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PostSubject: BLAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! done   Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:46 am

Clan Name: Zakuroichi (the dark ones)
Clan Location: They do not live in one set village
Clan Traits: Have naturally keen since of hearing, have a moon shaped scar on there foreheads, and most have short tempers.

Kekkei Genkai: TH kekkei genkai of the Zakuroichi clan has two parts to it do to the fact they somewhat of a cross breed of two clans, the first part of the clans kekkei genkai is shape shifting, but the process of shape shifting is not a simple as 1, 2, and 3………it in fact is a very complex and somewhat painful to new users… When one changes there body into that of another persons, or even an animal, there cells go through changes to match that of the creature that person is trying to mimic, along with the shifting of the bones in which cause tends to put people with low pain tolerance threw extreme agony. But the clan can also add parts to there body such as wings, the process is still painful but clearly not as bad as having ones skeleton stricter changed completely. This mostly consists of ones cells generating extremely fast and new bone growth.

The second part of the clan’s blood line is a chakra with a mind of its own; though the thought of one having their life energy act on its own will may sound strange it in fact has a reason for being that way… When a mother goes to conceive a child instead of one egg there’s always 2, yet the ending result will only result in the birth of one. When inside their mother the developing children are constantly competing for food, till the point one of them dies, and when that one child dies but instead of there spirit going to the spirit world in which the clan believes, there soul is absorbed into the surviving child and sealed with in the chakra as its own being. Once inside the child will develop a new nature, ranging from a variety of colors ranging anywhere from white to black, the colors also determine the nature white being the most corropertive with the host. Black being the most unruly. Once born the child has to have constant control over the chakra within them or they risk it taking over there mind……but once in equal harmony it can be used as an offensive and defunctive tactic by allowing it to shoot form the chakra points within once body.

But for those that are hosting the black chakra, they have limitations to what they can do with there lives, for example they are never allowed to have children in fear they may pass on the demonic blackness, and they have little control over it. Making it rather unpredictable. (only one can exist in the world at a time)

Secret Clan Jutsu: Unknown


This clans history is dark and shady as there name suggests. Long ago when a group a ninja came out of the shadows in the stone no one had ever seen them before and how they got there kekagenki no one really knows. They where cures by there own chakra it took them over and they would be 10 times more ruthless them before. With this many came to fear them they seemed to be born to kill and that is what they did best. But than 100 years after the clan began a young man fell in love with another woman from another clan this clan was full of shape shifters and thus the developed something more dangerous.

When a child was born they were given a mark no mark was the same. With this birth mark each Childs life would be hosen there chakra . the charkas where all different the darker the color the more violent and controlling it is. As with the marriage to the other clan shape shifting was added to the clan. Many use it but others don’t. but other than that the clan keeps it secrets hidden and safe in scrolls that are written in the language of the clan.

Clan Details: open
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PostSubject: Re: BLAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! done   Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:46 pm

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