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 Shukke's Weapons (WIP)

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PostSubject: Shukke's Weapons (WIP)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:19 pm

Name: Black Steel Ninjato
Quantity: x1
Rank: B
Element: N/A

An ordinary-sized Ninjato with its blade made from black steel.

Special Abilities/Characteristics:
This Ninjato has immense toughness and endurance. It is made out of a special steel that makes the blade extremely hard and durable, allowing it to be invulnerable to most types of weapons and solid attacks. It's defensive power allows the blade to be resistant to C-rank chakra attacks and can even cut through them. B-ranks or higher though can injure the blade's structure and wide-range attacks will break the blade. Besdies it's hardness, the blade also has high cutting power, allowing Shukke to deal fast-paced lethal strikes and overwhelming combination attacks to an opponent and their body. It can cut through most objects and can hold its own against any weapon. Very useful for deflecting projectiles and blades. Corrosion and crushing/smashing has little effect on this kind of sword. It is able to conduct chakra and its properties can be augmented.

Origin: Shukke's first "original" weapon, it first began when Shukke began bought a hilt without a blade. He sought out to look for a strong blade to accompany a worthy hilt. During a B-rank mission as a Chunin when war broke out, Shukke and a team of twelve men were sent to flush out spies who were taking control of the mining and metal-making factories underground the Land of Volcanoes. With the trade gone, Kazangakure will be dropping on resources. Plus, an attack from underground would mean a heavy risk to Kazangakure's military. When the team arrived, they met with the culprits. A battle broke out and the Kazangakure team ended up having to use the swords crafted by the Kazan smithers. With their knowledge of Kazangakure's geography and timing of volcanic gas emissions, they were able to use their swords to corner the enemies and slaughter them. One of the weapons used during this underground battle was a Black Steel Ninjato, crafted by someon who was able to use Steel Release. Shukke used one but had the blade and hilt broke. Shukke kept the blade, as it seemed fitting to mix in with the hilt he had bought. He confronted one of the smithers and had him mold his hilt and the blade together. AS a result, Shukke now owns a Ninjato of black steel.

Name: Doom Eye
Quantity: 1
Rank: S
Element: N/A

Special Abilities/Characteristics:
The Doom Eye was Shukke's first scythe. Originally, it was just an ordinary scythe, one with a long black handle and a crooked blade of titanium and steel. But as Shukke progresses within the Jashinic religion and has gone through battle modifications, his scythe went through several upgrades as well. This is the toughest and one of the most durable scythes in all of the world, even more enduring than his other scythe. The scythe has enormous defensive power and is near indestructible. Despite its lean and strange-material appearance, the scythe is as hard as any metal. Not only is it extremely hard to break by most weapons and attacks but it is also very resistant to substances that causes natural corrosion or anything foreign that would trigger a chemical change affecting its ability to be wielded properly. Because of its endurance and toughness it is able to last, despite numerous bloody battles, with Shukke since he gained it from a young age. It is able to survive mighty explosions and heavy impacts that would normally break a scythe with ease. The Doom Eye is able to withstand and repel B-rank attacks, even to the point of cutting through it. A-rank attacks are able to inflict high pressure on the scythe which would result in a nick and chip by another B/A-rank attack or scratch/cause a whole cut on it. S-rank attacks are able to scratch the scythe and bend it out of place, actually injuring the blade's structure. Even so, it usually takes multiple A/S-rank attacks to severely compromise the scythe's health, and when it does, it is hard to cause the blade to "regenerate" or be fixed and restored to its previous state because of its toughness. It can take in attacks from the sharpest weapon but it's most greatest weakness would be heavy-assault or huge-blunt weapons that inflict massive force. The biggest and strongest of weapons are able to wound the scythe relatively quickly, but it is unlikely they would actually totally crush it, snap it out of place, or destroy it entirely. Efficient in battle and able to withstand impact hardest skin/defense and its own attack force, the scythe is also in possession of fairly great strength and sharpness. From the unique structure and material makeup, the most distinguishing feature of the scythe are the "eyes" that seem to be embedded within it. They do not offer any real offensive power, but the eyes do allow Shukke to channel his chakra easily through them to fire off beams of unholy chakra or to release unholy chakra attacks easily without the use of at least Chunin level chakra control. The eye at the bottom of the handle is known as "Alzhemier's Eye", a unique artifact belonging to the Prophet Alzhemier who received this from Kami while working as a spy for Lord Jashin and had it blessed by him. Originally, the eye had the power to see the soul of the target and judge the purity or impurity of the soul by the shape of the soul and its color. The eye is now embedded within Shukke's scythe, and it has the power to penetrate into the target's mind and heart and determine the amount of murderous intent and bloodlust they have. They can then judge the target's purity or impurity in a similiar way as the original power to see the soul. This ability allows Shukke to read a target's battle will. The eye at the top, known as the "Eyes of Xeras" and they can manipulate the killing instinct within the hearts and desires of people. When combined with the Alzhemier's Eye, the scythe is able to read and reduce/heighten the murderous intent within a target for five posts.

