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 Ryuzaki Clan

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PostSubject: Ryuzaki Clan   Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:18 pm

Clan Name: Ryuzaki
Clan Location: N/A
Clan Traits: Natural Affinity with the Fire Element. Quite longing to find details and facts to help them find answers to their problems. Change of hair color to their natural hair color to red then back to the natural hair color.
Kekkei Genkai:
First and foremost is the usage of the flame is that of chakra and real flame. The flame the Ryuzaki clan use can burn, when the user will allow it, heat, shape manipulate, or combine with other elements and even other Katon jutsu only amplifying its power and so on. The way the shinobi of the Ryuzaki clan has been able to use and learn fire then others is the constant training under heat terrains, or well they were forced to.

The only Power of the Ryuzaki that seemed the brothers have tapped in is the ability to learn and use fire element at an easier and faster rate than the other elements they try to learn. With that Said the clan is able to use/handle fire within their own will. (I.E Gaara's sand without the overpower of creating it from everywhere xD) There is a story within a close personal friend of the Flame Ninja's father. "The use of the fire was like no other. The shape of the flame can only be wielded by the member who can see ever color of its potential" This has been a small suggestion that the clan is able to have a different power within the different colors of the flame. This has been known to be true because the red/orange flame has been used for offense and defense from the Flame Ninjas but they have used a White flame for their Medical ninjutsu.

With this KKG. It seems that the Shinobi of the Ryuzaki can use and withstand Fire type ninjutsu better than your normal ninja. The shinobi of the clan can use up to 25% less chakra then needed to use the jutsu as well as up to 25% more withstanding heat and fire chakra from nature and his opponent. This only involves jutsu involving heat and fire that their advantages take place, Also the advantage can only be used to their shinobi rank. I.E C -B rank shinobi(Genin-Chuunin) can use 25% less chakra in jutsu up to and including B rank. As well as withstanding fire, fire like chakra 25% less damage to the shinobi if the jutsu used is B rank or less. Or if the flame is the size of a everyday house or smaller.
The same goes for Jounin. They can withstand up to 25% of fire like chakra up to and including the Level of ranking they are. The same goes for chakra usage. This is tricky the limit and usage are different from Genin and Chuunin. The A Rank Jounin can limit their chakra and fire usage up to 25% up to and including A rank. While S rank Jounin can limit their chakra and fire usage up to 25% up to and including A rank but S rank are strictly limited to 2 S-Ranks and can only withstand 25% of the fire in that rank. This means that they can withstand 25% of fire like chakra attacked at them at S Rank and can use 25% off the chakra needed for only 2 jutsu at the S rank Level. Once the limit is reach they will revert back to only withstanding fire like chakra and fire jutsu usage up to and including A rank.

Chakra usage
Chakra usage
Chakra usage to use free will fire is at least C rank or above. Unless using flame to light a small candle or burning a tip of a rope or something similar in that aspect. In that case that is D rank usage. Anything the size of a softball to the size of a large beachball is at C rank cost. As well as flame engulfing the hands and up to the elbow or Feet up to the kneecap is considered C rank Usage. [See Ryuzaki Inferno]. B Rank usage of fire is anything larger to the size of a large beachball or longer than 20 feet or rope up to the size of a Shed is considered to be B rank usage of free will flame. Anything the size of the a Kage’s mansion, distance from the Fire temple to the location of grass were team Kakashi was trapped is considered A rank usage of fire/fire chakra.

Chakra Distance
With the use of the flame in the Ryuzaki clan the limit of a C rank Flame is anywhere from 0-10meters (short range) B rank Flames can reach up to 15-25 meters (Mid range) as well as A rank Flame can reach Long range. 30 Meters+
It is know that the Ryuzaki clan uses the following colors of flame to their way of the shinobi life.

Red Flame:
Their main attribute of the KKG. They are able to summon fire chakra from within and use them at will. They are able to manipulate flame from their surroundings as long as their chakra had some connection with the point they are trying to make. For example if there was a tree burning on fire and one of them sends chakra(meaning in form of red fire) to the flame they can manipulate the flame to die down and disappear or use them for their own will. Though the usage of flame to control another Flame has to be equal to have full control of it. Though if the flame seems to be too much or if the shinobi cannot waste chakra then they can send at least C rank flame to the target to disburse the flame.


