfectionist, everything is best when it is at a level of perfection. With that said, he is not the kind of perfectionist that will obsess over nearly anything with a flaw to it. Such like other beings. And this is what makes everything inside him contradict each other, and not fit together so perfectly, like a puzzle: Roxas likes it when things are flawed, so to say, as it adds a more unique charm. Yet, at the same time, he likes everything to be perfect. For example, when he is cooking. If Roxas fails more than once, he will try and try until he finds his work to be satisfying enough, and this is the same dedication that can also be shown about him whilst working.

Amusing Situations~
Who doesn't like amusement? Roxas likes it very well, and in large quantities. It's certain, he finds his job as a merenary-for-hire amusing enough, even if it isn't in the best of ways, he won't turn a blind eye to the odd joke or two. There is nothing wrong with being wicked in the name of money and greed. The world is based on and centers around currency and equivalent exchange. One's labor is worth a certain amount of such currency as is an item. This is a law that dictates the world of commerce.

Being a great Kage of Kirigakure, one would rarely expect this from one like himself. While he has indeed been branded a party-animal, upon many others, this is not the reason why he drinks rather excessively. Roxas is a very complex drinker, he's not out to impress people whenever he tips the bottle. No. It's the exact opposite, unless, obviously he is just intending to have a good time. But drinking himself to sleep is the only comfort he may ever possibly find, due to all those hidden secrets he doesn't wish to reveal.

Loud Noise~
He hates loud noises more than almost anything else, very much. Except if it is being produced from his own mouth, it's a good exception. And it's blatantly obvious he isn't the sort of shinobi to shout or yell needlessly, and without cause. Roxas hates the noise very much, especially when he is around crowded areas. Which is why, when given the option, he'll prefer to sit in more quiet places. If he's in battle and his opponent is causing a loud noise, he will often try to block it out or stop the source of the noise at an instant.

Unnecessary Violence~
There is disliking something, then there is hating something down to the bottom of it's core. This shinobi isn't foolish enough to convince himself that fighting isn't part of day-to-day life in the times he currently lives in. He doesn't make it his personal goal to make everything peaceful, but he does wish that sometimes people wouldn't lift their blades to speak the words they're not bold, or intelligent enough to say. And he's learned that from past mistakes as well as his profession. Harm doesn't particularly bother him when it's directed at himself, but to his allies. Leave a wound or scratch on their skin, and end up having something twisted on your body. That is how serious he is with his enemies, and those who dared hurt those he cares for.

There is no particular scarring event that forced him to dislike these things so much. It's just a case of, that's-that. It was only after his first trip back to his homeland that he discovered this fear. And again, he contradicts himself in so many ways. For a particular element that he developed was Raiton - Lightning Release along with Suiton - Water Release and Fuuton - Wind Release. All of these combine to form the primary, and perhaps the only, elements that come together to form a storm. But he doesn't hate his own abilities to procure a storm, rather than a naturally unpredictable storm itself. Perhaps it's because he understands how in control he is over that. One thing is for sure, nothing is ever clear with this man.

Late Nights~
Roxas Kuromizu is prone to sleeping in the day, rather than in the night. For he stays up usually drinking or working as a merecenary until the sun is up again before calming down and getting some rest. Usually he wakes up around late hours if he falls completely into a deep sleep, but he is assertive and very active when he hears certain ruckus around. This is with all good reason. Roxas suffers from vivid nightmares of his first time in the wild, and sleeping is never peaceful through the night. Personally, he believes that the darkness and silence of the night just adds to the intensity of these visions.
Catch Phrase: "I'll take your life with the element of life."

Clan Information

Clan Name: Kuromizu Clan
Kekkei Genkai: The Kuromizu Clan is a clan that centers primarily around the element of Water, members of this clan are particularly skilled in the usage of this element. They've mastered water techniques to the point where they require absolutely no hand-signs to utilize the technique and decreases the technique's chakra usage to half. However, this is far from the only abilities that they possess. Members of the Kuromizu clan are also blessed with a particularly unique type of elemental chakra. Rather than Suiton - Water Release, they're capabilities have further progressed to Buraton - Black Water Release. This means that any and all techniques they utilize of the Water Element will use a special type of water called black water. It is extremely dark and it is unable to be seen through.