Origin: Originally a normal scythe given to Shukke by Priest Himune as a Jashinic weapon, this scythe has been with Shukke over many years. It used to consist of materials that scythes would usually be made of. Blessed by the Wine of Jashin, the scythe was just like any other until it went through multiple upgrades performed by Himune. Now it is made out of a powerful, igneous lava-rock collected from the most violent volcanoes of Kazangakure mixed with Dorneaz's Stone, giving birth to an extremely hard material complete with stabilized features and attachables. The scythe blade is now composed of uranium, chromium, and rhenium diboride metals along with an unique metal that conducts and allows chakra to flow very easily through it (nicknamed as the Hien metal because it allows usage of the Hien technique). The structure has been molded so a small stick-out of a steel blade can be used for additional reasons. The final additions, the Eyes of Xeras and Alzhemier's Eye, both holy Jashinic artifacts, have been attached to the scythe. Several projectiles and/or bombs are being considered to possibly be attached to the scythe and an attachable cord can be used. Finally, the scythe was blessed by Jashin while the blade was cleasned using the blood of the souls it slayed, making the scythe what it is today and to be used effectively. Dubbed the "Doom Eye" by Shukke, it is the most hardest scythe in the world.

Name: Murder Wrath ~ Satsudoki
Quantity: 1
Rank: S
Element: N/A

Special Abilities/Characteristics: Satsudoki (Murder's Wrath) is Shukke's primary scythe along with his Doom Eye which is second. Satusoki is Shukke's second scythe. This is the sharpest and one of the strongest scythes ever, even more powerful than his secondary scythe 'Doom Eye." The scythe has tremendous cutting power and its sharpness can cut through the most greatest of defenses. It's large and rather long, and although it can inflict immense force, it's structure is designed for drawing blood instead of actually seriously wounding the enemy. Satsudoki can rival the sharpest sword and can cut through most things. It's size and build is developed so when it is swung, the blow is quite heavy, strong, and powerful enough to hack the opponent's defense and will down by sheer force. Because of its cutting power, it can be used in a variety of deadly ways and aid in finishing battles rather quickly. It is so powerful that it can even cut through chakra attacks. Though damage can be done to the scythe's shape and form, it can cut through C-rank attacks with ease and somewhat pierce S-rank attacks without major damage. This is Shukke's only scythe with an actual "power" and the reason for the blade's offensive capabilities is the scythe's ability to absorb physical energy. Whenever the scythe cuts an opponent, it will absorb the physical energy produced from the blood cells of the opponent's blood that the scythe comes in contact with. This physical energy will be drawn to the scythe, absorbed, and permanently solidfied and fused within the scythe's structure, making the blade more sharper, stronger, and easier to cut things the more physical energy it absorbs. The absorption of physical energy would also equal to less chakra being produced during the battle and after it as well as intereference with proper chakra control, making the enemy slightly more tired. Satsudoki has minor chakra- absorption abilities, such as tha when it pierces the opponent and meets with blood, Shukke can use his own chakra to absorb only a small amount of chakra from the blood the scythe meets with. That portion of chakra will travel down to the scythe's upper tip where it will be compressed and stored there. When Shukke clashes his scythe with another object, Shukke can release all of that pressurized chakra in the form of a semi-barrier surrounding him, rushing out at the rate of a waterfall. This chakra barrier lessens the impact and force of the other object according to the amount of chakra and protects Shukke. In a clash between the scythe and the opposing object, the expected outcome would be the chakra barrier will diminish some of the power of the opposing object, vanish as the chakra is all used up, and Satsudoki will smash right through the object. Satsudoki's third ability is also an absorption one, and it allows SHukke to absorb dark chakra. Dark chakra, produced from the negative emotions and energy within one's hearts and desires, takes form through the help of another power (Bijuu, seal, jutsu, etc.) or manifesting it while attempting to achieve one's goals. Because of Shukke's unholy presence and Jashinic trait, he is able to sustain being near such chakra. Satsudoki is able to draw in and absorb dark chakra, allowing it to surge around it and Shukke. Satsudoki is then able to convert all that dark chakra to unholy chakra, allowing Shukke to perform his dark techniques without using his own chakra. A powerful weapon with fearsome powers, Satsudoki is Shukke's weapon of choice because it also possess the mechanisms of all Jashinic scythes. The bottom of Satsudoki has a twenty meter metal cord that is tightly attached to Shukke's right hip and it goes through the sleeve of his right arm. The cord allows long-range combat and is strong enough to block kunai and shuriken. Despite this, when the cord is used with the entire size of the scythe, Shukke's attack speed is greatly reduced, making it slightly easy for someone with focused eyes and a good grasp on Shukke's pattern of attacks or scythe to predict attacks. The metal cord extends up to the bottom of the most bottom blade. By pressing on a mechanism on his left hip or on his scythe, that upper extension is able to be used and instead of both the scythe-blade area and the handle being used, only the scythe-blade area is manipulated and the range extends to the blades. Using this, Shukke can attack and defend. If SHukke controls the blades with his chakra, the attacks from the scythe blades are very fast. Satsudoki is manipulatable in that various gimmicks, mechanisms, and tricks can be stored within it. Within the cord, Shukke has already stored ten senbon which can be released with a certain movement of the cord. Within the scythe, the tip of it has a poisoned kunai embedded to it, which is released when the bottom of the scythe is pressed at a certain point and angle.

