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Chrono Hozuki


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PostSubject: Hozuki   Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:34 am


Name: Hozuki
Affiliation: Mist
Symbol: Raindrops

Kekke Genkai: Hiden - Hydration technique- The Hozuki clan's Hiden is the art of turning ones body into pure liquid, Unlike other water release techniques the hydration technique doesnt focus on knocing away or hurting the clans opponents, More than other's it is a defenseive technique allowing one to liquify there body or single parts of there body thus saving themself from phsyical or other harm, Upon the Offensive front of the clans hiden they are capable of simply drowning another hsinobi by grabbing hold of them and drowining them by liquifying there body and drowning there captive,


Name: Hydration Technique
Rank: A
Element: Water
Description: By liquefying the whole body at will, this technique makes it impossible
to receive damage from physical attacks. From a single hair to the skin
and muscles, everything can be liquefied and solidified at will. Be it
to evade an enemy's attack during a short range battle, to infiltrate a
structure, or to launch a surprise attack in a liquefied state, this
technique boasts a high strategic value. Using this, the user can also re-shape their body parts for suitable situations.
The only way to contain a user of this technique is to lock them up in
an airtight container so they cannot move about. When the user passes
out, they turn into a jelly-like state.

Name: Water Release Demon Fish Wave Crash
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Water
Description: After using his Hydration Technique to merge with a water source, Suigetsu can form a giant wave that looks like a demon-like fish. Suigetsu can use this form to crash into his opponents, or he can use it to shield allies from attack. Though it was strong enough to push back an Eight-Tailed Killer Bee, it was not strong enough to withstand a Tailed Beast Ball, which rendered Suigetsu unconscious, in a jelly-like state.

Name: Water Release Great Water Arm
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Water
Description: By putting the Hydration Technique into practical use, the muscles of the arm are temporarily enlarged and strengthened. Moisture is gathered from the whole body and compressed into the entire arm, like an instant pump-up. However, because it is essential to properly control the moisture balance inside the body, this technique's degree of difficulty is very high. The technique gives the user superhuman strength, capable of cutting through both rock walls and steel doors.

Quantity: 12
Distinct Features Sharp teeth
Traditions: N/A
Like most of chrono's life his clan's history is also a mystery, None know how they came to be nor do they know how the hydration technique fell into there posession, Most scepulate that they were once a small family that through knowledge and ninjutsu skll in water release were able to adept this great jutsu, They then began to form there clan first by gathering followers who wanted to learn the way of the jutsu, Those who learned it would then be granted the name Hozuki, It was then speculated that the clan grew bigger allowing for more members to learn the hydration technique, Tho they were soon famous the clan was confronted by the lord of lightning a warrior adept in control of the lightning release clan, There weree only 12 survivers of the thousand member clan,

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Mr. Sinister

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PostSubject: Re: Hozuki   Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:39 am

Quote :
Kekke Genkai: Hiden - Hydration technique
Ok this is telling me nothing about the clan's KKG. I need to know exactly what this KKG is. What's the ability of this KKG and why does it differ from any other water jutsu?

after you do that then I'll go and check ur jutsu
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Chrono Hozuki


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PostSubject: Re: Hozuki   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:04 am

Its a hiden!

Iv edited some more info in tho i didnt see the point the actual hiden is the hydration technique itself and that explains everything in the jutsu description
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Chrono Hozuki


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PostSubject: Re: Hozuki   Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:01 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hozuki   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:56 am



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PostSubject: Re: Hozuki   

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