Even though they are able to use Black Water, there is still the option to use the normal water element. This Black Water has more special characteristics to it besides being thicker and darker, however. (Though it is thicker, the user can still manipulate and control it just as easily as they could normal water.) This Black Water also has a chakra-sapping property that makes it ideal for combat. Even the flames of Amaterasu would be extinguished by these black waters due to the fact that it would easily sap the chakra from the flames, weakening them, before putting them out. Someone drenched in this water would feel themselves losing their chakra as they drift closer to death, making it extremely dangerous. However, the user is completely unaffected by the black water's effects, although other members of the clan still are.

Some more general abilities of the clan members are basically adaptations from excessively water usage and inhabitance. They possess high-speed swimming abilities that are unmatched by almost any other human or animal. They are also able to breath underwater just as easily as they would be able to outside of it, this includes black water, and are able to conjure and manipulate normal water and black water skillfully. However, not all members of the clan possess the water manipulation portion of these abilities. The shinobi must be at least of Chuunin rank in skill or a B-class rogue shinobi.

Chakra Sapping- If a person other than the user is touched by the black water they will find that their chakra is being drained by it. Dependant on their rank, it can take a variation of time amounts before their chakra is completely sucked out. A D-rank shinobi takes only two posts to be killed by the chakra-sapping water. A C-rank shinobi takes only three posts to be killed by the chakra-sapping water. A B-rank shinobi takes four posts to be killed by the black water. An A-rank shinobi takes six posts. An S-rank shinobi takes nine entire posts. Despite the post length in order to kill a shinobi with the black water, the longer they are touching it the more it starts to take a toll on them. Even if it doesn't maintain contact long enough to kill, it will still drain chakra from them. A Jinchuriki takes six more posts added to the amount of their rank. Meaning that a D-rank Jinchuriki would take eight posts.
Clan Symbol:
Clan Jutsu:
Clan History: The clan first originated in the village known as Mizugakure no Sato. However, when the village began to exterminate dangerous clans with powerful Kekkei Genkais they effectively killed off a minority of the clan. However, the clan members fought back and managed to escape with their lives. From then on, they became a group of rogues that resented the villages, especially the village hidden in the mist. However, the Hidden Mist Village along with many allied villages hunted down the clan, deeming them as a 'threat' to the shinobi world, despite their peaceful nature.

They were repeatedly assassinated and hunted down like animals, leaving only 6 shinobi left who scattered across the map. Some went back to a village life, others simply remained living as rogues. It is unknown precisely whom these 6 are, with the exception of one. Roxas Kuromizu is widely known as the leader of the 'disbanded' clan, thus is very well known. Although currently the clan is scattered and separated, it is possible for them to come back together and reform the old clan under a single group of leaders and reproduce until the clan is revitalized.

Despite being the leader of the clan, Roxas disagreed with the fact that they should all live a rogue life-style. Instead, he lives as a loyal shinobi of the Hidden Mist Village. He returned after the onslaught of the powerful bloodlines ended and peace was restored among the remaining clans. He now hopes to bring all of his clan-mates back to Kirigakure no Sato so that they can once more become powerful weapons to be used by the Mizukage in future wars and to defend the village.

Rank Information:
Country: Kirigakure no Sato | Hidden Mist Village
Village Rank: Mizukage | Water Shadow
Skill Rank: S-rank | Kage Level

Skill Information
Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu | Ninja Art
Sub: Iryojutsu | Medical Art - Fuuinjutsu | Sealing Art

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Suiton | Water Release
Sub: Fuuton | Wind Release

Strength: 60
Speed: 95
Stamina: 60
Agility: 100
Endurance: 60

Chakra Reserves: 80
Chakra Control: 60
Intelligence: 15
Total Stats: 530 (Carried Over From Before the Revamp)


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Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: (What rank would this be classified as?)
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Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

Background Information
History: It was a cold winter night in the Hidden Leaf Village, all was silent, and all was peaceful. Not for long though, for a scream filled the area with a piercing cry. The source of this noise came from a home not to far from the Nestugakure Medical Hospital. "Hold on!" Tatsu Ichimaru, Gin's father, told his wife soothingly. "We'll get you to the hospital!" he picked her up gently, and ran out the door towards the Medical Building as fast as he could. He then body flickered into the room in front of the receptionist. "My wife is giving birth help us!" he shouted, as another piercing scream echoed through the building. The receptionist seemed to hesitate with fear before pressing a small button on the desk and a beep was heard. "A baby is coming!" she shouted, frantically as medical ninja came in with cot, placing the woman on it, and rolled her through the emergency doors. Tatsu followed his wife Nibu as the medical ninjas rolled her away. He prayed silently to himself as they prepared to remove the baby by applying anesthetics and soothing the mother.

