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 Ryuzaki Blaize

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PostSubject: Ryuzaki Blaize   Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:39 pm

~General Information~
Name: Ryuzaki Blaize
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Weight: 180lb
Height: 5’10’’
Age: 16
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Appearance/ Clothing:
Blaize is now a teenager but at times he can seem innocent but in other times he can seem like nothing can stop him into what he believes in making his looks more mature. His natural hair color is a brown-blond hair but he changes it to red if he feels like changing his appearance. He allows his hair to grown long but not in length he has short hair witch sometime he let them go down to cover his eyes if he lets it be. When he wakes his hair seems to be bushy and almost puffy in a way if he slept the wrong way the night before. After it has been wet after a shower it may just go flat down to cover his vision or just seemed like it had spikes to his hair depending how he washed it. His face, is smooth to the touch though his nose seemed look like something pointy in a way, his eyebrows covered from the tip of his hair and quickly expresses from kindness to hatred if his mood changes. His eyes are light blue filled almost with innocent in a first look and when thinking about the past it seems you can get lost at them. His eyes always look at the person that is looking at them. He has a natural habit into looking at one in the eyes so if one can see its reflection that is the reason why. His body not of someone who 100% trains muscle but he does show his abs and of course muscle of his forearms. Those are the main ones he shows because his training consists of his fists and acrobatic skills to maneuver in any situation. Due to that reason he keeps himself free of body hair. There is a birthmark on his arm but he keeps it hidden by placing his mother’s headband on his arm so no one may see it if he chooses not to let them look at it. His smell, it seems to have a smell of leaves rustling in the wind. The smells were you inhale and can smell the elegant scent of being in the forest. It must be that he lived outdoors most of his life and his training always seemed to take place in a remote location so no one can get hurt. His aura seemed to be of determination, curiosity, and a mix of innocents and hurt. For what happened to him when he was young he seems cautious but always with curiosity. It changes when he is determined to do something that he feels is important to him.

His style of clothing is usually a jacket that is usually open most of the time. He usually prefers black, blue, or red in his jacket but it may also seem to look like a those jackets that are longer then normal. He always matches his pants according to his shirt or jacket. He likes them to have pockets able to conceal his kunai or something that can be able to have a kunai holder if need be. The colors of his outfit are mostly Black, blue, and red. He most likely wears something with a set amount of cuts on them or a unique design. He keeps his jacket open to show either his shirt or no shirt at all. Basically he likes to keep colors the same unless one complements the other. Like red and black, or green and black.

Blaize just wants to know the secret of his family's history. What makes him chase after it, what makes this his dream? Well then it is because he lost his parents in just one night. Now with this "accident" to his parents shining on s murder, and the discovery of his mother's ninja headband Blaize wants to know his history that was keep secret for so long.

Even though he wants to find out his history he still has his life and still is a human being in this world. Many things trigger his senses in a way that no one wants to feel, not voluntarily that is. That reaction is fear; the sharp pointy edges of needles scare him when he was just a child. The fear of getting an injection and being poison to death is the ruler of this fear. Losing someone important to him also triggers this nerve of his, with the death of his parents it is hard to move on after a loved one has past away. It is nature yes, but no one wants to lose someone close to them. Your eyes are the only thing that is moving in your body while every other part is now still and unresponsive to your commands. This is one of his biggest fears dieing when he can not defend himself and the only thing he can do is look, that right only look.

Habits, everyone has habits right? Blaize is just not an exception to this rule, yes he has habits. One of the most noticeable habits is that when thinking of a solution he would zone out trying to find out what is the best solution even when someone else has already thought of a solution. He will just not accept anything until he has thought of a solution. Even if his solution is the same as the other person but this habit quickly dies out if his life risking situation then he will not be able to make up his mind. The next habit is quite an annoying one to most of the people he has known. When he a room he always lock the door. The reason for this is that he just dose not want someone in his room, but it pisses off almost everyone because they think that these is no reason to lock the door at every single time. Another noticeable habit is that he can’t just stop in an argument especially is he believes he is right and the other is 1000000% wrong. He will just keep going at it until he relies that he is wrong and then he will lower is defenses and then stop and give the other person his or her win over the discussion.

