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 The Death Angel (wip)

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PostSubject: The Death Angel (wip)   Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:57 am

~General Information~
Name: Zakaroichi Rina
Nickname/Alias: The Angel Of Death, The Poison Rose.
Weight: 110
Height: 5 foot
Age: 18
Gender: female

~Character Information~

Rina has a bit of a spunky out look to her, one could say it is quite fitting to her very rough and tragic life story. Thou having a hard face at times she has a bit of a cute side one could say, her eyes are clearly not of the normal, on a deep aqua color matching the sky on a warm summer day, the other as green as the grass that grows in the meadows.

Rinas hair is long, it flows down to her lower back when not pinned up of cores, her reason for having her hair so long is somewhat of a mystery, after all it can be a very ideal weakness…….she would most likely kill anyone who even dared to even attempt to cut it. Her bands go down to her shoulders at there longest point, but they tend to be angled so they fall over sections of her face from time to time covering one of her eyes.

Her frame is slender and looks fragile but in fact she is somewhat toned…but not to the point she looks like she lifts a lot every day. Her legs are long making her a very fast running, not to mention they are very strong, her arms are rather thin but, they help her get the job done.

Rinas skin is rather light and creamy in color, it almost looks like she get very little sun……..But maybe she just enjoys her skin being pail. Across her back she likes to keep her twin blades strapped just in case she need them.

Every day life:
For every day life RIna tends to stick to dark colors such as red, blue,black,and purple….She also tends to mix and match these colors to give herself a bit of a variety. But on most days she likes to ware one of her extremely short kimonos, her red one having a rose print on it, her black one a dragon print, her blue one a bubble like print, her purple one having more of a traditional print to it….though it lacks the conservativeness of it all………But to make sure her enemy or even comrade aren’t distracted by her lower body……She hates perverts …she always wears a pair of black, red or white spandex underneath that runs about 3-4 inches lower then her kimono

Lazy days:

But then again everyone has there lazy days……on those days Rina tends to stick to mostly black normally sporting a black tank top with a fishnet shirt over top, with a pair of black shorts or pants……but on action she will switch ti up and ware something more along the lines of a short sleeved jacket with purple kitten ear on top.

Formal traditional:
For thous rare formal events Rina attends she normally wares a pure white kimono with a purple floral print on it making sure to wear some type of lily in her hair………but then again its rather a rare time she ever gets to go anywhere formal without having to scurry away before someone notices her.

Black dress enough said (XD)
Rina is a very complex individual, her way of thinking is somewhat odd along with the fact she as one could say has two souls due to her personality. Normally she keeps to herself, not wanting any one to ever get close to her due to the fact she was brought up alone and she normally preferred to keep it that way. In a way one could say she was a loner…………a loner by choice

To those she is not close to Rina tends to gives them the cold shoulder, her eyes normally never meet there’s and if they do they become locked in a dark glare…she hates strangers. If Rina sees someone staring at her she tends to brush it off, but if they don’t stop after a moment or so she will make sure they stop……either using a stern word or two, a glare or even a slash across the face.

Yet there is a sweet, and longing in her heart…she wants nothing more than to be accepted by her fellow comrades, she longs for companionship…she longs for a family that truly loves her…one that does not toss her aside like she is nothing more than a piece of trash take up space and wasting oxygen that could be breathed by those who deserve it, that might be why she always strives to prove that despite her small size she has enough strength to hold her own, against whom ever apposes her.

TO those that do except her and take the time be brake past her hard shell she is very sweet….RIna will die to protect what she holds close……she lets the few people who care see her smile….when she smiles it’s like she never suffered…like she was normal…like she does not lust blood……..But saying she did not enjoy the sight of blood would be a lie infact she loved watching her victims lying on the ground there blood tainting the ground.

~Clan Information~
Clan Name:
Kekei Genkai:
Clan Symbol:
Clan History:
Ability Summary:

~Rank/Village Information~
Classification: Jounin
Letter Rank: A
Village: Kazangakure

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu,Medicel ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Water,Earth

Physical Stats
Speed: 60
Stamina: 60
Physical Endurance: 60
Chakra Stats
Chakra Reserves:60
Chakra Control: 60


Poison Rose Storm
Element: none
A very simple jutsu that Rina thought up one day when she was in her garden singing some random song, by focusing her chakra she can make rose petals fly from her sleeves and with the help of her chakra they transform into needles drenched in a paralyzing poison that kicks in after 4 posts. The needles are controlled by tamashii who has them chase her target till they hit or are destroyed.