Flames that are in control to the Ryuzaki have to be used as soon as possible. In form of a jutsu, placing flame into an item, or disappearing the flame. A ryuzaki cannot use new flame until the flame they have absorbed or used now is used. If not then the flame goes away in two rp battle posts.

It is known that the Flames can also be used as different sources of fire such as heat.
The Flame can also be used within weapons and other items without intentionally burning the said items with their flame control. The way it seemed to the target the flames are there but it does not burn the reason being is that the Ryuzaki's flame can take control of their natural burning effects and make it nutural or not depending on the Ryuzaki shinobi. Though it seemed easy for them now because they had to train how not to burn each other while they were starting to control the KKG.

Beige (Sand color) Flame: Another use of the flame. This flame seems to be perfected by certaint Ryuzaki members. The color of flame is used with his natural fire element with a secondary element Wind. With the training of wind control one can learn to use flame with wind within his KKG. This started to change the color of the flame to Beige.
This Flame is a flame mixed with Fire and wind nature. This is a flame that is amplified with the power of wind. Not only does this flame is empowered but it has a effect of wind with the flame. The Wind with the flame is able to make cuts within the body. The type of cuts are to the flesh that opens the skin and the flames will get into the skin to make a different type of burning within the body.

This chakra control is B rank at minimum. The flame can only be engulfed in Ryuzaki’s hands and arms not legs. This flame can reach up to 20 meters in length. It power is double compared to the Ryuzaki’s red Flames and can be combined with additional red flames and Jutsu that includes Wind and or Fire chakra only.

Yellow Flame: A use that seems only Certain Ryuzaki members can use. When having learn of a second element, lightening, a Ryuzaki tried to use this with his control of fire chakra to produce this yellow flame. Though a Ryuzaki cannot Handel lightning like the use of his flames but he can get a seemly good sense of ration, he cannot manipulate the lightning however though he can use the lightning at will and can directed it using this method. During combat when hit with this flame the target will not only feel burning on its self but it will feel a shocking sensation. It is used to help disturb their concentration on a jutsu or give them a slow reaction time though not strong enough to stun unless given a powerful blow.

