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PostSubject: Stalker    Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:15 am

~General Information~
Name: Oshikake
Nickname/Alias: Stalker
Weight: 189
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 23
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Clothing: Oshikake wears a small fur jacket and pants, bandages around his arms as well as around his feet. He is noted for not wearing much even in the constant raining of Amegakure.
Personality: To describe Oshikake accurately, one would need a detailed analysis of his entire life, social structure and economic situation. To start off, Oshikake was once part of a wealthy and powerful clan, simple put, he was a true pure blood Tsukeru. However, Oshikake was not what one would call ordinary, his being wrapped around what seemed like invisible creatures, or entities that would often times cause him to go missing for days on end.

But that sounds more like a history than it does a personality, you don’t care what I was like when I was 5 or 6, or what I was like when I was 17 and had my first woman. No, what you care about is how I act now, well, let me tell you.

I’m a nasty selfish egotistical prick who enjoys nothing more than to be left alone in a self-diluted world of my own grandeur. I’m fairly sure you are some type of rater, or mystic who reads over this and decides if I’m worthy or not to be welcome in your world, but frankly I could careless, your world is just as diluted as mine. Selfish people run about, trying to claim ownership over land, sky and sea. Like monkey’s trying to pick fruit of a poisonous tree, they scream and fling poop at it, but to no avail, the ownership they claim shall remain long after they have perished, and there children have perished. Suffering is in the land, you people fight one another for nothing more than some ridiculous idea of becoming stronger. I read a story about barbarians eating their opponents hearts, hoping to gain their strength. Pah, that is all you are, barbarians, nothing more than idiots running around trying to kill the most, thinking you gain power from what you kill. Enough of your nonsensical approach to thinking you are better than another living soul, and can decide his or her fate. Are you God, do you have powers beyond human reckoning, then sir I dare you, kill the person who came before me not but five times before. If you can not kill them, do not dare judge me or my fate, you are no more powerful than a field mouse claiming its den is scared, its den is the size of my finger, and you can guess which finger I’ll be sticking in it.

So mighty mystic who has no more power than I, bow your head before the worlds greatest druid seen since the time before time, I shall twist animalss so deep and dark not even children will dare speak stories of going into there woods. I shall taint woods far danker than any dark magical you ever heard of, I shall create a virtual paradise for all things malevolent and cruel in the world, to show you how awful you really are. For ever body that is killed in the name of gaining strength, I shall create a dozen horrid demon like creatures to rape your wives, I shall take the evils you wrought and give them back to you not but ten times.

I am Oshikake, and my animals is my kingdom, my word is law, and my power is godly, do not cross into the Kingdom of the Animals, unless your willing to be corrupted by the evil in your own heart.

~Clan Information~
Clan Name:Tsukeru
Kekkei Genkai: Gives the user sense comparable to animals, or chakra hunting ninkin.
Clan Symbol: A claw
Clan History: The Tsukeru are known for there connections with animal spirits, or known as shamans. They were some say, born from a curse seal that transforms the user into a animal of some sort, perhaps it mated with a similar style clan, and the Tsukeru were born. They have various small talents that lead them to have a strong affinity towards all things nature (not nature chakra). These small traits give them senses like an animal, and perhaps even slightly larger than some.

Ability Summary:

White Deer
Description: The White Deer is a special ability given to the Tsukeru, allowing them to track there prey by sound. At its best it allows them to hear and process information up too 200 meters away as if it was clear as a bell. They can hear larger sounds up to 400 meters away, such as someone shouting, or sounds of battle, kunai clashing together. At 600 meters away they can hear only lower loud sounds, such as large-scale jutsu being used.

Drawbacks At a close distance, 200 meters, high pitch screeching or such moves using high pitch sound damage the ear, and can cause temporary deafness. Much like yelling in a dogs ear.

Brown Bear
Description: The Brown Bear gives the Tsukeru a incredible sense of smell, compared to a shark in the ocean, or a bear. Most noted for there ability to track using sweat, scents, and most of all blood, over vast ranges and even weeks old scents. However, there is a lesser-known side to this, and that is chakra. Once they identity a person, they remember the smell of there chakra, and can track them just by that alone. They can even smell different chakra types up to a mile away and identify them by nature. Giving them a powerful advantage to tracking and stalking.

Drawbacks: Over powering smells, such as smelling salts, or jutsu’s that rely on smell, make the Tsukeru susceptible to them. Such things at close range and damage the nose temporarily and cause irritation.

