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 Yumi Koizumi

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Yumi Koizumi


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PostSubject: Yumi Koizumi   Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:41 pm

General Information

Name: Yumi Koizumi
Nickname/Alias: none.
Age: 12
Gender: Female

Yumi commonly wears blues, white, black, green, and grays. She often wears winter clothing in all weather conditions. She usually wears three to five layers of shirts at a time but all of them are made to keep her warm in the cold and cool in the heat. If the temperature ever rises to high she can strip herself of her poncho and long sleeve shirt and still have tang top and a small jacket left. Since birth Yumi’s hair was as white as snow and she never lets it grow out farther then the tip of her chest. Anything longer and she complains it is far too hard to manage. Even with the hair length she has now she doesn’t style it but instead let it lay naturally. Yumi wears simple black shorts with a dark blue skirt on top and black boots. No matter where she goes Yumi carries a long cylinder container on her back alongside her ninja bag. This cylinder container contains spiders of different species with a small wall in the middle to divide the males from females. Without the wall the females would eat all of the males.


Yumi has always stood out in the crowed from her looks alone. The outstanding white hair she had was one of the main things that made her that way. Even though she stood out she was always stayed quiet and was afraid to socialize with other students her whole life. She was extreamly shy for her earlier years in life but most of it went away as she grew up, except around boys. From early childhood she was raised around many girls and just the thought of boys scared her.

Every time, out of the very few times Yumi spoke up, she did something wrong so every attempt ended up badly. Yumi gets bored easily and whenever she is bored odd things slip from her mouth. Most of the time the things Yumi will say will have no relevance to the current conversation. When people are talking about ninja training out of nowhere she will start telling a story about a small mouse that she found in her shoe a few weeks ago. Almost every story or thing she said is interesting and people might enjoy hearing. If only she timed things correctly and knew when and when not to start bringing up topics and to follow through and not just tell a sentence of it.

Yumi usually spends most of her time alone and when isn’t busy reading with this time, she often day dreams. Nothing is wrong with day dreaming once and a while but sometimes while in a conversation she will actually be thinking of a world of her own. Out of nowhere Yumi tends to giggle or maybe get upset because something happened in her mind. Laughter in the wrong places often gets her in trouble and is usually the only thing she even has gotten in trouble for.

School wise Yumi has always studied hard seeing how she always has so much free time on her hands. Without having much friends to hang out with she was able to focus on training both her mind and study techniques. Yumi is one of those people who are smart but doesn’t act like it nor does she show off about it. Many times she does know the right answer she will sit back and not answer the question afraid that she will get it wrong.

Yumi has never believed in love or wanted to find her true love unlike other teen girls. After seeing her parents’ relationship she has sworn to herself never to fall in love. That way she won’t get hurt like her mom did. Over time in her childhood she noticed not all men were like her father but still she won’t trust any of them. In her whole life every relationship of any of her relatives ended badly, they have a tragic break ups, the guy picks up and leaves without a reason, the guy dies, or the guy will cheats. Not only is Yumi’s shyness caused by not being around boys much but also because she is frightened that they will yell, be angry or scream like all the men in her family did.

Yumi is known to be kind hearted to anything and everyone and even if she is afraid of something or someone if they were hurt she would help them. When matters are serious or something important is going on she usually is able to focus. Though Yumi has all of these problems if her friends were in trouble her body will act on its own and help them. Usually Yumi likes to plan before attacking so that way her mistakes don’t mess others up. These plans might not be completely fool proof but she comes up with many of them so if one fails she could try again.
Likes & Dislikes:
Likes: Snow, the smell after it Rains, Animals, Air, Nature, reading, dancing, children, hot soups, birds, the moon, dreaming, training, studying, spiders.
Dislikes: Her father, Heat, darkness, animals larger then she is, porcupines, snakes, chickens, mud, spider wasps, eating fish, small spaces.
Catch Phrase: None

Clan Information

Clan Name: The Shiro Kuma Clan / The Koizumi Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Shiro Kuma / Poison Release (fire and wind)

Clan Symbol:
Clan Jutsu:


Clan History:

Rank Information:
Country: Kirigakure
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: C

Skill Information
Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Poison (Clan Element)

Strength: 4
Speed: 11
Stamina: 11
Agility: 11
Endurance: 3

Chakra Reserves: 13
Chakra Control: 11
Intelligence: 11


Name: Metal Claw gloves
Appearance: At first glance these seem like ordinary gloves with a metal plate to protect the users hands from damage. When the user fights with these in battle blades that were hidden within the material grow which become claws allowing the user to strike the opponent down with them. On the knuckle of the glove small hooks pop out facing the opposite way which can be used to rope strings that Shiro Kuma members use in battle.
Rank: C-rank
Special Abilities: They often are dripped in deadly poison made from Shiro Kuma Spiders.
Origin: Yumi received the gloves from her grandmother as a graduation present but still hasn’t ever gotten to battle with them so she still is unaware of their uses other than to protect her hands.


