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 Stat System - [Current]

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PostSubject: Stat System - [Current]   Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:38 am

The starting stats are for the following ranks:
S-rank/Kage: 480
A-rank/Jounin: 330
B-rank/Chuunin: 155
C-rank/Genin: 80
D-rank/Student: 25

Basic Stat Levels

0-10 Ninja with this many points in any area are average, equivalent to any other ninja.

11-15 Stats with this much points mean that the ninja is more advanced than normal in the specific area.

16-25 These are more intermediate ninja in the specific area. These are almost superhuman abilities.

26-35 These ninja have trained hard to gain better stats in this area and are close to mastering the area of training.

36-45 Shinobi with this many points in any area are now practically masters in that certain area.

46-65 This is for the true masters out there, truly unmatched in any area with this much points.

66-99 These Are the Real shinobi in the area of training. Surpassing everyone else

100+ Legendary Shinobi.

Defines how fast your character's movements are and how fast he/she can create hand signs.

Defines how long you can last in a battle before tiring yourself out too much.

How strong your character is physically.

The more points you have in this section the more evasive your character is.

Physical Endurance:
How much damage he/she can handle before its too much.

Chakra Reserves:
How much chakra your character can use before he/she runs out.

Chakra Control:
How well you can control the manipulation of your chakra to produce better jutsu

This defines not only how smart your character is but how strong you are mentally and how good you are thinking of strategy in battle.


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Posts : 119
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PostSubject: Re: Stat System - [Current]   Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:41 am

Rank Comparison
0-5 This is comparable to that of most Academy Students from the show.

6-15 A shinobi with stats around these level are usually Genin level.

16-20 Stats at this level range from a trained Genin to a fresh Chuunin.

21-30 Accomplished Chuunin are usually the middle Shinobi with stats this high.

31-45 Jounin are among the strongest Shinobi and have amazing stat levels.

46-65 ANBU are even stronger then most Jounin and are considered the best killers in the world.

66-99 Some of the most accomplished shinobi actually obtain stats of this caliber. Primarily, Kages and Sannin.

Basic Stat Levels


0-10 Naruto's speed as a genin

11-15 Sasuke's as a Genin.

16-25 Haku's speed.

26-35 Comparable to Rock Lee without weights.

36-45 First Arc Kakashi's level of speed was still amazing dispite his laziness

46-65 ANBU Kakashi and Mighty Gai both in their fullest conditioning and YOOOOUTH

66-80 The only Shinobi ever heard of to reach this level of speed are the Yondaime of Konoha and the Raikage Yondaime


0-10 Konohamaru and Sakura were around this level.

11-15 Sasuke had around a normal amount of Stamina

16-25 Naruto was definitely above most his rank in Stamina

26-35 Comparable to Rock Lee without weights.

36-45 Kakashi is known to have a lot of Stamina in a fight for a Ninjutsu specialist.

46-65 ANBU Kakashi and Mighty Gai both in their fullest conditioning and YOOOOUTH

66-80 Jiraiya was known as a tough Shinobi who pushed his limits causing him to have great Stamina. Secon Arc Naruto also was easily around this level Along with Second Arc Lee.


0-10 Ino was most likely the weakest of the Rookie Nine in strength

11-15 Naruto & Sasuke were a good even level of Genin Strength

16-25 Rock Lee a Tai-Jutsu specialist would have very strong hits.

26-35 Rock Lee using his gates, or Chouji's clan ability.

36-45 Zabuza must have been at least this level being able to swing an enormous metal sword with such ease.

46-65 Both Gai and Asuma were pressumably the strongest men in Konoha.

66-80 Jiraiya of the Sannin and The Raikage were both of considerable physical strength probably the highest.


0-10 Chouji with his bulky form was by far the least evasive

11-15 Naruto and the others were around this average of Agility

16-25 Rock Lee along with Sasuke were above average for their age to be able to evade as they did.

26-35 Rock Lee using his gates or Sasuke using the Sharingan has amazing Agility .

36-45 First Arc kakashi and Gai were extremely Agile and quick on their toes.

46-65 ANBU Kakashi and Sannin were around this level.

66-80 The Yondaime's of Leaf and Kumo were the only two at such a crazy level.

Physical Endurance

0-10 Sakura from the ease she is knocked cold had poor Physical Endurance

11-15 Kiba is known as a Tai-jutsu fighter and able to take a bit of Damage with ease

16-25 Rock Lee from so much conditioning can take a lot of punishment.

26-35 Genin Naruto had so much heart that it was nearly impossible to keep him down.

36-45 Asuma with his large build must have easily been around this level of Endurance.

46-65 Gai's tougher conidition would likely allow him to take much punishment.

66-80 Second Arc Naruto could take punishment relentless and never give up.

Chakra Reserves

0-10 Lee is the prime example of being a Shinobi with no chakra

11-15 Neji is a well conditioned version of Genin Chakra in the Chuunin Exams

16-25 Iruka and the Chuunin proctors have an above average amount of chakra.

26-35 Naruto at the beginning of Arc 1 still had tremendous amounts.

36-45 Jounin like Asuma and Kuriena had normal amounts of chakra.

46-65 ANBU Kakashi was said to have enough chakra to perform 6 full strength chidori in one day.

66-80 Naruto's chakra is so high it's not to be compared with.


0-10 Naruto had the worst level of intelligence being no good at genjutsu practical knowledge or anything involving studying at shinobi level

11-15 Sasuke had plenty of practical knowlege of everything needed to become a great shinobi

16-25 To make up for her physical inadequcies, Sakura was extremely smart and talented at spotting Genjutsu.

26-35 Shikamaru has an amazing intelligence however his laziness an reluctance to use it sets him to a lower standard.

36-45 Kakashi is easily one of the smartest Shinobi in the world with a plan in nearly every aspect of everything he does whether he shares it or not..

46-65 Jiraiya having to led a spy network and always gather information in....odd ways must always be at high alert meaning his mind runs faster and thinks harder.

66-80 The Fourth is known as the Shinobi Genuis, with no compare and would have been the most power and smartest Shinobi before his death.


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Stat System - [Current]
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