Faithless song
Rank: b
Faithless song is somewhat like loving song by the way it is casted and the hand seals are almost identical(Rabbit tiger dragon horse snake) (for loveing song Rabbit tiger dragon bird snake) and when done fast enough the difference is undetectable. Much like Loving song Rina sings but more chakra is focused into her voice. Once she starts singing the sound waves travel to the victim’s ears(any onein ear shot human to animal) and into the brain. The song also has the same drowsy affect (not as strong), but much more is happening. The waves of sound and chakra mess up the nerve system almost like the body has been re wired. Said victim tries to move there arms, there mouth moves and so forth leaving them pretty much sitting ducks. In some cases Rina will just sit back and watch Care play with his disposable

Kokuangyou no Jutsu - Journey into Black Darkness Technique
ty nin
Rank: A
Range: Close (0-5m), Mid (5-10m)
Description: Kokuangyou no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique, which causes the ninja’s opponent to be enveloped in total darkness. While in the black void, the ninja will be unable to see any incoming attack or threat.

poison Rose
The user takes 2 roses with 5 thorns (coated in a Deadly poison if not trated in a mater of hours) on each a total of 10 thorns. First Rina jumps into the air and grows wings then she gets to where she is above or slightly to the side of her target. Once positioned she goes into a nosedive wile spinning causing the chakra infused thorns the fly off and head at the target at a speed pending how fast she is rotating and flying. As the thorns close in Rina makes a few hand signs that cause them to turn into a needle like shape.
Poison info: it takes only 2 minuets to kick in. for the first 20 minutes all it does is slow down the reflexes and weaken the mussels more and more as time progresses. But once it hits 30 minutes it starts to take effect on organs causing them to slowly shut down. This process takes a long time to complete so the victim has up 2 hours to get it taken care of.

Blood boil
Rank: A
The User makes a hand sign and goes in for a punch or kick at the appoint and it the attack hits this happens. A jolt of black chakra is sent through out the body and it infiltrates the blood stream and slowly heats up causing the blood to grow burning hot thus causing excruciating pain that most cant stay awake for. This becomes the longest minute of any ones life.

Mizuame Nabara - Starch Syrup Capture Field
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to create a Bunshin clone. Unlike a normal Bunshin, the Mizu Bunshin has the ability to interact more with the environment due to it having physical substance. This allows the clone to carry out limited attacks on its target. The range of the clone is limited however, it can not travel very far from the original body. If the Mizu Bunshin is injured, the clone will usually revert back into its natural water state

Mizurappa - Violent Water Wave
Suiton • Mizurappa is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the needed handseals, Yahiko will expel a strong jet of water at his opponent.

Water wolf
The user does a string of hand signs and places there hands on the ground. Once there hands are on the ground the water underneath is pulled up and takes form of a wolf. The wolf is made purely of chakra and water. Once formed it will go after its master’s enemy. The attacks it uses are it shots powerful water jets from it mouth and if it pounces on the enemy it absorbs them so they will drowned. It can be destroyed quite easily.

Chakra no Mesu - Chakra Scalpel
Element: none
Chakra no Mesu is a special Ninjutsu technique used by medical ninjas. After forming the needed handseals, the ninja will focus chakra to their hands. When their charged hands reach the body of their target, they can extend the chakra internally into the targets body to cut and neatly slice their muscles and blood vessels without harming the surface skin. This technique can be used in battle, but because of its hectic nature, the fine precision required for an instant kill is not feasible. Damage can still be done to the vital organs, but the technique should be used carefully in battle.

Shousen Jutsu - Mystical Hand Technique
Rank: A
Shousen Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by medical ninja. This technique allows the ninja to heal wounds by focusing their own chakra to their hands. If the ninja is highly skilled, they are able to heal more critical injuries. Highly skilled medical-Nins such as Tsunade can use their techniques to perform surgeries that otherwise would not be possible.