Other Types of uses grow within the shinobi lives, there may be More Ryuzaki out there or not. The only two Ryuzaki members that are known are Ryuzaki Blaize and Ryuzaki kyo.
Secret Clan Jutsu:
Name: Ryuzaki Style: Ryuzaki Inferno
Rank: C
Type: Clan
Description: With the Style of the Ryuzaki this was one of their basic form of offense and defense. While focusing the fire element chakra they can make it so that The fist and feet are engulfed in flames. While adding damage it also leaves the opponent left with a burning effect.
Blaize is able to channel the flames that was stored up in his hands and feet and extended it out of his body. This skill can be used over again to increase the flame in his hands and feet. This skill can only increase three times. Level one Flames gives out first degree burns. Level two flames gives out second degree burns. Level three flames gives out third degree burns. Also with each increase it takes that much hits or uses to exit out of his body.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Dragon Spiral
Type: Clan Ninjutsu
Rank: C Rank
Element: Katon
Description:By using the Ryuzaki's inferno or even by summoning up fire chakra. Blaize is able to form a fire spiral around him. During this time the fire spiral will give him use for a defensive maneuver. As the Fire rises The tip of the spiral would start to form a dragon's Head. Then Blaize can send the Dragon spiral out at the foe. Trying to Clasp the opponent in his jaws, if not at least to release the flames onto the opponent. The Fire can go around 10 meters. It can be able to coil around its opponent. Once command, Hit target by force, or Grasp an opponent in its Jaws. The flame will start to Rage towards the said target. Leaving it with heavy damaged and not to mention, Burns in high caliber.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Healing Ember
Type: Medical
Rank: D
Element: Fire
Description: This is not something that is used in combat. This jutsu is main to explain why the user uses a different color medical chakra. While medical chakra is green, the user could only form his medical chakra with white flames. The white flames, in this aspect, are his green chakra. While normal; medics glow with green chakra, the user’s chakra is a white flame. The Medical chakra is the same except the chakra give off a little bit of warm sensation to the patient its healing. Other than that no other differences the jutsu holds then the change of color and the very subtle warmth.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Fire Shower
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element: Fire
Description: By forming hand seals, Blaize is able to form a small shower of fire to his opponent or the area that is covered in the shower of flame. The flame can only give a warm sensation to the opponent and start to create heat bumps to the opponent giving him an uncontrollable sensation that is able to throw him off the train of thought, or lose concentration because of the heat on his body. This flame is not powerful to ignite a fire and thus cannot burn anything, but in contrast can be used to detect organisms in the general area. The Shower of flame can only travel as far as five meters from the caster but the shower only covers about a 10x10 area.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Fire Projectile
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element: Fire
Description: This jutsu allows Blaize to form basic shurken and kunai out of flame. These flame can be used to thrown at an existing opponent. The weapons would disperse into flame as soon as it hits the target. There, would then burn the opponent in that area, then being pierced by the actual weapon. This jutsu is great for mixing both the real weapon with a fire adaptation but the shurken and kunai would be just the shapes out of flame, meaning you can tell its flame and not being disguised as a real weapon.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Four Tailed Dragon Spin
Type: Fire
Rank: C
Element: Fire
Description: This jutsu allows Blaize to channel chakra out of his hands and legs to form streams of chakra out of his body in the four cardinal directions. The fire 'tails' can reach about two meters of his body and can the four tails can spin around his body. The use of this jutsu is to attack multiple enemies from multiple sides or simply for defense. The flame goes out once in contact from a jutsu of its rank, an explosion, water, or by the users will. The jutsu has a limit of two post if nothing has stopped the tails and can be dispersed up to five meters from his body. Meaning they can be 'detach' and be aimed at a target. I.E. like a shurken can be thrown to the direction of an opponent. While this jutsu is used to protect Blaize or attack a foe this jutsu cannot be used to tie up an opponent.
Name: [/b ] Ryuzaki Style: Flare Heat
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Description: A ninjutsu Developed by Blaize. Using the flames he can countrol he decides to make
a jutsu for hid mid to long range combat style. By forming hand seals Blaize is able to extend his hands out into the air and cover the range of fire meters full of increased heat. The heat is formed by putting chakra into the air. The user of the jutsu will feel no sudden change because of its creation and use of it. To the targets exposed the body will feel the quick change and try to adapt to the change in temperature. Because of this the body will feel heat, and stings on its body that can't be controlled because of the body changing its heat. This will confuse an opponent and make the opponent unable to fully concentrate during this time. (Short time one post for the change in heat and adaption of heat to the body.) The heat change itself increases about 20 degrees F. The jutsu will last at most three post. One for the change in heat, Second post for the temperature at full, third for the temperature to return to normal. Because the jutsu is made and helped with Blaize's chakra he can form a combination with this jutsu, basically his Flames.

Name: Flame Rope
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Description: Used and made when no shinobi has the wires or rope to capture an opponent. Blaize will use his flames to wrap around an opponent. Thus wrapping him up like a rope. The flames can come out of his hands when he uses his kkg. Or by performing hand signs. The jutsu itself is not limited to Blaize's body. It can form out of the flames he creates. Though he uses this jutsu as a mean of a snaky measure when he makes flames from the fire chakra he expels during the Flare Heat jutsu. It will make a flame-like rope wrapping around his opponent that is in range within the Flare heat jutsu. Once the Flames has been used from the flare heat jutsu. The flare heat jutsu will cancel itself out due to the chakra used on the Flare Heat jutsu to the Flame Rope Jutsu. The rope will bind an opponent down for up to four post. Though the first two post will burn the target. The last two will focus on the binding nothing more.

Name:Ryuzaki Style: Flame in the Air jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Description:: After a snap of the fingers or doing a few hand signs. Blaize would send chakra in the air from his hands. Focusing in front of him, to the left of him. and to the right of him. As the chakra formed into three fireballs in the the size of a human fist or the size of sasuke phinoex flower jutsu fire ball (spelling?) With these balls of flames they would be able to be controlled by Blaize command. The flames can only go for about 10 meters in range. The flames can combine into one large fireball which can turn intotriple the size of a phinoex flow jutsu fireball(spelling). The flames can also be shaped and manipulated at will but only in its fire form. meaning it can not turn to heat but it can turn into a rope and still retain its fire nature. With the advantage of distance the flame can be used as a tracking method were the flame can follow a ally shinobi and if Blaize is lost blaize can use the flames to locate were the fireball is located.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Location of the Ryuzaki
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-S
Description:: This jutsu is a involvement of his normal scenes of his clan's style. This jutsu is able to track down the location of his own chakra in a longer mid to long range. Blaize Ryuzaki will normal locate his chakra like flames up to 5 meters away. This will help him increase the senses to find anyone who holds his chakra or the location of his chakra. By chakra it is limited to the flames that he posses and the chakra he places on items such as his potassium bombs. If he had given something like the potassium bombs to his comrade then when they split up and blaize has no idea of the location of his comrade then the jutsu will help sense his flame chakra up to the distance of range.

