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 Hyuuma Clan

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PostSubject: Hyuuma Clan   Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:43 pm

Clan Name: Hyuuma
Clan Location: Wanderers
Clan Traits: Spiky black hair and athletic build
Kekkei Genkai:Ice Manipulation
Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Inanimate Ice Technique
Rank: C-S
Element: Ice
Description: Users can make any inanimate object they can think of out of ice.The user can create a variety of weapons out of ice to be used as attack or defense. The strength of the ice varies depending on the rank.

Name: Animate Ice Technique
Rank: C-S
Element: Ice
Description: Users can make any animate object they can think of out of ice.These focus on living beings such as Eagle or Ape. It can also copy Mythical creature such as Dragon.

Name: Ice Clone
Rank: B
Element: Ice
Description:The user creates a clone of themselves that is able to use jutsu. When it dispels, it freezes whatever it is in contact with.

Name: Ice Breath
Rank: C-S
Element: Ice
Description:The user shoots cool air out of their mouth that freezes whatever it touches. The amount of air gets

Name: Freeze
Rank: C-S
Element: Ice
Description:The user is able to freeze a large amount of water by touching it. S ranked shinobi can freeze any liquid that is outside the body.

Name: Ice Armor
Rank: A
Element: Ice
Description:The user hardens their body with near unbreaqkable ice to block from physical attacks. It reforms if cracked.

Name: Ice Cover
Rank: S
Element: Ice
Description:Iced Shell is a technique that uses the chakra of the user to freeze the target into a block of ice. It is virtually unmeltable as it is not actually a block of ice.

No Symbol
The Hyuuma clan were travelers since the beginning. They prefer to stay where it is cold, and seeing that there were no cities where it is cold all of the time, they decided to travel the shinobi world to wherever it was cold. How their Kekkai Genkai developed is unknown. They were just a normal clan that developed an affinity for ice over time.Due to the strength of the more powerful clan members, most of the clan was hunted down and destroyed. Now, only few possess the ability of the endangered clan. They are split up, travelling the world on their own.

Clan Details: Open(PM me)

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PostSubject: Re: Hyuuma Clan   Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:07 pm

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Hyuuma Clan
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