Blaize is really open to others and doses not judge them until they show a reason to be judged. To the people that eventually become someone that Blaize dose not want to be around he changes. One of the first reaction is that he won’t talk much to them if they try to speak with them unless for a good reason. The second reaction is that he overly cautious wanting to see every detail believing that someone might go wrong with the presence of a person he dose not like. He will give that person his or her space if that person is befriended with one of his friends. He will give that person minimal respect so that there won’t be a reason for them to get into a negative situation.

Blaize reaction to strangers is stated before; he is open to others. He give people a chance rather then give a liking or automatic hatred of that person just by their looks. Just like the people he dose not like he is cautious at times because he really dose not know them that well but he lowers his defenses if they become friendly.

To the people that Blaize dose like well they are his friends of course. He gives them his full trust and cherishes their friendship. Though normal, Blaize treats the people he likes with unique treatment. For example, he can just be a friend to someone that shares one common interest then someone else who trains with him, or one of his comrades. There are different stages of friendship and Blaize shows theses stages to these different friends. Once they have obtained a close friendship with Blaize, they are always going to have Blaize in their corner when he is needed.

When Blaize interest in a certain friendship rises it is basically because he really likes someone more then their current friendship allows them to be. Blaize is a person that kind and understanding to the person he really likes. He doesn’t get upset with them if something happened or if they were late. Blaize understands that they had some business to do elsewhere and that is not a reason to be upset with them. The last thing he would want to do is to give any reason for that person to hate them he cherishes that person he really likes and mostly likely will put her above any other soul.

The reaction to family is very high before and after his parents died. The only family member he has left is his brother, Kyo. He takes his older brother’s opinion very highly and learned most of what he knows today from him. Kyo is the only family left and he is someone who has been there in tough times and rewards him in his achievements and in times of happiness. You must always have at least one family member you connect with more then anyone. Family is going to be there when you need it…and always will be.

Blaize has many views of his life even though he just wants to learn the history of his parents. His views on things with an open mind and dose not judge people so quickly. He gives them time before he can judge them. He gives different reactions to different people. Just like described above He gives his trust on his fellow comrades and his friends. To get respect you have to give respect and that also applies to trust as well. Friendship is a powerful ally to you besides you own. With friends you’re not always alone; you always have someone to help you out in your time of need. The also help get ride of that empty, and that cold alone feeling. Friendship gives you variety on your life both within you and others around you. Love… Love is something that Blaize has experienced just a few times in his life. Love is something that can only be true by both of those companions. To Blaize, love is something to hold and cherish and if you don’t have something to love…well what is wrong with you?
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Blaize   Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:40 pm

~Clan Information~
Located Here

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Genin
Letter Rank: C
Village: Kazangakure

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire



Physical Stats
Speed: 11
Stamina: 9
Agility: 10
Physical Endurance: 9
Chakra Stats
Chakra Reserves:10
Chakra Control: 9
Intelligence: 11


Academy Jutsu &

Katon Jutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Blaize   Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:40 pm

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story:
    Background: History/Background Story:Childhood: The years that his parents were murdered. Blaize would have gone into turmoil if his brother wasn’t there to help him out in those times. In this stage of his life responsibility grew after he and his brother had to vend for themselves. The murder was hard for him and his brother they both saw their parents die before there eyes. The one thing he remembered was that when all four of them was returning from home that day by horse drawn carriage, when something or someone came and took there life away. Blaize remembered being inside the carriage when he looked out the window. It seemed to be normal route going home, because they lived in a remote area of the town not many people was there to witness it. Something flew at them and headed straight for the window not knowing what it was he stepped back as the window broke in with something he didn’t see before some round circular object. This object was round and black and had something in its tip with fire and it seemed that the object was shrinking. Out of the panic, his parents and Kyo looked at that object; which is now a bomb. The next thing happened so fast, his father picked up the bomb to dispose of it but his mother knew it was too late she open the door and pushed both him and his brother out of the door as soon as the door open the bomb exploded sending his parents flying backwards and Kyo and Blaize out of the opening.

    It was pitch black now and it was because he just recovered and awakens from that blast. His vision was blurry and it took a couple of seconds to get them functioning. When he was able to see clearly he saw the horses down on the ground, a ring of a fire around the carriage, and two bodies that were quickly turning to ash, his parents. At that moment he wanted to get up but his body, it couldn’t move at all, he was only able to watch. He saw something appear as if it jumped down out of the sky. The only memorable part to this person was that he was wearing a long white bandana that had the ends waving in the air but it seemed to have dried blood on its tip, and so was part of his shirt but it seemed to be a design. He really didn’t care what he was wearing he thought he could help them but he only saw the man looking at Blaize for a second smiling a little devil smile and a gust of wind appeared and then he disappeared as the wind seem to take him with it.