Origin/Description: Shukke's second and most favorite scythe, this is his only scythe with an unique ability. It was "created" by Shukke upon initiation to Disciple level in the Jashin religion. First, Shukke conjoured up the majority of his unholy chakra, manifested it into physical form, and solidfied it. Satsudoki is now a scythe-like structure of crackling negative energy. Shukke traveled all around the world to search for materials to cover the form with to make his own scythe. Shukke found titanium carbide, Jashinic-blessed dragon-black metal, and the great metal "Percuium", a metal said to be able to be able to cut even diamond, thornless red vines, and the chakra conductive metal nicknamed the "Hien" metal. Himune casted them all together as a cover for the energy, and the process worked. Soon, the materials solidfied to take form and structure with the chakra fused with it. Because of the properties of the materials and manifestation of Shukke's unholy chakra, the scythe dubbed "Satsudoki" by Himune developed individually unique abilities based on Shukke's nature. They result in absorption powers. The three blades is usually a mark of Disciple rank, a fitting concept. Additions such as a metal cord and hidden attack functions were attached to the scythe for the final touch. As such, the scythe became what it is today. Although it's large size inhibits attack speed, Shukke is amazingly fast at manipulating it and the direction and agility of the attacks are surprisingly quick. It's structure is developed so that it can wound the enemy to draw blood instead for direct killings. It has both a very high range and large lethality. This is Shukke's weapon of choice and his favorite and most frequently one to use, therefore this primary weapon is the one that Shukke is the most extremely skilled at, more so than Doom Eye. The scythe can be used for offensive and defensive and is suitable for all ranges, from short to long. Shukke is exceptionally dangerous and skilled in the use of this scythe, as the deadly shape combined with his lethal prowess makes short work of opponents. On this scythe, Shukke has developed immense aim, accuracy, and precision of attack. He excels at long range combat with Satsudoki to the point that the agility and change in direction is impressive, as where and how it will strike is controlled, making it highly difficult for his opponents to predict the weapon's path. The unusual curvilinear trajectory that it took made it even more unpredictable, and Shukke was shown to be capable of causing the scythe to swerve perpendicularly and unexpectedly at a target even though the scythe was quite far from him and while in mid-air. The scythe has various methods to channel attacks, giving birth to usage of Weaponry techniques. When combined with his usage of unholy chakra, dexterity, and Taijutsu prowess, he can overcome the strongest of enemies. His attack speed during close-range combat is extremely fast. The numerous battles Satsudoki fought in can no longer be counted by fingers as evident for being Shukke's primary weapon and witnessing the majority of his battle experience. It has cut down hundreds of humans and has defeated several famous, strong nina. It is the sharpest scythe.