Grey Owl
Description: Grey Owls are renounced for the night time sight, the optic nerves allow them to see even in the darkest or haziest conditions as if it was a perfectly normal day. This gives the Grey Owls a huge advantage of night time fighting, as they can see perfectly, it allows them to use night as perfect cover.

Drawbacks Bright flashes, or burst can cause temporary blindness and lead to spots on the eyes for quite some times.

Black Cat
Description: Black Cats using whiskers and micro hairs to detect movement and shifts in temperature, wind, pressure. Black Cats whiskers allow them to hone in on chakra, much like a divining rod, the accuracy isn’t good, but a general direction, pattern and such are drawn from what the whiskers feel. The also can detect movement up to 150 feet away, giving the rise of “You can’t surprise a cat”

Drawbacks: Extreme movements can cause “nerve blindness” which is a stunning effect, such as massive movements of wind or water can overload the whiskers and cause the Tsukeru to not feel any sense of touch for quite some time.

Fruit Bat
Description: Oshikake has taken the advance form of Tsukeru to go with hearing as his general means of stalking and tracking. This ability is much like bat, by making a clicking noise with his mouth, he can see what is around him for up too 15 meters, both above and below ground. Which is extremely useful for detecting guards, or seeing who is hiding or watching you without even looking. A mental map of the area if you will.

Drawbacks: High pitch sounds cause deafness for 7 posts

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Sannin
Letter Rank: S
Village: Shigakure

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Water and Wind

Stats 480

Physical Stats
Speed: 66
Stamina: 25
Strength: 25
Agility: 89
Physical Endurance: 80
Chakra Stats
Chakra Reserves: 80
Chakra Control: 80
Intelligence: 35


Jutsu(1): Shadow Clone
Jutsu(2): Flowering Haze Illusion Technique
Jutsu(3): Character Bind Technique
Jutsu(4): Minds Eye of the Kaguya
Jutsu(5): Hidden Mist Technique
Jutsu(6): Secret Technique: Mist Rain
Jutsu(7): Water Release: Huge Explosion Technique
Jutsu(Cool: Water Clone Technique
Jutsu(9): Hydration Technique
Jutsu(10): Water Replacement
Jutsu(11): Wind Release Stream
Jutsu(12): Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Jutsu(13): Summoning: Rashōmon
Jutsu(14): Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique
Jutsu(15): Water Style: Mouth of the Serpent
Jutsu(16): Soundless Murder Technique
Jutsu(17): Body Shedding
Jutsu(18): Beast Wave Violent Wind Palm
Jutsu(19): Empty Cicada Shell Technique
Jutsu(20): Mist Servant Technique

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story: Oshikake was born like many Tsukeru, his life was filled with childy goodness, he was raised in a loving and committed home. However, Oshikake was born last, out of six children, his parents were a little over worked. But being the baby meant he was always spoiled, and he became a fat baby. Growing up, he began to see things that were there, in reality Oshikake could hear things that weren’t there, which turned into feeling things that aren’t there, and finally he used his minds eye to see those things that weren’t there.

Twas simple really, all Tsukeru have the capability of becoming one with the animals, however Oshikake believed he was chosen, fate conspired against him. This was not the case, early on when his parents weren’t looking, Oshikake at the teething age ate a seed, that got stuck in his developing gums, and had a root take place, causing a deep “seeded” connection to form. Only after a few months did his parents fight it, think it was a rotten tooth and pull it out. However the connection was already made, and Oshikake was sent down a path of listening to the animals for the rest of his life.

Being the youngest to a family of impressive Tsukeru masters, Oshikake was always weak in terms of overall power, which he compensated by constantly using the animals for help and advice, which was not a good idea, nor is it even now. The animals you see is always at war with the land, the animals wanted to be everywhere, to “reach” its brothers in other lands, and it did that by various means of using seeds, wind, and even bird droppings to do so. So the advice it gave him natural and very survival of the fittest. If something is stronger and more adaptive than you, take it for yourself, and use that power to produce stronger trees. Which is what Oshikake did, thinking the animals meant itself; Oshikake began using trees in unimaginable ways. Having them grow up around his family as they slept as pranks, or tripping them while they did work. However the back last was always just as bad, they’d almost drown him in water or put itchy plants in his bed.

The cycle went on and on until finally Oshikake became a genin and learned the magic of subsitution and transformation, which lead him down a dark and dangerous path. Oshikake watched as his brothers and sisters grew older, still treating him like a baby, and pushing him around, he had to bite back the only way he knew, and that was to hit them where it hurt, in the department of love.