Without the jutsu blaize could only sense up to five meters of his own chakra. With the jutsu Blaize can sense his chakra up to 20 meters with the skills of a C rank (genin shinobi) With training and increase in rank Blaize can sense his chakra up to 30 meters away to B rank (Chuunin shinobi) and then to 50 meters to an A rank shinobi (A rank Jounin shinobi). Then up to 75 meters as a higher shinobi S rank ( Special Jounin, Anbu rank)
Name: Thermal Sensory Jutsu
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
With the training with the fire jutsu and constant training within sensory ninjutsu Blaize has come up with a way to use his element with sensory. With this jutsu the user is able to locate the signatures of organisms in a quarter of a mile (402M) of their location. Instead of sensing chakra the user is able to detect heat of a user. The jutsu is able to pinpoint the location of the heat signature but is not able to sense the amount of chakra or physically see the target. This jutsu is a passive jutsu that take a C rank amount of chakra to start with and a D rank chakra to keep it in use after the first post and can last for five posts. This jutsu is negated when engaged in combat and if a jutsu of B rank or higher needs to be used.

The drawback to this jutsu is that the user needs to focus on the jutsu in order to keep it in check meaning the shinobi is not in combat at this point in time. If the target tries to focus on the jutsu while in battle, or using multiple jutsu, then the jutsu is automatically nerfed to cover a 1/8th of a mile (201) and will only last three post until the jutsu effects are over. When this jutsu happens the whole jutsu process needs to be started all over again from the beginning

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Dark Light
Rank: D-B Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Description: This jutsu focuses on items such as clothing, weapons, accessories as a medium for the jutsu. This jutsu infuses the items with his katon chakra and carries a specific heat signature of a black heat if views in a thermal optic view. This heat signature is specific and is a key to Blaize’s sensory training. When used on his comrades or someone he wants to track he would have to use a different jutsu in which to locate these specific heat signatures. Although there are limits in which how many items he could infuse and thus the amount of chakra used will increase. The range these can locate is anywhere in a half mile radius (804M) of Blaize’s location.

The following list includes how many items Blaize can infuse these heat signatures in each mission(topic):
D rank = 1 item
C rank 2-3 items
B rank = 4-6 items

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Finding Heat
Rank: D-B Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Description: This jutsu follows the training of sensory. With this jutsu Blaize is able to focus on a fixed heat signature. This fixed heat signature is mainly his own heat signature that he had placed on items to find ally or enemies. The range of this jutsu can cover depends on its rank. The longer the range the higher the amount of chakra needed to locate it. Even though he has a jutsu to find heat signatures this jutsu itself concentrates on his own heat signatures or a signature that he deems familiar. [[I.E a client, a specific ally, a specific enemy heat signature.]] As explained earlier the jutsu can automatically be used to find items he had placed his own heat signature with but, with people he has not placed his chakra with he must locate the heat signature with his heat sensory jutsu before this jutsu can be used.

The Range the jutsu can cover is:
D rank: 1/8th of a mile
C rank: 1/4th of a mile
B rank: 1/2 of a mile

There is no records that blaize of Kyo found within there search to find more of the clan. Though shinobi who has faced both Kyo and Blaize said that they have wielded a great sense of chakra as well as masters of the flame element. Though younger they could only grow Stronger. The mother and Father of Blaize and kyo has died during a travel t a new land. Kyo believed to think it was an assassination because during the time of death Kyo saw a man who used wind to get away from the sense after looking at the dead bodies during the time of the attack.

There is another who knows slightly more about the Ryuzaki clan. a name Blaize and kyo refereed to as a friend of their father. he was an excellent man of Weaponry and the one who gave blaize his katana. he worked with their father for many years. Though he could not tell them of the past he can be seen as the only link they know about their identity of the clan and why the mother, father and even this man keep it a secret for all these years still.
Clan Details: Closed
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Ryuzaki Clan
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