Shukke rarely uses his two scythes at once during battle. In fact, it is rare that he even uses more than one in an entire battle. Though they are both attached to his back in an intersecting fashion, the scythes are usually separated. Although ultimately rare, if Shukke does have to employ two scythes, then that is the sign that he is fighting a formidable enemy. His method is commonly using Satsudoki for mid to long-range combat to keep his enemy or the weaker of his enemies at bay and away from him while maintaining the pace of the battle and his Doom Eye for close range to protect himself from other attacks and to attack the stronger of enemies. As such, the employment of two scythes is usually when Shukke is facing multiple enemies. He hates doing this, although it is very efficient and he is quite good at it, it takes massive concentration, awareness, and the necessary reflexes to make split-second judgements to adjust agility. Shukke's intelligence is the main reason as to why he cannot maintain this for long periods, despite his massive stamina and his already well-adaption to reflex judgements with a single scythe. This method might be adjusted to the Doom Eye being attached with a cord and engaging in long-range combat with Satsudoki to help quickly overcome the enemy if it's just one opponent and Shukke has the advantage.

Name: Jashinic Cord
Quantity: 1
Rank: B
Element: N/A

A 35-meter rope-like coil. The very long coil is made from severed sinews, dried fallen blood, and knotted cleaned flesh. Red dragon hide is used to mix in with the body parts, though it's still noticable. A flexible metal cord is within all of that flesh and hide for maximum solidity. The Jashinic cord is usually tied to a coil.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: This cord is usually stored and used with the Doom Eye, giving it a cord for long range combat like the metal cord for Satsudoki. The cord is customized and attachable and gives the Doom Eye a longer attack range than Satsudoki. Essentially used to engage in long range for Doom Eye, it can also be attached to the cord of Satsudoki, extending the range and giving it an extremely far attack range. For offensive purposes, it can be used like a whip, giving off tough slants of wounds and painful, stingy slashes. It is rather powerful in tormenting/punishing people or just for long range battle. Tough and strong, blows from this whip would not be pretty.
Origin: The Jashinic cord is a common item created by Jashinists to perform long-range combat whenever an already-attached cord is not present. It is usually carried out with them just in case. Shukke recieves his at Devotee rank.

Name: Triple-Bladed Claw
Quantity: 2
Rank: B
Element: N/A

Special Abilities/Characteristics: This triple-bladed claw is made out of the same special metal that allows Shukke to utilize his Hien technique. Therefore, it allows Shukke to channel his chakra through it very easily. The blades are extremely sharp, capable of piercing through flesh and concrete easily. They have high slashing, stabbing, cutting, and thursting power that inflicts powerful blows to the target's health. Shukke has two but he usually wields one, though he can use two for double the combat. Upon thrust, the opponent would most likely feel great pain and lose their will to fight back. When used in the Hien method, Shukke's unholy chakra will enhance the effects, as chakra attacks can be cancelled out by the enhanced claws, attacks would be more effective, and the opponent will lose control over their chakra once the claw stabs them.

Origin: Shukke recieved this at the age of thirteen and is his first "village-official" weapon. They were a gift from his sensei and they were forged from the nearby underground mines from a special metal that conducts chakra. The metal was shaped into the appropriate-shaped pair of claws, and shipped to Shukke's sensei. At first, Shukke was very reluctant to accept the gift as it was made by mortal hands. After taking it to the Jashin organization, the human origin was erased. Over the years, Shukke has become exceptionally adapted to this claw. He mainly uses it when his scythe is not present/utilizable or he dosen't have any desire/need to use it and will resort to his claws instead to finish off weaker foes. The claws usually appear during Shukke's training, sparring, and battles with weak opponents. The shape of the weapon combined with Shukke's attack speed draws blood quickly. He is able to use the Hien technique with it. It is usually safely attached to Shukke's back.