    At that time he passed out again, this time near the woods of the town. He woken up to see Kyo putting something wet on his head. As he was able to move his body Blaize wondered what happen next. At that point Kyo told him the truth, they were dead and in the hours that Blaize has fallen asleep he had buried them somewhere near by, must have been the reason why his clothes was so dirty. He told Blaize that they would be living alone by themselves and the first thing was to go back home and to figure out what they had to do next in this situation.

    They returned back home after walking a couple of hours to see that that there house was still in tact. They both returned and gotten themselves cleaned up. Blaize and Kyo both went to there parents room. They couldn’t believe that they were gone. When Blaize explored the room he seen a photo of his parents he picked it up only to have the top of the counter turn over to reveal two ninja headbands. Kyo was there as well and noticed what it was when he saw them because his dad had told him about hidden villages and their shinobi. There was something different about them that Kyo had pointed out “The symbol, it seems that they have taken it off “It didn’t matter they both took one of them to keep as a remembrance. Based on the picture that hid the headband, Kyo took the left one that was his dads, and Blaize taken the other which was his mother’s.

    When the both taken the head band something happened, an explosion, the front door was burst open and the whole front of the house was burning with flames. With no free exit they jumped out of their parents’ window and fled the scene. They took refuge at thewoods near were they parents bodies were buried. In all this confusion and loss of there parents Kyo quickly took lead role. He told Blaize that they had to leave this town. Something in this town was hunting them and wanted to destroy all evidence that we even existed. Although his idea was a little crazy it did maker sense.

    So Kyo and Blaize now left the town on there own for about a year. In that year Blaize and Kyo trained together the martial arts that dad taught Kyo while adding stuff from there own. They both ran into an old partner of there dad’s and he couldn’t believe that his kids were alive. Blaize and Kyo really couldn’t trust anyone after there parents died it seemed to be only for themselves. Blaize and Kyo gave in a short time later were they stayed with that man for a week teaching them their father’s style of martial arts, until some how accidentally Kyo burned Blaize.

    They were training one day with some advance techniques with their father’s partner. They were training out side during the evening and had a fireplace near by. Both of the brothers were sparing until somehow Kyo’s fist was engulfed in fire and burned Blaize with it accidentally. Their dad’s partner was surprised at them and told them that they both had a unique ability that their father had. He told them a story that both his parents were ninja long before either of them were born. Though he didn’t go into much history he did explain that his father was the only one that combined his fighting style with fire elemental Jutsu. Both brothers couldn’t believe it until he explained that they had to keep it a secret because they didn’t want their kids exposed to that lifestyle. Of course it was too late and they wanted to learn to defend themselves so this guy told them about two different lands were his parents grew up in. This is wear they had to separate, Kyo left off to the land the father was born in to find out his secrets as Blaize went to the other land to find out his mother’s history.

    Before they had to get an exact location their father’s partner was murdered the next day, the same way there parents and houses were destroyed. Now this was the time for Blaize to learn about his family and to learn to really be alone.

    Teenage years: Blaize was able to find the land but only to find it in ruins. He was able to find documents and an old shrine. He was able to find out something about fire elemental Jutsu. After about a few months alone in that place Blaize was able to learn fire element Jutsu by reviewing the old documents, and that shrine. Something about the figures and painting gave him a sense of his father and the Jutsu. He wanted to find out more but it was with no help he couldn’t find something worthwhile. After he left the shrine it took Blaize a couple of months when he reunited with his brother. There Kyo seemed older and more mature this time learning fire elemental Jutsu as well. Kyo decided that they had to take there own paths in life to get their own dreams their own goals. Blaize has agreed and they separated again. Somehow he was able to join a school for “gifted” children at the age of 14. There he was able to master his own moves as well as befriend people he never meet before, but it had to end it just wasn't right for him. There he left and Joined the shinobi in the land of volcanoes.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Blaize bit his lower lip as he was mad at what just happened. His jutsu worked but did not worked at the same time. Yes it must of worked to the point that the ninja must of been effected of some what after his change in the temperature but the change was not lasted as long as he wanted because the heat mixed with the water to produce a warm foggy substance around them as he was wondering what he should do now. he noticed that Shizu was starting to come out of the ground after the shock the shinobi did not to long ago. He also noticed his feet.