It started his chuunin year, the eldest was falling in love with a girl, who thought Oshikake was a weak kneed moron who didn’t deserve the Tsukeru name, and she was a rotten girl. Using his wood techniques, Oshikake transformed into his sister and mercilessly beat the girl, who then told the family who did it, and Oshikake watched as his sister was sent away. And this type of behavior went on, Oshikake thinking it was hilarious to see his brothers and sisters get in as much trouble as he did when he played pranks, however Oshikake was still too young to grasp the notion that older people don’t actually do those horrid things, and eventually Oshikake was a only child with parents that were always off visiting brothers and sisters in far away lands. Oshikake grew more and more distant, until one day he just left, and went to live with his real family, the animals.

Roleplay Sample:
A strong knocking sound, coming in a fast 3-2-1 interval was heard when Mitsuhide Yoshitsune, former 3rd seat and now Lieutenant of the 6th Division of the Gotei 13, knocked on the door to the office of his taichou. "Taichou, are you here?" No answer to the question could be heard, none except for the slight creaking of the door as it swung up thanks to the momentum gained from the knocking motions. "Ok, he's either in here and trying to scare the crap out of me for being too serious, again, or he's not in here... I better check, just in case." The mental monologue momentarily halted, Yoshitsune cautiously opened the door, his nerves and senses wary of the slightest signal of pranking intentions. Ewen might be blind, but the guy somehow know how to keep completely quiet. "I bet it has something to do with that creepy radar-sense of his. It is unnatural to be that quiet!" Yoshitsune could actually claim this as his shikai, Shidenmi, allowed him to manipulate the very reishi that made his body and thus accelerate it in ways that allowed him to pick up even the slightest sound as long as it was within a certain range of frequency. This range was of course related to the speed of the vibration of his reishi and thus adjustable, but during a bet with the former Taichou, Yoshitsune had found out that Ewen, when completely still, had found some way to fully eliminate any and all sounds that are normally emitted from a person.

The door was now fully open, and after carefully looking around the office, Yoshitsune deduced that Ewen was indeed not here but somewhere else. Walking into the office and closing the door behind him he saw a note at the desk. "Oh, here we have something." Walking up to the desk and picking up the note, Yoshitsune gave it a quick read. "Let's see here, the usual reminder about being too serious, the following greeting, and... that's right, the Captains' meeting!" returning the note to it's place, Yoshitsune located the visitor's chair and sat down, Ewen would return as soon as the meeting was over, it would not take too long. If someone had found it strange for a blind man to leave a not and bothered to observe the note a bit more closely and carefully, they would have found a remarkable sight indeed. There were no written symbols on the note, it was instead dotted with the bumps characterizing the braille language. Yoshitsune had learned this many years ago, as a way to help his administrative duties easier when he had a blind person as his direct superior. During that time their previous Taichou had still been in Soul Society, and he looked back at the antics of that time fondly. The 6th division was indeed known for it's noble manner, but that did not mean it was not a division that knew the secrets of having fun. Relaxing a bit in the chair, Yoshitsune waited for his taichou to arrive.

Breaking out of his relaxed state, Yoshitsune felt the reiatsu of his taichou enter the grounds for the 6th division. "Well then, relaxation is over," he thought as got up from the chair and made himself presentable. Though his taichou was indeed blind, Yoshitsune had a habit of making sure that his scars were covered whenever he was to meet with someone, no matter who it was. As he felt Ewen's signature stop outside the door, he prepared himself to ask some questions, but Ewen's statements interrupted him before Yoshitsune had a chance to open his mouth.

"Yes, Taichou," was the answer to both of the implied questions as he caught the broken zanpakutou and quickly shunpoed to his quarters and back, grabbing a case to keep the zanpakutou in from his room as he did so, missing only a second of two of Ewen's possible commands as Yoshitsune's room was a mere hundred meters from the Taichou's office, alsmot in a completely straight line out through the door. Returning in time to see Ewen sit down on the so called 'Taichou's Comfy Chair' and start the recounting of what had happened.

He was saddened that his fellow Fukutaicho had fallen victim to the new alliance between the Vaizard and the Arrancar of Hueco Mundo. "It seems like this will be bloody indeed," he spoke quietly, his mind on the ongoing conflict, "and much more so than we had thought." Having stood still as Ewen relayed the news, Yoshitsune now put the broken Zanpakutou in the fetched case, making himself ready to travel.

"I am ready to go whenever you are, Ewen-Taichou," he said as he mentally steeled himself for the task at hand and the accompanied possibility of death. Fighting the Vizards and Arrancar would be quite a difficult task to undertake, even though the fights between they most likely would try to keep to the outer reaches of the war-zone, they would no doubt have to fight at least someone.

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