Moguragakure no Jutsu - Mole Hiding Technique
Element : Earth
Type: Ninjutsu
Doton • Moguragakure no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. This technique allows the ninja to burrow into the ground and hide out of sight. This allows them to avoid attack or travel underground. Tobi used this jutsu to place Deidara's C2 Doragon spheres underground.
~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story: Academy:

As a young childe Rina was enrolled in the academy located in the village hidden in the stone. She was an outcast and had no friends; every one treated her like she should have not been alive. But in a way the whole village treated her that way, from banding her from shops, yelling at her for just walking by, or even speaking to them. Her life was a living hell, a few times she had thought of running away but she knew she could not fend for her self and how big the world was compared to her. In truth she was very small for her age, she thought it might have been because she was born weeks before her dew date and it’s a wonder she even survived.

As her academy days slowly drove on she was forced into a privet class because she was a “distraction” to the other students. She was the only one in this class; her teacher went by the name of Yuki-san. He was a tall young man around the age of twenty-five or so, he had long as he said blond but to Rina it looked more along the lines of silver, his Eyes where a pale gray. As time went on he realized Rina was not what every one said she was: Evil, demonic, a mistake and so forth. He slowly started to take her with him more then just at school, to him she needed a friend and so that’s what he became.

With the help of Yuki-san Rina passed the academy with flying colors. But just from what Yuki said to others did not change there out look of her.


Rinas genin years where much like her Academy days but with much more fear forced with in her. Her squad was always against her even her sensei, not that it mattered to Rina if they liked her or not as long as Yuki-San was there for her at the end of the day she was happy. Her day when like this train with team, go see Yuki-san, go home and get tortured by hateful family. The reason she was hated was not her fault it was Tamashii the evil, demonic chakra lock with in her. That was the reason every one hated her because they thought she would end up just like him.

Nothing really happened the years that came by it was the same rotten every day, over and over and over and over and over for two full years.


Again it was the same thing as Rinas previous years but both her team mates where killed in the exams so she was stuck with new teammates. Both worse then her pervious ones if that was even possible.

Missions got harder and so did her life, people would not even look at her any more and every night she would fall asleep crying her eyes out. Not even Yuki had time for her, this almost drove her to the point of insanity and she would lose her temper and brake things in her house.

The week of the Jounin exams Yuki came up to her and told her why he had not been able to be around her for those long years. She was told that he was forced to stay away for they thought she was going to corrupt him. For that week he helped her train and with his help she made it to the next step.


Rinas life was a lot easier now for she did not have any ninja bothering her and she had moved out of her home and to the other side of there village where not as many ninja lived. It was heaven, on one was around to shun or irritate her like in her younger years.

But those days did not last long. the Kage wanted ride of her and only one Ninja knew about it….Yuki. Once he heard the Kage speaking to an Ambu about it he rushed to find Rina , but an Ambu caught him and killed him. But before the final blow was delivered her wrote a note in blood on a peace of cloth and summand a young wolf named Care. His final words where “Find Rina ….save her.”

Care did just that. He found Rina and give her the note that read “Rina its Yuki by the time you read this I will be dead. .Get out of the village quickly Ambu kill you. Take Care he is the black wolf who gave you this, he is young but he will be a strong wolf he has three sizes he can turn into a pup a normal sized wolf and to the point you can ride him. Please take care of each other.”

Rina ran out of the village and she had already a plan of where her and Care would go. They would find him her brother Ken. He would surely have something that she could do.

Missing nin Part 1

Rinas brother did have something for them to do he was a leader of a group called the deliverers. In this group Rina and Cares, job was to collect valuable information on other ninja and there nations. Most of the times Rina would keep copies of the information they had gathered.

This tradition of creeping about and collecting information went on till she was 18, at that time Ken discussed with her taking over a village…particularly the village hidden in the rain…till one day they all decided to put their plan into action. They gathered there 20 troops and mad there way to the border where they camped, on that night Rina saw her partner Ketsu attempting to sneak away from the group she sent Care to fallow him. They were gone for a few hours before care came crashing into camp and told Rina they had been betrayed……

But the warning came to late just as Rina rushed towards her brother to warn him they where over whelmed by anbu. Rina took a beating from the brutal attack her body seemed mangled as it lay on the ground from what she remembered she was carried away by her brother who escaped.