"We're losing her!" a medical ninja shouted, now becoming nervous as a drop of sweat swelled up and dropped from his forehead. "We can only save one and kill the other!" another shouted, looking towards Tatsu. "Save...Nib..." he began, but his wife gripped his hand with strength. "Save...our son..." she told him, her eyes watering as she let out another piercing cry. "I-I Ca-a-an't..." he told her, beginning to cry as well. "Save...him" she told him, now demanding before her grip grew weak and she screamed once more, now gripping the blanket. "We need an answer now!" the medical ninja shouted. "Save...the child..." Tatsu told them, forcing out the last two words like raw meat. "Save...Gin..." he repeated as he crouched down taking his wife's hand as he caressed it gently. "Please. Take care of Pen..." she tried to say but it was too late. Her eyes sat emotionless and her face expressionless. She was now dead and the cries of a baby filled the room as the medical ninja wrapped it in a blanket and handed it to Tatsu.

He looked at the baby with loving eyes as it cried. He began to softly rub the baby's head as it stopped crying and looked back at it's father with curious eyes. "I love you..." he said, looking towards his wife as tears streamed down his face. He didn't care about anyone else's shinobi way. He would cry if he wanted to, and he needed to. He walked out of the hospital back home and placed the baby in the crib they had bought in advance. After covering up the baby and giving him a warm bottle of milk Tatsu went upstairs to his room where he lay sprayed out on the bed ready to be overcome by sleep. That day had been the worst day of his life. He lost his wife. But not only that, although he has lost a life he had also received a new one. 'His name is...Gin Nibu Ichimaru...' he thought, drifting off into the empty void of sleep. He knew that he had long days ahead of him and a bigger job. He was now a single father and he would probably have to live in an apartment unless he was able to go on more missions.

"Da-da?" Gin said, adorably. "That's right..." Tatsu told him lovingly as he picked up his infant son in his arms and cradled him gently. "I'm Da-da." he told his son, as he tickled his exposed belly. Gin was only one and a half years old and wore only a diaper as he lay in his father's arms. "Ma-ma in hee-aaven?" Gin asked, his eyes goggling as he looked past his fathers gentle and encouraging face to the pattern of the roof. "Yes. Mama in heaven." he reassured his son as he carried him outside. Many of Tatsu's friends passed by as they waved at Gin. Some stopped to hold him or play with him, or even introduce him to their pets or own children. Gin seemed to never be interested in any of it though. He would normally pay attention to everything around people, like nature, the sky, and everything that wasn't man made. He loved nature and the sweet scents of flowers and the colors of the different petals that were like sugar for his eyes. Although he yet to knew what any of this meant he was a pretty smart baby.

At the age of two he began to develop a liking for fruit. He loved how fruit could be eaten without drink because of how much moisture was in it. He especially loved cherries, tomatoes, and sometimes he could eat parts of watermelon if it wasn't too rough or hard. He was still interested in God and Heaven and about his mother and constantly asked his dead what his mother was doing. The same reply came every time "She's watching over us from heaven. She's with Jesus." Gin loved to learn and mostly enjoyed his father reading him stories about past ninjas and sometimes even make believe books of ninjas that never even really existed. He loved the stories a lot none the less. He always asked his dad if he was ever a ninja and Tatsu felt a low wave of despair as he answered. "I gave that up a while ago." Tatsu told his sun. "Why?" Gin asked, in that broken tone that only babys had. "Because I wanted to spend more time with you." Tatsu said, picking up his son and tossing him into the air before catching him skillfully in his arms. This always made Gin giggle because he enjoyed the thrill of flying.

When he was three years old he began to dream of becoming a ninja. "Daddy, I'm going to be the best ninja that ever lived! I'll even beat the Hokage himself!" Gin shouted, as he jumped around punching pillows. "No one will stand a chance against me!" and with that he kicked the pillow into the air and punched it into the wall. "I won't let anything happen to my little ninja..." Tatsu said, as he came up behind Gin and tickled him. Gin was subdued as he fell to the floor laughing as he was tickled nearly to death. Gin loved playing ninja and loved to dream. His father wanted to do anything he could to help his son achieve his dream of becoming the most powerful ninja ever, although Tatsu doubted it was possible but he believed in his son and began to train him at the young age of 6.

"Dad! I've finally got it!" Gin shouted, as he leapt into the air and spun in a complete three-sixty rotation tossing kunai and shurikens as he swirled. Every kunai and shuriken hit their bulls-eye except for two or three that hit a couple of inches off. He was now seven and very skilled with kunai and shuriken and that sort of basic weaponry. He enjoyed training with his dad and that was one of their favorite things that they did together. As Gin trained harder and harder each day he finally completely mastered the move at the age of 8 when he first began to gain his abilities, his Kekei Genkai. He was able to make his movements precise and complete the thrust and angle with such effectiveness that it was hard to miss.

