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 The Shiro Kuma Clan ( Surname Koizumi)

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PostSubject: The Shiro Kuma Clan ( Surname Koizumi)   Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:41 pm

Clan Name: The Shiro Kuma Clan / The Koizumi Clan
Clan Location: Morigakure no Sato

Clan Traits: Members from the Shiro Kuma clan often have very light/ pale colored hair. The Shiro Kumo Clan gained the traits of the white spiders allowing them to produce poison, create webs, touch webs, and control spiders. Both men and woman can have the Shiro Kuma kekkei genkai but The Kekkei genkai can only be passed down by a woman who has it.

Kekkei Genkai: Poison Release (fire and wind)

Just like how spiders can smell out their pray the spiders are able to smell out their master who gave them chakra. This can be bad for the clan if one of their bugs is returning to them and gets tracked by an enemy but it also can be useful so that way the spiders can lead help towards the user. Since the Kekkei Genkai holders are used to poison of the white spider being in their body they are immune to it. Spiders aren’t able to feel pain so if a genjutsu is cast to make anyone under it feel pain it will have no effect on them allowing them to still attack even if they are under a genjutsu that will cause them pain, genjutsu involving other things will though. They will also be able to use spiders to detect abnormalities in the air which they can notice by their hairs on their body. Depending on the type of strange chemicals or different airs the spider will react differently. All Kekkei Genkai users have the ability to create and control the poison element. They are also able to use spiders to inject opponents with poison rather than using the poison element. Members of the Shiro Kuma clan also use their poison to create antidotes for commonly known poisons or their own poisons to help their allies.

The Shiro Kuma Clan are able to get a summoning with White spiders when they become chuunins. Some ninja decide to get a different summon or maybe spiders that aren't yet friends with the clan. To have a spider as a summon the Clan member must venture off to find an animal willing to form a summoning pact with them. The strongest summons is from White spider and so the members of the clan must travel all over the border of Land of the Forest and Land of Volcano’s to find the original cave where the clan first met the White spiders.

Secret Clan Jutsu:



The Koizumi clan originally lived in the Land of Volcano’s. There is no record how they arrived there or how long they had lived there the only clues were the elder’s legends. The most common legend was that a family was being hunted so they fled for a village where they would be safe. They wandered through the vast land of volcano’s barely surviving the journey. They had finally found land that could be used to grow food and at first their stay was supposed to be brief just going on land to figure out where they were and get food.

At the current time when there was a chance to harvest food normally there would be a large amount of people inhabiting the land. Many of the clan members wished to leave knowing there was probably a reason that no one inhabited the land already. Soon a storm came and gave them no choice but stay the night. The Kiozumi family retreated into a dark cave for shelter from the storm. Inside the cave there were thousands upon thousands of white spiders and instead of killing them or running in fear the father of the family found an empty place on the floor and made a small fire.

When he went to get wood he brought back some old turf grass too and dumped them in the cave. He dug a small hole in the ground a few feet away from his family and placed the grass there. At once a few spiders went for the grass and found little grub worms which they ate. It was said that over the next few days they decided to stay there forever and the Kiozumi family made friends with the spiders in the cave.

Centuries had passed and still the Kiozumi clan lived on the same land except there numbers were much greater at least ten times as many people. Over that time the people of the clan learned things from the spiders and gained some of their abilities like how to make webs and some jutsu involving them. With people taking care of the White Spiders they grew abnormally large and instead of the size of a tarantula they were half the size of a human sometimes even bigger. They became somewhat the kings of spiders in all of the land and were easily able to convince the other spiders into becoming friends with the humans that belonged to the Kiozumi clan.

The more and more people became like the spiders the more the two genders were split apart. The girls tend to stick together and same with the guys. Whenever girls dated guys their relationship would end quickly or badly and if they stuck together then the male would end up injured. There were very few couples that actually ended up lasting and it was considered a miracle. Many of the men from the clan joke around that the woman became too much like the spiders. Female spiders tend to have short relationships and eating their husbands before or just after having kids but since they can’t go around being cannibalize they tend to ruin the relationships till the husband leaves. Since there are few couples that last to the kids stage the population of the Kiozumi clan grew smaller but since then it kept a steady size.

After some time on the people wished to explore land so about half of the clan set out to discover any village and join it. All of these people moved to Morigakure no Sato and started a new home there and on their trip they brought a few foods that they sold to earn money. Once they arrived many of them men fell in love and left the clan homes so only woman were left. The men never returned though because unlike the woman they didn’t pick up the trait to be cursed with bad relationships. Though the men had the Kiozumi clan abilities none of their children did unless they married one of the female members of the Kiozumi clan. The rest of the females in the Kiozumi clan lived happily together like a family and many of them became skilled ninja and a few lucky ones had kids. One or two even were able to get married and live happily for many years.

Clan Details: Open
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The Shiro Kuma Clan ( Surname Koizumi)
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