She was dropped off at the gates of Kumo.

blood Rose Citizen

Rina resigned in Kumo for the next 2 years regaining her strength and keeping low, her story was that she was jumped by a group of ninja who called themselves the deliverers…they robbed her of everything then mulled her… once word got to Kumo that the organization was destroyed the night of the day it happened it did not seem to question the woman………But when she asked if she was permitted to train as a ninja just in case she ever needed to protect herself the answer was no.

But the rose cant bloom in a small pot………Rina knew that and she began to devise a plan……A plan to brake free once more…. She simply left…. and went to Kazangakure

Roleplay Sample:
Rinas eyes flashed slightly as she sensed a wave of discomfort flow off of Tetsu’s body for a brief moment, instinctively she places a light hand on his shoulder, turning her head so she was looking straight at him “No worries my friend.” She smiles gently “Im not like my captain, or many other in my division.” She said letting out a slight cat like purr of amusement. Slowly she allowed her hand to fall back onto the ground, her gaze once more fixated on the sky her ears on Tetsu. Everything seemed so peaceful and calm, there was no buzzing about trying to get work done, no hostility at that moment, there seemed to be much peace among the soul society. After all it was not every day that captains, or seated officers could just sit back relax and watch the sunrise without much worry that something may happen during their absence, it seems that even in times of peace there was always something to do…….. it just seemed that today was just one of those rare days in which they should learn to enjoy and embrace. After all everyone needs some time off to take a simple breather from time to time no matter what the rank may or may not be.

The sound came once again bringing a smile to Rinas pink lips, it was relaxing. Music always was relaxing when played right. Closing her eyes she had an invasion of cherry blossoms falling over a lake people walking about with their families and friends, a lone swan swimming across the lake to meet its friends. That always seemed to be a very popular day dream with Rina because that was something she always wished she could see, but so far she had never seen anything even close to that only in her daydreams. “That’s a very nice sound” she muttered softly her voice calm and carefree like the breeze

It seemed he had caught Rinas correction for some reason she found it somewhat embarrassing, most likely because she seemed to have a habit of talking to everyone a bit more formally then called for………IT was not because she enjoyed doing so but more along the lines of a force of habit………. Yet she found the slight laugh somewhat comforting in a welcoming way, a way that made it seem as if it did not matter………Turning her eyes back on him for a brief second and smiled then returned to looking at the fading sunlight but making sure to keep her ears open. A small smile played across her lips after he spoke, she knew her captain could be rather bothersome when he is bored and you just so happen to become his new form of amusement, though she herself had never been put into that disposition she had witnessed him toying with other officers before with his sly grin and his ways of sneaking about and making what he was doing rather inconspicuous to those whom don’t always see the hidden picture with in the larger one.

Letting out a yawn she sighed every time she’s sees someone yawn she yawns, every time she hears the word yawn she yawns, every time she even sees the word she always ends up yawning and it just so happen she saw Tetsuya yawn thus she yawned. Skimming the sky she looked at the newly appearing star and the setting sun, soon it would be dark….what would she do then? Just then she heard Tetsuya let out a sigh, one that did not sound happy but grave……… And that graveness triggered her curiosity, slowly laying down on her back Rina turned her head and looked at him slowly folding her hand neatly on her stomach awaiting for him to speak. What he said made her chuckle slightly at first it seemed that even in the presence of captains Izanagi never changes… That was not always a good thing after all not everyone seemed to enjoy his antics and from what Rina could see in Tetsuya he was one of the people who found it rather bothersome………She could not say she agreed with that opinion nor could she say she disagreed after all she just ignored it most of the time no matter how hard it was at times. The next topic was the intruder…… she nodded slightly she had heard of it but she did not know much about what happened. Rinas expression hardened slightly that story was strange she would have liked to know more but she knew her place was not to ask.

“Well im happy your safe,” Rina stated gently “That character does seem quite strange ill admit, but its only a matter of time before he’s apprehended.” Slowly she turned her eyes back to the sky more and more stars where beginning to show themselves, with only a small liver of light left she wondered what she was going to do next. “What do you plan on doing after the sun is completely gone?” Rina asked curiously her eyes still fixated on the fading sun and the rising stars.

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The Death Angel (wip)
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