Now nine years old Tatsu enrolled Gin in the academy. Gin was the only Ichimaru clan member in his class and at time he felt left out among the others. Gin loved learning new jutsus such as the academy jutsus and when he had mastered them all, which was easy for him, he graduated from the academy and finally became a Genin at the age of nine. He loved being a Genin and wore his headband as soon as he received it. His father was so proud of his son and his accomplishment and took him out to celebrate at Ichiraku's ramen shop. They ordered the usually and had a good time as they ate and talked about the future to come and how Gin wanted to one day become the Hokage.

Gin began to spend a lot of time on missions but still spent some time with his dad and some of his friends when he wasn't working hard to help out his dad. He wanted to make everything perfect and make it where they could move back into their old house. Someone was currently living it it but they planned on buying it back so Gin was saving up. His dad was saving as well from selling ninja gear. He sold shurikens, kunai, scrolls, ninja wear, and other items that were essential to a normal ninja in Nestugakure. His best seller were senbons and they were a personal favorite of Gin as well. His father always told him it wasn't the strength or size of something but the skill of the user using the item. He taught his son that honor and virtues were the most important part of life and to not dabble in money and riches but love and good always conquered evil and hatred. Gin always loved to hear what his father had to say and wanted to teach the same to his son when he grew up.

Gin was now eleven and the Chuunin Exams were coming up. He wanted so badly to win and finally be promoted to a Chuunin in his turn. It wouldn't be just' another step to achieving his goal, it would be a large step, an important step. Anything but 'just' a step. He signed up and registered as soon as the stands opened up. The line was pretty long but Gin was a very patient person and finally registered. He felt excited and couldn't wait. His anticipation was rushing through his veins with every passing day as the week ended and it was close to the first exams. He spent the last three days training as hard as he possibly could before the first test began. The first one was a written test, he had read many books on the material and has passed with a breeze. After all it wasn't that hard.

The second portion of the Chuunin exams was what he had been waiting for. The fighting. He faced off against a Hyuuga and easily defeated him and won the match, and moved on to the next portion. After defeating a regular clanless ninja in that portion after a vigorous battle, he was finally moving on to the finals. They would determine who became a Chuunin and who wouldn't. He was kind of nervous but he shook it off after remembering his past matches that flew by like a breeze. They hadn't even been hard and he doubted that this one would be any more difficult. When the day came he found out that he would be facing off against a powerful Uchiha. After intense training Gin had nearly mastered his kekei genkai abilities, and had even made his own jutsus. The match started off with his opponent winning but Gin came back easily and defeated his opponent, winning the Chuunin Exams and becoming a Chuunin.

He ran home to tell his father about what had happened and his father was so proud of him. Gin loved being a Chuunin, now instead of the boring old D rank missions he was now going on C and B rank missions. There was a lot more action and adventure and he loved practicing and training with his dad. They would even spar from time to time, his father defeating him most of the times but Gin winning occasionally. Gin couldn't believe his life. It was utterly perfect in itself. He was a success as a ninja so far and hoped that his success continued. His dream remained the same, he wanted to become Hokage and be the greatest ninja who ever lived and maybe even make Nestugakure more powerful. It was possible but doubtful. He still dreamed such dreams of these concepts though even though no one believed any of it could ever happen except his father. His father always believed in him.

After a very difficult A rank mission that had been bestowed upon Gin's agenda, Gin was promoted to highly respected and wanted rank of Jounin. All of the Jounin except for a couple were out of the village and those couple were busy so Gin was the only one left. He was the strongest Chuunin and was sent with two other Chuunin on the mission. It was a mission to retrieve information from Sunagakure and it went by smoothly and after bringing the information back to their village Gin was promoted to Jounin and not soon after that, he acquired his first team of Genin. He was now twenty-four and extremely skilled in Kenjutsu and Medical Jutsu. His father, not soon after, died by the hand of a missing ninja while out for a walk through the forest. Gin had offered to escort him but his father insisted that he went out alone, but he never returned.
RP Sample: The gloom district of Kumogai was exactly as the name would lead you to believe. It was covered in darkness and shadows that harbored the creatures of the night. The blazing orange sun was beginning to set along the horizon, its golden rays extending like claws across the landscape, fighting the ensuing darkness as if in a heated battle. The tall buildings were the source of the massive shadows that enveloped the citizens and creatures beneath them. The city was rightfully named the Shadow District, the darkness clearly represented it well. The people there, however, seemed to be making their away from something that was frightening them. Of course, being of royal blood, Roxas was not one to stray away from the Awai District and his parents. His father was the leader of the human race and his mother the leader of the neko race. They were the reason that Roxas resembled so much of a human while at the same time possessing the human ability of alchemy and the neko's incredible reflexes and speed; that as well as the handy tail. He had come here for one purpose and one purpose alone.