All Academy

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu :

Background Information
Pre-Academy Arc:

The day Yumi was born was one of the happiest days in her mother’s life if not the happiest. It was a huge success in the Koizumi family to hold down a man long enough to have a child since most relationships broke off many months earlier. At that time her mother and father happened to be a perfectly happy married couple with barley any worries in the world. They might had not had been the richest people in Kirigakure but they managed with the money they had. They would have been richer if Yumi’s mother didn’t send money to her family.

Yumi’s family was quite large but most of her relatives were already retired ninja no longer doing missions. Her family was also made up of mainly women seeing how none of them could find a man who would stay. The strange thing was that it wasn’t like the woman In the Koizumi family couldn’t get a man. They definitely could get a man and many did, many times. It was just for one reason or another the relationship would end and it was very rare if they didn’t end up breaking up.

Yumi’s family was sticking together like glue and still it seemed nothing wrong had happened to separate them. Other Kiozumi clan members were surprised that her father lasted so long and many said that it wasn’t natural. Though some couples from the Kiozumi clan do end up staying together it usually is marked as a miracle and people began to wonder if Yumi’s family was one.

Everything wasn’t as it seemed though and Yumi’s family began to break apart. Every night while Yumi slept her parents bickered to no end. Sometimes their fights would get loud enough to wake her up and she would wander down stairs looking for them to find out what was wrong. At the sight of Yumi her mother would give up on the argument and let her husband have his way.

Her father’s temper only got worse as the years went on and the fights weren’t just the two of them yelling. On Yumi’s fifth birthday her parents were off fighting again while she played with a few new toys she received. By now Yumi could tell something was wrong with her parents and when she heard a large clashing sound come from the kitchen. Just after the clash came a small yelp not filled with anger but pain. It wasn’t very loud but Yumi felt the need to see what was happening.

Yumi ran into the kitchen to find a few pots and pans knocked over on the floor with her mother caressing her pink cheek. Her father was at the door and before she knew it he opened it and slammed it as he left the house. “Mo..m..?” She mumbled stepping forward a bit avoiding one of the pans lying on the floor in front of her. Yumi didn’t exactly understand what had happened but she felt nervous, no, more like scared. Her chest was thumping at an alarming speed as she approached he mother. This didn’t seem like any fights that happened between them before. “Don’t worry, darling.” Her mother spoke and her comfort words helped a bit but something still bothered Yumi about the matter. Her mother straightened her posture and moved towards Yumi, picked her up, and carried her back to the living room to continue playing with her toys.

Despite the way some of Yumi’s parents arguments now were ending they continued to stay together. Yumi’s mother was to kind to hit the man she once had loved and maybe still did so she did nothing, so she simply dodged the few hits he attempted to give to her. Every time Yumi entered the room a small act like everything was fine was put on except now no matter how foolish and young Yumi was she could tell something was off since that day. Her mother unlike before when she would enjoy time with her family until they argued was now showing signs of sadness all the time.

Early the next year Yumi was playing in the garden with some small spiders that looked like the ones her grandmother’s. With the spiders she played a small ninja game her grandma and mom taught her one day. It was the basics of one of the Koizumi’s clan jutsu. Even as a child Yumi wanted to become a ninja like her mom and dad were and the rest of her family. Once her father saw what she was doing he snatched her up from the ground and told her not to play with spiders anymore. He wasn’t afraid she was going to be hurt by it in the least but he didn’t want her to grow up to become a ninja.

Yumi’s mother watching from the doorway with a saddened and shocked face even though she had known this was coming. Her mother called out to him and called him inside to help make supper and Yumi quickly wandered away from the garden so her dad wouldn’t be mad. From outside the house she could hear her parents yelling at each other again and knew how the fight would end.

Yumi slowly made her way back to the garden hopping to catch her father’s attention. She was sure he could see her out the window so she bent down near the paved stones resting her legs on them as she extended her arm outward towards the spiders. Yumi took them in her hand and began to examine them when finally her father spotted her from inside the house and stormed outside. Furious from the past fight he gripped her wrist and squeezing tightly as he yanked Yumi from her spot and sent her falling off to his right side still holding her arm. “Ahhh!” Yumi let out a squeal from being pulled so fast and hard and tumbled onto her butt. She continued to let out a soft whimper since her arm was being twisted now and surely had been sprained. Just like any child would she began to cry from being hurt and stared up at her dad.