Name: Jashin Bible [Jashinic Scripture]
Quantity: 1
Rank: A
Element: N/A

Special Abilities/Characteristics: The Sacred Jashin's Bible, also known as the Scriptures of Jashin, but more commonly known as the "Kurairitsu" [Dark Law or Black Commandments], is an unique book possessed by all Jashinists. The version Shukke possesses is Priest-restricted and cannot be read by outsiders. The Scripture contains all the knowledge and information on the Jashin religion, the founding of the organization, and Lord Jashin himself. It has extensive details on its long history and how the religion is setup, what's in it, the teachings, the rules/commandments, and all of its combat information. Jashinists frequently refer to it for information, the rules, and to remember things that would have to be taught to others. The book also contains the Jashin religion's various jutsu and it is possible for Jashinists to quickly learn said jutsus from the book itself at a lower amount of time than what Jashinists would learn from others [Word Count is lowered by 20%]. Any non-Jashinist that reads this Scripture without the owner's permission will suffer heavy consequences, as they will be corrupted by the influential chakra that it exerts. Their minds would most likely be brainwashed and corrupted to the point that they will soon become a member of the Jashin religion. Their minds would be corrupted that they will have the desire to murder and kill relentlessly to clean up the world. In all cases, the Scripture can corrode the chakra of the outsider to that of unholy chakra, effectively making them bound to Lord Jashin's will. This can or cannot happen if the outsider succumbs to the desire to kill, and if it does happen, then it is very likely that they will no longer be able to utilize elemental jutsu. They will have to spend the rest of their life under the corrputing influence and they were bound to protection of the Scripture. And once they die, they will spent the eternity within Lord Jashin's "hell". The Scripture can be simplified as a book of knowledge all on the Jashin religion, but it is also a battle weapon. The book emits Jashinic chakra, the same kind that Jashinists call "unholy chakra." The most notable trait about the Priest version of the Scripture as that it carries a variety of spells, charms, hexes, and enchantments to be used for certain purposes related to the Jashin religion. These battle components are usually used against other Jashinists rather than non-Jashinists. The most valuable spell, is the "Corruption to Mortality." By muttering a few lines of special words in the ancient Jashinic language, only to be understood by other Jashinists who knows the language, the immortality of a Jashinist can be taken away. This spell can only take effect if the Jashinist breaks any of the commandments or threatens Lord Jashin. The vice versa can also take place, though extremely hard and rare to use, in that Jashinic immortality can be given to another person. First, that person must possess unholy chakra. Second, they must sacrifice their will and soul to Lord Jashin, resulting in a pact that would disallow usage of human-originated weapons and limit the use of summoning contracts to only one summon. Thirdly, the member must sip the Wine of Jashin that makes the member easily wounded and suspectible to weapons blessed by other holy religions in exchange for free passage to the Jashin religion's jutus. Only then can the Scripture be used, after uttering a long line of ancient Jashinic words and undergoing a ritual, can the outsider gain Jashinic immortality. The others are primarily binding and tracking spells and almost all of them only works on other Jashinists. Just by grasping onto the Scripture, Shukke is able to resonate his unholy chakra with the Scripture's and the Scripture is able to power up his unholy chakra attacks up to one rank for five posts. After that, there is a six post interval and Shukke would be very fatigue, during the period. By resonating with the Scripture's dark nature, Shukke can also gain enhancements to his battle prowess. All of his physical stats will gain a +3 boost while his chakras will gain a +5 boost until the end of the battle.

The Commandments listed within Kuroritsu:
1. Do not threaten or abandon Lord Jashin.
2. Do not betray the Jashin religion or the things within it. Any secret given away to a live enemy is intolerable.
3. Do not kill another Jashinist, unless they have broken any of the commandments in which they are no longer considered "Jashinoists."
4. Protect the organization at all costs.
5. Do not disrupt the work of another Jashinist.
6. Always pray to Lord Jashin first before each fight. Breaking this rule can be repented by praying after victory of the fight or to ask for forgiveness.
7. After each successful kill, make sure that the sacrifice ritual is done to its completed point.
8. Do not allow the beings and items bound to Lord Jashin escape his grasp.

Breaking any of these commandments would result in heavy consequences in which a Priest or Disciple must terminate the abilities of the Jashinists and their life. There are exceptions to this rule to allow the organization to advance further.

Origin: The Scripture is an ancient book created several centuries ago in ancient times, way before the birth of Rikudou Sennin and the existence of Ninshu/Ninjutsu. When chakra was dubbed as "chi" or "mana", the general population resorted to martial arts, weaponry, and swords. But among all, the Jashinic Empire dominated the world as the most powerful religion. The plentiful members have greater amounts of "chi", in which it was called refined "chi" or "dark chi' by outsiders. They believed in Lord Jashin. The first Scripture was created by Jashin himself before he rose to godhood and it was passed down by his followers from generation to generation. His teachings grew famous and the number of followers rapidly expanded into they became a great army. The Scripture held details of the empire and the religion, and it became a guide to direct the Jashinists into battle and their way of life. From generation to generation, the Grand Priest would write down the details of their current time, so the Scripture would hold all the details of current and past generations of the Jashin cult. It was adapted hundreds of times. Shukke recieved his based on Himune's Scripture by the Grand Priest once he became a Priest, and now he is bound to its protection and is responsible for writing down details on it. This is Shukke's most treasured item.

General Items:
x45 Kunai
x40 Shuriken
x10 Senbon
x2 Exploding Tags
x2 Flash Bomb
x2 Smoke Bomb
x1 Bingo Book
x1 Small Jar
x2 Windmill Shuriken
x1 Soldier Pill
x30 Feet of Wire

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Shukke's Weapons (WIP)
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