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Death The Kid


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PostSubject: JUTSU   Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:44 pm

Name: White Death
Rank: S
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A)
Description: Jyuuken Masters are famous for their ability to kill with a single gentle blow, This Jutsu is one of the means with which they can do this. Setting their trigrams and pinpointing their target with the Byakugan, the Hyuuga will strike at a precise location along the Chakra network infusing their own Chakra into it. The disturbance done by this causes a sudden surge and spike in the victim's own Chakra to the area affecting the organs nearby. By striking at precise locations in the chakra network connected to the heart or lungs the Hyuuga will cause such a surge in a way so as to overwhelm the heart or lungs, causing them to seize and even burst if so willed, There are a dozen such areas to choose from for a strike, each lethal, to strike any in the proper manner will result in death of the victim, thus allowing a Jyuuken master to kill with a single blow. This Jutsu isn't about force it's bout precision, it doesn’t require large amounts of chakra, rather it requires knowledge of where to strike and how.

Name: Hakke Sanbyaku Rokujuichi Shiki - Eight Trigrams 361 Palms of the Hand
Rank: S
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Sanbyaku Rokujuichi Shiki is a Taijutsu technique unique to the Hyuuga bloodline and is the a variation of Hakke Rokujuuyonshou . This Jutsu is considered one of most devastating technique within the Hyuuga clan and as its lesser variants, once inside the Hyuuga's Trigrams and the technique commenced there is no escaping it. When using this technique, the speed of the user is comparable to that of the hidden lotus and Reverse Lotus, the Hyuuga literally coming to move too fast for normal eyes to see. It closes the Tenketsus faster than they could be re reopened even by those capable of doing so, with the final blow either rendering the target unconscious instantaneously or killing them depending on which outcome the Hyuuga chooses.

This Jutsu allows the user to strike all 361 chakra points of the opponent, paralyzing them with each blow but the final blow is the one that makes this technique a lethal one or not. If the Hyuuga chooses not to deliver that last blow then the target falls unconscious, if the Hyuuga does choose to deliver that final blow then the target dies instantly upon the final hit.

Alternatively, this technique, like its lesser variants, the 64 or 128 palms techniques, can be used to hit a great number of targets with blinding speed, or used to counter an adversary that would otherwise prove too fast, No Hyuuga skilled in this technique has ever be “outpaced” or beaten by speed. [Gate users at the th gate can beat the hyuuga in speed.]

An alternate application of this Jutsu involves Dilating the Tenketsus instead of closing them, thus after dilating 64 Chakra points causing the victim to bleed their Chakra out instantly resulting in their immediate death with the last strike just as Closing their Tenketsus would do. This approach can prove more effective and desirables against foes that possess the means to force closed tenketsus back opens as such forceful means will not work to return dilated Tenketsus back to normal, such an act requires a precise application of Chakra that even skilled Hyuuga can find difficult to perform.

Name: Insanity Jacket
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: The user will use a piece of fabric, and imbue their chakra into it. The fabric will then touch the opponent, and upon touching any part of the opponent, it will expand extremely quickly, and constrict them just as quickly. This jutsu prefectly holds the opponent down long enough for the user to make a powerful jutsu make contact with a speedy opponent.

Name: Exploding Earth Shockwave
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Earth
Description: A Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth element. The user will form a string of hand seals and then slam their fists into the ground, releasing immense energy directly into the ground. This force causes the ground to shake and heave, cracking in some places as if rocked by an earthquake

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Death The Kid


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PostSubject: Re: JUTSU   Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:53 pm

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