A few seconds later he released Yumi’s hand and retracted his own realizing what he had done. Before he had time to apologize Yumi’s mother was next to her scooping her up and bringing her into a warm embrace. “Go. Don’t come back.” Were Yumi’s mother’s final words to Yumi’s father and he went into the house to pack without an argument. Yumi’s mom sat herself in the grass and placed Yumi on her lap and began to exam her. From the first glance she noticed the redness around the wrist and began to worry.

Yumi’s mom stretched out her hand to the garden and picked up the three spiders that were resting on a web and held them in her hand then sent small bits of chakra to them. They crawled from her hand to her arm and let out webs and began to loop around making designs and swinging from one web to another like acrobats. Yumi watched amazed and started to ignore the pain and stop crying. She had never seen spiders do this before though she had seen them do some amazing things this was definitely the best. Yumi’s mom was sure by now that her husband had departed from the house and she quickly went back inside to fix up Yumi’s arm in a cast and bring her to the hospital.

Academy Arc:

Yumi excelled at many subjects in the academy except for making friends but thankfully that isn’t and actual class. Since Yumi has a peculiar personality and looks she had spent her academy days as an outcast. She did make friends with a few girls but most of the time they talked and she would spend the time day dreaming since most of the time they would gossip and it was not important to her. Yumi enjoyed her academy days though since she was able to learn more jutsu and make her mother proud.

Yumi had a natural enact for both genjutsu and ninjutsu though she never showed it in front of others at the start. At first she only did well on book tests about jutsu even though at home she could perform the jutsus correctly. She got nervous in front of the class and continued to slip up any time she had to do a jutsu in public. Over time she was able to overcome that fear and out of no where she shocked some of her teachers with her random improvements.

Yumi and her mother found their old house far too large for only the two of them so they sold off the house and returned to the clan community of houses. There they moved in with Yumi’s grandmother’s large house and shared it. Often when Yumi wasn’t at the academy and busy with home work her grandmother taught her how to perform some clan jutsu. Since then Yumi has also become a little less shy around women since at the clans housing area there barley any boys and all girls.

Genin Arc: More to come when she is a genin.

RP Sample:

Yumi had left her home early that morning to get a head start on her morning exercising. After that Yumi returned to her house to find out there was no food in the house since they purposefully never buy anything. Her grandmother was fabulous at everything except for making food and it just so happened to be Yumi’s grandmother’s favorite hobby. Having no food was a great way to prevent her grandmother from creating concoctions that should belong in a toxic waste dump. She had been awake since dawn and still hadn’t had a bite to eat so she was famished. Hearing her stomach growl yearning for food she left the house to find some place to eat.

From her block she could smell the intoxicating smell of food being cooked. Quickly she glanced around checking where the smell was coming from and noticed the ramen shop in the distance. She wasn’t a fan of ramen especially not for breakfast but hopefully she could get something different there. Yumi could hear her feet tapping lightly against the paved floor and her cylinder container on her back bounce as she walked forward. A few feet away she glanced up at the ramen shop and noticed there were two boys already there. She had half the mind to leave and find somewhere else to eat but she was far too hungry.

Yumi looked at her feet as she approached the ramen vender and stopped inf ront of the man. “ummm…. H-ello.” She stopped for a moment and glanced upwards at the man dressed in a chef’s outfit except without a hat. Quickly she took an empty seat at the far end of the shop and looked at the man for a second till she remembered to pull out her money. While she pulled her money out she began to order. “Can I h-ave an ord-er of miso s-oup wit-h natto…” Yumi spoke very softly making it difficult to hear what she had said but the man nodded and got to work. For a second or two she glanced at the boys sitting next to her and realized they were probably around her age. They were already in a conversation and she didn't want to bother them so she looked away before hopping that they wouldn't be mad she stared at them for a bit. In a half a second Yumi was leaning on the table letting her snow white hair drape around her face as she began to day dreaming about things.

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Chrono Hozuki


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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Koizumi   Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:15 pm

I like your custom techs

but remove kdomaru's sticky gold chakra jutsu's there a hiden on there own
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Yumi Koizumi


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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Koizumi   Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:19 pm

Okays =)
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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Koizumi   Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:52 pm

Just go ahead and remove your subs for elements and specialties, because once you rank up you will simply make a whole nother application.

Other than that, it looks good.


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Yumi Koizumi


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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Koizumi   Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:06 pm

Done... i think <3
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"I most certainly am not your boyfriend." - Chowder.
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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Koizumi   Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:10 pm

You may choose jounin or chunnin if you like
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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Koizumi   

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Yumi Koizumi
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