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 Cities and there weapons

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PostSubject: Cities and there weapons   Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:18 pm

Ok first of off the Cities are during modern times meaning yes I'm glad to say it naruto is out the Stone ages. Now we have modern technology and weapons.

Woo, Modern weapons, you mean guns, what are you deaf yes guns. Isn't that oped. No our guns do use bullets but bullets only do basic damage of Kuni and senbons the only differences is they are slightly faster.Our bullets are alot slower then normal bullets they only move at steady rate rate.

Wait question can I doge a bullet ? These are not like real world bullets you can doge these bullets they are a lot slower then real world bullets.

Can I be from the an village and have a gun ? No, Guns only exist in the Hidden city they only way you can obtain one is by kiling or stealing a gun from an City Ninja

stay tune for more info
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Cities and there weapons
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