    his feet was engulfed in flames as he was trying to move a step to get close to shizu but the step was slow. When he was moving before he noticed the substance that was on the ground. So he must of planned this earlier but he was still able to move. He did not know what this substance but he did know that he was able to move. This must of been something to slow him down but he knew enough not to take this to a disadvantage. He was wondering what to do. The fog was now surrounding them. He wanted to get them out of the way. The water of the rain seemed to stop but another obstacle from damn fog was now in the way. There was only one way to take control of this without the risk of hurting Shizu in the process. He started to think of a plan of how to execute this as he spoken to himself.

    "Come on Blaize there is always many obstacles in the way how are you going to get out of this one. Think water is gone be happy about that. That can't get to you no more. What else do you know. he is a lightning user so you can't get to close. So what do you have to do, win at mid range, how are you going to do that? by controlling the area? Now how is that going to help you, by giving you time for you and Shi to cooperate, Right now how how, All this darn thing in the way if i can only blow it out......Wait Blow it away....Wind..... I got it!"

    Blaize Then started to snap his fingers, as he performed his KKG again. Having his feet and arms engulfed in flames for the second time in the row. The power he now had was now double, at least the flames. He started to take out his katana and then use one of the flames from his arm to engulf the katana in flames, leaving the power of flames in his right hand to normal instead of double. With that he then price it down in the ground. he felt resistance and stickiness, hard to price within the ground. This was his full evidence that something was on the ground and something was according to that Shinobi's plan. To recap the Tree was not to far from the target they had passed it. So all they have to do is defeat him and collect the samples. he then moved on to the next phase. Blaize bit his lower lip so hard that he started to bleed. he then put his thumb on his lip to get the blood as he then did hand signs and placed his hand on the end of the katana as he just performed the summoning jutsu. White smoke appeared making it the same as the fog. The summoning came out and was gliding in the air as it made its landing on Blaize as it then spoken.

    "Hey Kyo little Brother.....What the hell is going on????"

    Blaize then spoken as he was taking out a Potassium bomb from his pocket as he then spoken.

    "Quickly create a wind right in front of me to take out the Fog, we need coverage the shinobi here is trying to kill me and my partner i need your help can you do that??"

    The summoning nodded as it jumped up from its summoner and then focused chakra on its wings and flapped it to the front of Blaize creating a tornado like wind that was starting to blow away the wind. As the wind was blowing away the fog, blaize waited until he was able to see shizu, as that happened he took his potassium bomb and threw it with his left hand to the tornado as he send part of his flame from his left hand with the bomb into the wind and when that happened the bomb went off with the fire creating that tornado a wind/fire combination tornado in the skys. Blaize plan had worked not only did he take off the fog but now he was in control of the tornado wind. He quickly used his hands that engulfed in chakra (Both normal strength not double because of its usage in the battle in this post_ to separate as the tornado started to split in two creating a ring of fire around himself and shizu to protect them both. The reason being he did not know were the enemy was, not only that he wanted to make sure Shizu was alright he then spoken out to her.

    "Shizu, im glad your free from the imprisonment, can you move? Can you go on? if you are i will not hesitate to back you up in whatever form of attack you chose. let me make something clear to you though. he is able to use water and lightning chakra we know that, as well creating hard rain like hail in a way. Not only that he seems to take cover when he wants to but because of the first time encounter we can suggest that he likes close range when he is sure he can take us on. But now that we are both here we will now the upper-hand. not only that. The tree we past it. You can see it now that it is all cleared up. Look to your left a bit and look at the odd looking tree. isn't that the tree we saw in the scroll. It is and that is what we need. but first its this guy here that is having the most trouble."

    As he finished speaking the flames were now fully surrounding the two shinobi protecting them in a ring for now at least. it was not for shizu to shine to see how she will take control of this battle. Blaize was being defensive all this time because of Protecting his teammate. The best offense is a good defense that is what Blaize had..

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Blaize   Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:58 pm

Under Katon Jutsu, I am pretty sure that any elemental jutsu is always at least C-rank.


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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Blaize   Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:00 pm

Using an element a shinobi should be/ must be at least C rank. I don't think that every elemental jutsu is always C in rank min. There can be elemental jutsu that are D rank in chakra but should only be used by C rank shinobi.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Blaize   

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Ryuzaki Blaize
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