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 Mixed Bloodlines (For Ninjas in the City only) and Rules

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PostSubject: Mixed Bloodlines (For Ninjas in the City only) and Rules   Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:42 pm

Clan Names: [What is the name of your clans?]
Clan Traits: [Any special traits that your clan possesses that are not Kekkei Genkai related e.g Yamanaka's blond hair, Uchiha natural affinity with the Fire element.]
Kekkei Genkai: [Does your clan possess a bloodline limit e.g Hyuuga's Byakugan, Uchiha's Sharingan.]
Mixed Kekkei Genkai abilites:
Secret Clan Jutsu: [Jutsu that can only be used by your clan.]

Also if you are chooseing to have Mix bloodline there will be rules. You are not allowed to learn over B rank jutsu for your Clan. You may only have two bloodlines. More to come. Also Clan techiques are also last powerful as if you was full body. Halfings can only commit half the damage of a pure clan member. Jutsu also cost more chakra to use then normal. Special abilities will also be loss to an Halfings.


I know this will happen soon or later. If some wants a half Uchiha and half Hyuuga.

Their byakugan can only see 180 and they will only be able to see half the chakra points and regular clan member can see.

Half Uchiha can't not obtain over Tomie two.

Can I form a new doujustsu combining the two, that will be let to the admins to deiced.

What if a full blooded Kaguya and half blooded Kaguya bones clash. The half blooded Kaguya bone will break of course it's much weaker. The only way it wouldn't is if the half blooded was a higher rank than the full.

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Mixed Bloodlines (For Ninjas in the City only) and Rules
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