The young neko boy walked confidently through the crowds of swarming citizens, trying to escape the ensuing battle up ahead. A small smirk crossed Roxas's face as he pierced through the crowd, many people trying to stop him without avail. He looked rather young, after all, maybe 14 or 13 years old. This was not true, however. His actual age was 15 years old, still young but that had to be worth something in cat years. His fist clenched and unclenched in anticipation, his tail waving back and forth with content as he took his sweet time in getting there. He was not one to rush things and he hated people who thought their own time was more important than everyone else's and rushed around all the time. He himself was always calm and collected in his life. Nothing thus far had compelled him to come unraveled or become stressed out in the slightest. Then again, no one in his family was known to give in to their emotions, they were often known for thinking logically and basing their options off of sheer fact and information gathered on their own.

There was also the obvious question that anyone would ask at this point in the story. Why exactly was he walking towards the chaos? What purpose did he have for getting involved? A reputation, of course. He had an image to create and uphold, an image of bravery and maybe even heroics. He would stop the chaos, even if he had to kill whoever was causing it. The root of such violence were more than likely gang-related, it was always about gangs in the Kumo District. Regardless, Roxas was neither involved with any gangs nor was he afraid of them. All gangs were were a bunch of worthless punks who lacked the skill or power to fight on their own. This lack of power thus forcing them to come together in groups to compensate for what each other lacks. It was pathetic, very pathetic. Roxas's ears twitched as he heard the sounds of blood splattering, screams and shouts filling the dewy air, and metal slicing through air.

The young neko prince stopped in his tracks, his feet positioned perfectly on the ground to allow great stability as well as the ability to dodge at an instant. His eyes were fixated on a monkey-type form that was skillfully maneuvering through a group of people, slicing and cutting them to bits with a finely crafted sword that hardly made an audible noise as it sliced clean through the air. Roxas heard the noises easily, however, as his neko ears were much more susceptible to sound than any other ear within the vicinity. It allowed for an increased sense of perception and awareness that few other species could accomplish. He would have easily been able to tell if someone came up behind him, he'd be able to hear them. More over, he would probably even be able to feel the wind from their movements hitting his ears or tail. He crouched down low, his eyes narrowing as he easily tracked the movement of the 'Saiyan' type person who was killing these men almost needlessly. They obviously posed him no threat, there was no need to kill them.

He blinked quickly, smiling up at the man as he stood tall now, his eyes darting along the area from person to person, deciphering friend from foe quickly. It wasn't easy to figure out who was with him and who was against him by mere appearance and what they were doing at that moment, but he'd find a way. That, or he'd tear them all apart limb by limb. His monotone voice suddenly spoke out to the monkey-type person, a smirk etched in his arrogant-expression. His aristocratic upbringing had made him cocky and full of himself. Though, he did have slight reason for being so cocky. He was an extremely powerful alchemist and had never lost a fight.

"You know, monkey-boy, starting violence in my city isn't very smart."

The prince spoke confidently yet quietly, his voice still easily audible. It was technically his city, after all. The humans and nekos practically ruled the land and his parents were the leaders of both. His hands remained at the ready, both easily capable of becoming lethal weapons at an instant, need be. His feet were also ready if it were necessary to dodge. However, he doubted that dodging would be necessary. He was a close-combat fighter and his destruction alchemy was quite the force to be reckoned with. The mystical practice of alchemy to create objects out of raw matter or turn one object into another is widely believed to be capable of anything - indeed alchemy is often viewed as magical or miraculous by those unfamiliar with the craft - but it is a science and as such is subject to certain laws and limitations, all of which fall under the concept of Equivalent Exchange: "In order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed."

Roxas believed confidently in the principle of equivalent exchange. He believed that in order to achieve greatness and make his own life worth more, it was necessary to give up the lives of those other than his own. That included the people that now stood before him. The disgusting people who were here, involved in gang violence, and ruining the city more than it already was. The primary hindrance that inhabited the Shadow District was indeed gang related crimes and drug cartels, he hoped to fix both issues as the prince of the town.


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