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 Uzumaki, Masataka

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PostSubject: Uzumaki, Masataka   Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:39 am

~General Information~
Name: Mastaka Uzumaki
Nickname/Alias: Masa
Weight: 157 lbs
Height: 5'7 ft
Age: 16
Gender: male

~Character Information~
Appearance: Masataka is fair skinned with the silver eyes of a wolf.His hair is short and spiky it was originally red but he died it black(he didnt like the color so died it back).
Clothing: Masa can be seen usually wearing a black and red jacket with the symbol of the Uzumaki Clan mark on the back,black pants and black shoes.Under his jacket he has a kimono that matches the jacket.For his hands he has bandages and gloves to cover the bruises from hard training.Also a gift from his uncle a blacksmith Masataka carries a black stainless sword called wind Reiki.The sword maniplates Masa's wind element giving him full control and has been with him since his uncles death 10 years ago.
Personality: Masa is a quite, calm boy that likes to go with the flow and not get in much trouble but if he gets pissed you could find yourself in the hospital or dead. He hates death and therefore he tries his best not to kill. If he isnt training he's reading a good book, drawing or hanging around with friends.

~Clan Information~
Clan Name: Uzumaki
Kekei Genkai: unkown at moment
Clan Symbol: (check bottom of page)
Clan History: All that is know disdistant relatives to the Senju Clan everything else was destroyed with Uzushiogakure or left with the members that scattered around the ninja world.
Ability Summary: Have a high tolerance for pain(meaning can take large amount of damage), and known for sealing abilities.

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Chunin
Letter Rank: B/C
Village: Konoha

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Wind, Water

Physical Stats                           
Speed: 30
Stamina: 16
Agility: 38
Physical Endurance: 20
Chakra Stats
Chakra Reserves:18
Chakra Control: 22
Intelligence: 40

Name: Four Symbols Seal
Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
Chakra Chains
Twin Rasengan
Wind Release: Rasengan
Shadow Clone Technique
Wind Vacuum
Wind Release:Inner Destruction

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story: History/Background Story: After hearing about the destruction of Uzushiogakure, Masataka's parents Takashi Uzumaki and Maya Sagara went to Konoha, both where adopted by different families and kept their names. When the grew up and became ninja they met after Takashi came back from a mission after 22 years they fell in love and got married. Masataka's mom died giving birth and 1 year later Takashi was assassinated by former enemies of the Uzumaki.Having no one else Masa's Uncle Shin took him in trained him and told him about his parents.Uncle gave him almost anything thinking of him as a son since he wasnt married.Also thought Masa how to make weapons and techniques that only Uzumaki could use.(Had scrolls to read)When Masa was 10 the assassin that killed Takashi came for him and even though shin killed the assassin he sacrificed his life protecting Masataka. Before his uncle died he gave him the scrools of the Uzumaki, his fathers jacket(that he now wears) and the sword Wind Reiki as gifts.From then he lived alone in the apartment where he was raised and still helped around the shop as a blacksmith whenever he could as part owner of it with family friend.

Pre-Academy Arc:One of the smartest kids in his class along with his friends Kin(class clown) and Aya( prettiest girl in class) he had a fun care free childhood.Uncle would teach all 3 techniques in their areas when they had a sleep over.

Academy Arc:At the age of 12 Masataka graduated at the top 10 of his class as #2.Lucky enough to be assigned with his 2 best friends Kin Sagoro, and Aya Natsume plus Aya's father as their sensai(Sensai Koji).With passing of Uncle and no family besides friends. Took anger and turned it to motivation to become stronger to protects his friends and village.

Genin Arc:Passed the chunin exams with not even a scratch which would have promoted him to chunin not he refused saying his team needed him and he needed them.

Chūnin Arc:Passed again and has become a leader of this own Retrieval Team with both his friends at his side.
Roleplay Sample: So far everything has gone smoothly through out the village so Masa hasnt done any real serious missions.Along with Kin and Aya the Hokage has granted him leave from the village to find any survivers,lost relatives or decendents from the Uzumaki Clan.Traveling now in the Land of the Whirlpool(Land of Water), Masataka has found a total of 5 Uzumaki's: Mito, Anya, Po, Nika ad her brother Tenji that have promised to stay and rebuild Uzushiogakure with him. But word has gotten out that a threat is coming making Masa, Kin , and Aya to go back to their village.having to leave his dream of rebuilding what was his ancestors, Masa his team and blood relatives are angry to comethis far and have to leave.With the help of friends under orders to report and help fight against this terrible enemy while still traveling,Masataka and his team will face the hardest task in their lifes...

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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki, Masataka   Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:38 pm

please use the character template... Denied until done so
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki, Masataka   Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:49 pm

k im done re-editing
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki, Masataka   

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Uzumaki, Masataka
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