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 Keito, Lea (WIP)

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PostSubject: Keito, Lea (WIP)   Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:48 pm

General Information

Name: Keito, Lea
Nickname/Alias: Hot Lea
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Lea is different from the rest of the women around her. Lea is slightly more muscular, leaner, and taller. She is a beautiful women, with a strong body to match with a strong mind. Lea is 5'0, and weighs eighty-eight lbs with 9% of that being body fat. Lea has a naturally tanned skin color, received from her dark skinned father in Iwagakure.

Lea's face is unique from the rest of the people in Iwagakure. She had a tattoo starting at the forehead and traveling to the middle of the brow. The Tattoo reads "Brutality". She also has black tattoos lines on her face and around her eyes giving her a "cat eye" style. Lea has silver eyes. The woman has brown hair that goes to her breasts, however, ninety percent of the time she keeps it in a bun. She has two very long braids that hang to the floor. She has three senbon in her hair, disguised of course.

During the course of her duties she wears her combat armor, which is a mix between reinforced steel and hard leather. She wears a gold samurai mask that protects her identity, even though she is not in any special force. She likes the mask because it installs a fear into some of her enemies. When she is not on duty she wears normal cloths such as: Jeans, shirts, sweaters, coats. Surprisingly, she likes to stay in fashion.

Personality: Lea is bipolar, and her personalities switch at random times. Both personalities are Lea, and they communicate in the mind of the woman. Lea is fully sane regardless of this hidden condition. One of her sides is brutal, deceiving, unloving, and bloody. She shifts towards this in more combat situations. This side of her is extremely insane. She is focused on her enemy, and literally forgets everything else. This does not mean she acts irrationally. She is still brilliant, but every thought and calculation is used against her enemy.

When she is not at battle she is in her other personality with is considerably more sane and calm. She speaks with purpose, is some-what kind, cares about things in life, and is pretty normal. In this personality she has a bad swearing habit and does not put up with bullshit except when she has to or if it is coming from a superior. Lea has no interest in men, and see's them as tools and inferior beings. She has been rumored to carry children from numerous one night stands, but these have yet to be confirmed.

Regardless of what personality Lea is in at the moment, she is extremely respective of people stronger than her. She has such obedience that she can even snap from her rage mode in some cases. She does not measure strength by powers. She looks at the person as a whole, and thinks about what they have been through. Also, Lea is insanely protective of her family. Her family is her clan. If you pick on one, then you deal with her.
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Rank Information:
Country: Iwagakure
Village Rank: S
Skill Rank: S

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Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Weaponry

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Keito, Lea (WIP)
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